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Are you looking for a reliable translation provider that ensures fast turnarounds, high-end translation services and competitive pricing? If so, then look no further than Teck Language Solutions.

We are a Florida-based translation agency with years of experience in a range of industry sectors. The quality of work we deliver to clients, our fast communication, short delivery times, non-bureaucratic and streamlined processes have made us a popular choice among clients with a broad range of profiles. Ask for a free and non-binding quote for your translation project and experience the quality and professionalism of our work for yourself. We look forward to your inquiry.

Reasons why your business in Sarasota should choose us for your translation project

It is of course in our best interests that our customers are satisfied with all aspects of the translations we deliver. To ensure excellent quality and customer satisfaction we have implemented a range of organizational and technical measures. These include the following :

  1. We work exclusively with native level and skilled translators for your project. We make sure that the translator working on your text has relevant knowledge and experience in your field.
  2. Proprietary and verified term banks support us in our work. These include not only the most widely used terminology but also industry-specific terms. These databases are powerful reference tools offering outstanding advantages compared to conventional printed or digital dictionaries.
  3. No translation leaves our premises without having been proof-read by a second skilled linguist. This "four-eye" principle is a key factor in quality assurance in the translation industry.
  4. We apply revolutionary tools in the translation process, making sure that the translation is fast and accurate and that the quality checks are implemented at a level which exceeds the human capacity for attention to detail. These so-called CAT tools are support applications and are an essential asset for any professional translator. They not only make shorter delivery times possible but they also ensure that your wording is uniform, the terminology is used consistently and correctly and they even provide a range of other discounting options.
  5. Direct and ‘human’ communication with our clients is very important to us. For this reason we do not automate quoting. Documents sent to us are checked individually and, for each and every enquiry, we examine what the best options are for your translation project. Our clients are important to us, so we do not automate communication with you.

Wide range of topics – Full service translations for your Sarasota business

Whether your business area is technology, marketing or in the legal field, you can rest assured that we have the right solutions for your translation project.

We know and understand all the challenges and difficulties which occur with marketing, technical or legal texts. How much localization is necessary? Will the reader understand your terminology if you deal with innovative technology which up to now does not exist in any market? Will it be a problem if the target texts are longer than the source? And how do you cope with these problems?

We know all the answers and you can rest assured that you will receive competent advice and solutions from our translation agency.

At Teck Language Solutions, reliable and competitively priced translations are waiting for you. Send us your inquiry today. We are here to help.

Technical translations for your business in Sarasota

If you are selling technology to Europe, you will certainly be aware that there are a number of standards which must be met. One of these is the so-called Machinery Directive. This requires that an operating manual is attached to any machinery you sell into an EU country in the official language of the user's country. The purpose of this is to maintain a higher level of security and environmental protection. This is not only legally binding but also a sign of professionalism.

Our translation company is a reliable source for technical translations into any European language. Experienced translators and our innovative processes ensure that your technical documentation communicates exactly the same message in the foreign language as it does in English.

We provide you with the translation of any operating manual, safety data sheet, maintenance documentation, product description and more.

Fast deliveries and competitive pricing are also features of our services in the area of technical translations.

Legal translations – not only for law firms

If you require translation of a contract, your general terms and conditions, any patent or other legal texts into any European language, then you can turn to us with confidence. We have translated numerous legal documents to the satisfaction of our clients. These consist not only of law firms but also several companies with a wide range of different profiles. The translators editing your texts will be hand-picked native specialists for legal translations.

Our services for private clients – certified translations in a variety of languages

If you need to settle any personal issues with U.S. authorities, you will - more often than not - need certified translations where foreign documents are involved. In this case, our translation company is your number one source to turn to. The regional availability, the fast turnarounds, the competitive prices and the quality work we provide are just a few advantages of our services to private clients. Turn to us with confidence!

Personal documents such as birth and marriage certificates, divorce papers, affidavits, damage reports and many more, contain personal, sensitive data. We ensure these documents are treated confidentially and are not forwarded to third parties. Your documents will be seen only by our translators.

Our certified translations are accepted by most U.S. and foreign authorities, by notary publics and several other institutions. However, all cases are individual. For this reason, it is recommended that you clarify the exact requirements with the relevant bodies in advance.

Turn to us with confidence and ask for a free and non-binding quote for your translation project today. We look forward to your inquiries.