About Teck Language Solutions. Who We Are

Teck Language Solutions, Inc. is a fast-growing translation provider with headquarters in Miami, Florida. Our team consists of translators with various professional backgrounds. We can look back to over 10 years of success on the European markets, whereby we continuously built up our US market presence. Led by these successes we decided to open our Florida office in the year of 2014 in order to be able to focus more on our clients in the States, make our availability better for them and make processes with American customers even faster and less bureaucratic.

Our expertise and technical assets enable us to provide clients with professional B2B translations, primarily in technical, legal/financial and marketing fields. Many private clients also grant us their confidence. With our office in the U.S. we strive to achieve a close relationship with our local clients and to improve our availability.

We use

  • human and software-based quality management in order to assure quality checks beyond human attention.
  • internationally accepted standards to ensure our work's quality. These standards encompass both technical and ethical criteria.

Our goal: Delivering powerful, high-quality translations to eliminate communication barriers from your international business success.

We look forward to welcoming you to our client base, which already includes many internationally renowned companies and mid-tier corporations as well as small businesses.