Translation Services in Miami. Your local provider for professional translation services in Miami-Dade

Teck Language Solutions Inc., is a professional, reliable translation service provider with seat in Miami. We work with clients not only in Miami, but across the US and beyond, delivering a top quality professional service on every project.

Wide Range of Translation Services

Turn to our Miami based translation agency with confidence if you need

  • document translation services in any world languages or languages of the EU
  • website translation services
  • software localization services
  • or if you need certified translations of your official documents

Our translation company handles your projects fast, effective and with utmost confidentiality. If you need translation services at affordable rates, our translation agency is the right partner for you to turn to.

All world languages, all languages of the EU available.

Translation Quality

Our quality assurance measures are set up to result optimal translation quality. Here’s how we manage these processes to ensure we hit the client brief every time:

Understanding The Brief

We are committed to delivering a top quality customer service from the moment you first contact us. Our target response time for customer queries is just 24 hours. Once our partnership has been agreed, we work with you to understand your translation requirements and how they fit into your wider business.

Building The Team of Translators

For every translation we use only native-speakers of the target language, to ensure the finished text perfectly represents the intended message, and is true to the language’s idiomatic style. Thanks to our large network of translators, we can accommodate a huge selection of language pairs, including languages from countries in Scandinavia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa.
Although we are a Miami based translation agency, we can work with business around the world, thanks to the large number of languages our team of translators can speak.
When selecting the team of people to work on your project, we consider more than just language skills. We have specialists to convey a variety of writing styles, including technical, sales, marketing and legal.

Translation Project Preparation

For larger, more specialized projects, we spend some time at the start of a project building a term bank. This is especially useful if we have multiple translators working on one project, or the relationship with the client is an ongoing one. In the term bank we will include all terminology specific to that client, with a description to help our translators understand your business better.

Translating The Text

The team of translators set to work on the text, drawing on our term banks as needed to ensure a true interpretation of all terminology, particularly in industry-specific communications. Careful use of computer aided translation tools improve the effectiveness of our workflows, and enable our translators to edit all common file types.


Our quality management system integrates human skill with the latest translation software, to deliver an enhanced quality check. Our thorough proofreading process ensures all translations accurately represent the client's intended meaning, the translation is complete, the orthography is correct, and the finished work is in the format and layout requested.

Translation Deadlines

We are committed to delivering your work to the target deadline. When an express job is necessary we can use our large team of translators to complete the work quickly. However, when time frames permit, we prefer to use one translator per target language to achieve a more cohesive end product.


We understand the importance of confidentiality when it comes to handling client information and communications. Security measures are built into our internal process, and we will not pass your documents or contact details to third parties unless we have your permission to do so.

Our Miami based translation company is committed to delivering consistently high quality translations, on deadline, at an affordable rate.

Whether you are in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Cape Coral or any other Florida city, our translation company is an expert partner for all of your business translation needs.