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Are you searching for a reliable partner who can provide you with professional translations? If so, you have come to the right place. Our translation agency offers businesses and private individuals worldwide legal, technical, medical, financial, and marketing translations. Certifications are also possible. Fast deliveries, competitive rates, and professionalism in every respect are just some aspects of our services. Our clients benefit not only from the linguistic abilities of our translators but also from our technical knowledge and experience, as well as from our streamlined translation processes, the main goal of which is to provide excellent quality at optimal costs and on time. Our website provides further details regarding the translation processes and our workflows. Should you have any questions or queries, we are happy to assist you personally.

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Your Benefits With Our Translation Services

Meet legal requirements when doing business abroad

Providing paperwork in the official language of a foreign market is often a statutory obligation. With our translation services, you will comply with such specific language-related requirements.

Communicate easily and faster across languages and cultures

Fast communication is vital in today's rapid economic environment, and speed is often a decisive factor in the success or failure of a given project. Our services will give you a competitive edge over competitors not investing in language translation services.

Enjoy full-service translations with graphic and web design

Modern translation work is more than a mere conversion of text content between languages. We will cover your back whenever you need specific formats or layouts translated, and we can assist you with all kinds of DTP work.

Increase brand awareness abroad by means of professional translations

Professional translation services are necessary to get your message across in a foreign market. Addressing foreign target groups in their native language will increase their trust in your brand, increasing revenue.

Access to the expertise of professional translators with years of experience

We work with tried-and-tested translators with the most versatile profiles worldwide. Their experience and knowledge about local cultures will be an asset to your global sales strategy.

Efficient transatlantic or transpacific communication

You will find regions rich in different languages, legal systems, and cultures wherever you cross the oceans from the States. Whether it is Europe, Asia, or Africa you are planning to trade with, we will help your company eliminate any language barriers with professional translations.

Professional Translations for Your Globally Active Business

Suppose you conduct business with other companies and clients abroad. In that case, an essential element of international communication is making your messages linguistically accessible to those who don't speak your language or speak it insufficiently. Our translation company has specialized in the needs of small and medium-sized businesses with an international clientele. Our high availabilities and capacities, the wide range of topic areas we can handle, and our software infrastructure make us a resourceful provider that can support your international operations whenever communication with foreign markets becomes an issue. We translate your company data and information to or from any major foreign language and can handle several more exotic language combinations. Choose us as your translation provider and gain access to a skilled translator team's specialized knowledge and experience.

About Our Commercial Translations

Investing in translation services is a powerful tool to address millions of potential customers who don't speak English as a native language. While you can explore new markets with foreign language marketing texts with professional translations, you can also boost your sales at home, targeting foreign citizens and linguistic minorities in your home country. Generally speaking, professional translations make a huge impact and increase your brand awareness, while only a relatively small investment is needed. As a result, commercial translation services have a significant ROI ratio and are necessary whenever you target a foreign market. If you need website content, flyers, brochures, press releases, newsletters, social media texts, or more to be translated, Teck Language Solutions is your expert partner.

Efficient International Communication

Another important aspect of our translation services is that they eliminate misunderstandings by facilitating international communication. This is especially important in technical and legal areas when misunderstandings can be costly. Our clients must work with an experienced and resourceful provider like Teck Language Solutions in these areas. Providing professional translations is not only about knowing a foreign language. Besides in-depth knowledge in specific areas, cultural knowledge is required, especially when dealing with stylistically rich marketing content. In all imaginable professional fields, having a professional translation provider at your side will result in streamlined international communication, which, again, will convert into more sales, fewer misunderstandings, and thereby more satisfied customers on a global scale.

We Are a Strong Partner for Your Translation Projects

At our translation agency, translating texts does not simply mean converting texts from one language into another. We approach our work as a complex process in which marketing issues, technical questions, and legal environments are always considered.

Only a sophisticated approach such as this can ensure that:

  • your marketing texts effectively address your prospective clients abroad
  • your technical manuals will be clear and coherent for the company staff who read the foreign language version
  • legal translations give you the peace of mind you would expect when dealing with foreign partners or clients

Separating the wheat from the chaff can be challenging in a market as competitive as the translation industry. We believe that to operate successfully in this environment, a business' viability depends on high-quality services, including:

  • translations that meet the highest industry standards
  • fast responses and project turnarounds
  • expertise in both the linguistic and technical aspects of translation services

This approach enables us to offer full-service translations to our clients. We know precisely where critical "pitfalls" exist when editing foreign texts (coding issues, different text lengths in source and target languages, special file formats, etc.) and advise our clients about these situations when necessary.

If you are looking for a smart, dedicated, motivated, innovative, and professional approach, Teck Language Solutions is just the right partner for your translation project.

Interdisciplinary Approach

By partnering with our translation company, you can be sure you have a powerful provider at your side that can handle the most versatile topic areas and language combinations. Your translation needs do not necessarily relate to your business profile. An engineering company deals with legal texts daily, and even law offices might need technical translation services, for example, when filing for patents. These translation tasks might overwhelm your staff, as the nature of the texts they are dealing with does not match their professional skills and routine. It is advised to turn to the professionals, such as our translation company, with matching resources. We ensure that skilled translators with relevant experience working on your texts. As a result, you will receive professionally impeccable translations, and you will also spare your resources. While you concentrate on your core business processes, we do the translation work for you in the background.

