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Professional translations

To us, quality translation means

  • Professionalism
  • Translations delivered on time
  • Custom work that meets the client’s exact needs.

We provide this by working only with native and professional translators who have many years and hundreds of thousands of words of experience.

On-time delivery

Meeting deadlines is a vital aspect of our services. We prove it on many levels:

  • We systematically survey the translation process for larger scale projects.
  • We make regular safety backups of every job so that technical difficulties won’t slow delivery times.
  • We suggest realistic deadlines to ensure a high-quality final text.

We understand that urgent projects require individual planning, so we take steps to complete your urgent projects without delay.

Many formats (DTP)

Today’s businesses use many different file types. Microsoft Office products are the corporate standard. Marketers and graphic designers typically use Adobe products, while technical engineers use AutoCAD. The list goes on.

You don’t want to spend extra time and money to create foreign-language versions of your files. That is why our translation agency works directly with the most widely used file formats. Creating foreign-language versions of InDesign, AutoCAD, or even XLF files is no problem for us.


We use our know-how to provide you with professional translations. Our expertise not only covers the linguistic aspects of a file, but also technical elements such as the correct use of the required software, knowledge of layout design and so forth.

Strong Team

To ensure that correct terminology is used in your professional translation, we work with translators from various professional backgrounds. Cooperating with our translation agency gives you access to the professional knowledge of these legal, technical and marketing experts.

Term banks

Our company maintains “term banks” to ensure consistent use of the professional terminology used in your field. These are proprietary data banks we use to ensure your terminology is consistent. This is a critical consideration for projects that span a longer period of time.


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