Slovak Translation Services.

Situated in the heart of the EU, Slovakia’s geographic location, combined with financial incentives from the Government make it an attractive place to invest. A key step towards taking your business to Slovakia is finding a reliable translation service you can trust.

Slovakia: Investment Gem In Heart Of EU

Besides its central location, Slovakia offers a number of other benefits to investors. Its simple taxation system and flexible labor code significantly reduces red tape and administration. The workforce is well educated and highly skilled, boasting higher than average productivity rates. The Government have also made a concerted effort in recent years to attract foreign investment with a variety of incentives.

Slovak Translation Service You Can Trust

At Teck Language Solutions, our translation agency, we help businesses invest overseas by providing them with a fast and accurate translation service. We combine human expertise with industry-leading technology to deliver a reliable, high-quality service you can trust.

All of our Slovak translators speak the language to a native-speaking level, and hold a minimum of a college degree level equivalent qualification. We have translators skilled in a wide variety of texts including technical, medical, legal, and marketing documents, so no matter what your project requires, we can find a translator to suit it. To support their skills and experience, they have access to professionally approved term banks which enable them to consistently use the correct terminology in text specific to a particular industry.

After completion, translations are passed through our strict quality assurance process where they are analysed by a computer software program and re-checked by another translator. Only then do we return the project to you, backed by a full guarantee.

Partner Up With Translation Professionals

Securing a long-term relationship with a reliable professional translation service is vital when trading or investing overseas. Contact our translation company today to discuss how we can support your growing business. Whether you are in Miami, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or elsewhere in the States, Teck Language Solutions is your expert provider for Slovak translation services.