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Who we are

We provide professional translation services for the industry and for individuals

Our Journey Begins

Our adventure began in the highly-industrialized region of Southern Germany in 2006, where, as a small privately owned business, we provided translations mainly for suppliers of the automotive industry as well as for law firms and private individuals. Thanks to our reliable work, our clientele grew steadily. Some of our regular clients have been with us for over a decade now.

While still a small-scale, regional business, we were soon able to attract clients from across the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as from Austria and Switzerland. Over the years, companies with a wide range of different profiles, including the fashion industry, automotive suppliers, biotech research companies, and even legal and marketing firms, have relied on us to meet their translation requirements. Over this initial period, we had to deal with and overcome virtually every possible type of technical translation challenge: compatibility issues, tight deadlines, special formats, exotic language pairs, special legal requirements for certified translations - you name it, we dealt with it. Our clients relied on us, and we always worked out an optimal solution and delivered what we'd promised.

A Translation Company in the USA

Our first clients from the US came to us in the early 2010s from a national television network who were making a documentary about how modern day Germany deals with its historic moral burdens resulting from Germany's role in the 20th century. The film crew needed an interpreter for their interviews which were being conducted in the Stuttgart area. The deadline was tight. However, as a local business we could provide an ideal solution for the filming staff and their interviews took place as planned. The feedback we received was also excellent.

A few months later, we launched our English website. We were contacted by several other US-based businesses dealing with European partners and customers. As we got more and more inquiries from America, the next logical step was to ensure geographic proximity and better availability for our existing and prospective clients in the States, especially with regards to reducing bureaucracy and taxation issues (resulting from overseas payments) for them. That is how we came to open our first office in Miami in 2014. We have been operating from this fascinating federal state since then, serving our clients nationwide.

The Fruits of Hard Work

One term that characterizes our work in the past years perfectly, is the Japanese term, "Kaizen". This stands for continuous improvement. Literally, it means, "change for better". Over the past years, with every project, no matter how big or small, we learned something new. We encountered new challenges, and we faced new problems we had to solve. Our knowledge deepened and with every new experience, we gained a clearer picture of a huge puzzle. By harnessing this constantly broadening and developing expertise, we are now able to optimize processes and offer the best possible solutions for our clients, no matter in what field they operate. We can provide our customers with streamlined processes for legal, technical and marketing translations, and in addition to the linguistic experience, we also offer the technical know-how.

All this contributes to cost reduction, enables faster deliveries and generally takes into account any issue, big or small, which our clients may face. We eliminate the barriers which might be encountered when setting up foreign language documentation so that our clients can focus on their core business processes.

Summing up, our wide-ranging know-how enables us to

  • handle projects with special file formats
  • provide translations in more exotic language combinations at a high level of quality
  • strictly meet the agreed deadlines, even when they are tight
  • have optimum price structures with excellent price-value ratio

A major element in our quality translation services are the translators we hand-pick for each project. Assigning projects to translators is not automated at our translation company. This ensures that, at all times, the right minds with the right expertise and experience are working on your project. Over the past few years, we have built up a large pool of reliable translators. This means you can rest assured that we have the necessary resources to provide your company with high-quality translations, no matter what your field of operation is.

Our project flows and rates are designed to serve small and medium-sized businesses as well as private individuals.

Our goal and philosophy

Our world is getting smaller and communication between companies across (language) borders is becoming ever more intensive. Even if you have heard otherwise from sales professionals trying to persuade you to buy their latest translation software, foreign language communication and documentation still needs the human work power. Languages and cultures are far too multi-faceted for a software algorithm to be able to replace the work of a human translator. We see this theory proven every day when a client contacts us to polish up poor quality work that was produced by software or when we just browse the net and find foreign language company sites with poor quality, automated translations.

Another major issue with the translation industry is the fact that the title "translator" is not linked to any licenses or qualifications. This means everybody can call themselves a translator. So, if you are looking for a reliable translator, how do you know that you have found the right partner?

And this is where our services come into play. With us, you can be sure that you have a partner at your side to provide you with human-made translations, completed by selected, tested and proven professionals. The translators are always natives of the target language. Only in this way can it be ensured that your texts are not only linguistically and grammatically correct, but also culturally appropriate.

With our quality work, we help businesses around the world and in the United States to grow globally, by eliminating linguistic barriers to international and intercultural communication.

We use

  • human and software-based quality management to assure quality checks beyond the level of the human attention span.
  • internationally accepted standards to ensure our work's quality. These standards encompass both technical and ethical criteria.

Our goal is to deliver powerful, high-quality translations which eliminate communication barriers on your path toward international business success.

Your customers deserve to be informed about your products and services in their native language, and in a comprehensible way. No automated software will do this job and no low-price, low-quality provider will supply you with the foreign texts your business needs.

If you need truly professional translations, we are there for you. We promise, you won't be disappointed.

We look forward to welcoming you to our client base. This already includes many internationally renowned companies and mid-tier corporations as well as small businesses.

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