Reducing Your Costs

We have several methods in place to reduce costs for our clients. Translation tasks today are no longer just purely linguistic tasks. A great deal of editing and DTP knowledge is often required to create the foreign language version of presentations, brochures, and in many cases, technical documentation and legal papers. We have the software arsenal to handle the specific tasks you might encounter when creating foreign-language documentation. Our translation assistance tools, called CAT tools, help us optimize costs further, discounting the redundant, repetitive texts that surface in technical documentation. Client-specific translation data banks are created, resulting in further discount possibilities if your documents need to be updated or completed later.

Quality Control on Many Levels

Quality control must occur on multiple levels when providing professional translations to achieve an optimal output. Our translation company ensures high linguistic, technical, and organizational quality. We use only experienced and native translators for each project. The translators have years of relevant experience, enabling them to tackle all the challenges a particular text might pose, including terminology and word choice. The CAT mentioned above tools assist our professionals in ensuring consistent use of language even when dealing with extensive projects. Finally, we regularly create safety backups during projects to avoid any data loss that would endanger timely delivery.

Wide Range of Translation Services

Our translation agency is your powerful language partner for a successful business presence at home and abroad with its wide range of services.

We provide you with translation services in several subject fields, including:

  • document translation in a variety of topics, such as marketing, legal, financial, technical, or medical translations
  • transcreation services for your creative texts
  • website translation/globalization and internationalization—so that your clients abroad can understand your concepts, services, and products
  • software translation/localization
  • multilingual typesetting/foreign language desktop publishing services
  • certified translations for several language combinations are also available
  • translations for private individuals: letters, correspondence, diplomas, certificates, and more

All world languages and all languages of the EU are available, including – but not limited to:

  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

Main Features of Our Translation Services

We always strive to achieve the ideal balance between high quality and competitive rates with our translation services. We handle all projects with high professionalism and care, and we take all jobs very seriously, no matter how small or big the job is or whether it is a one-off or recurring translation project.

We use technology only to the extent that it serves quality and cost optimization. Automation is only used where essential and helps deliver better results by enhancing quality and optimizing costs. Human work and intelligence remain at the core of our process, not only in creative work (i.e., translation services) but in communications with our clients. We do not provide automatically generated quotes or messages to our valued customers or prospective clients. We dedicate time to you in every respect, whether quoting, quality assurance, or essential communication.

Your company and your needs are individual. We do not believe in supplying our clients with "mass-produced products" straight from a production line. We strive to offer customized solutions that best fit your expectations and needs. Our translators are professional, dedicated, and enthusiastic about their work. With our translations, you can present yourself with confidence and pride in an international environment. Our primary interest is ultimately the satisfaction and success of our clients.

Some key points describing our translation services are set out below:

Translation Quality

  • Only native translators of the target language to ensure idiomatic and stylistic quality
  • Expert translators with years of experience
  • All industry branches covered
  • Thanks to our CAT tool support, we can edit all common file types and a range of specialist file types.
  • TM support and glossary management (included in the price)
  • Proprietary, professionally approved term banks that ensure correct terminology in industry-specific documents
  • Human- and software-based quality management to assure quality checks which exceed the capacity of a human’s attention to detail
  • As a basic feature: dedicated translators
  • A wide range of quality assurance options
  • Warranty for our translations

Competitive Translation Rates

  • Our optimized solutions and pricing structures are ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as for private individuals.
  • Competitive rates and CAT discounts for repetitions and 100% matches
  • No other organizations or translation agencies are involved in the translation process. Our clients work directly with our translators and with us. Apart from saving you time, this project structure also optimizes your costs and gives both you and us complete control over quality management
  • Prices are fixed. No hidden fees, no small print, no subscriptions

Fast Deliveries and Response Times

  • Fast project turnarounds; express projects also possible
  • Quick responses to inquiries—quotes returned within the shortest possible time
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery—ensured by organizational and technical measures

Making the World Understand You With Our Translation Services

A recent study published by SIL International in 2009 stated that there are 6,909 distinct languages globally, whereas the lines between languages and dialects are often shady. Of course, you don't need translations into all these languages if you strive for global success. In fact, with a few major languages in your international communication, you can cover most of the world's population.

Whether you need Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian, or French translations or translation services in languages with fewer speakers, such as Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Turkish, or other languages, our translation agency is the right choice for your translation project.

Our Focus

While these days, Asian markets play an essential role in the global economy, we focus on the business relationships along the North Atlantic coastline and specialize in European languages, several of which (such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French) are also spoken in the American continent as official languages. Thanks to our specialization in the languages of the Old World, our clients benefit not only from the linguistic expertise of our translators but also from our in-depth knowledge of these cultures—an important quality factor in terms of localization, transcreations, and avoiding cultural faux pas. Therefore, we can maximize the potential of your foreign language texts, whether in marketing, technical, or legal fields.

Contact us confidently and ask for a free, non-binding quote for your translation project. You can expect truly professional translation services from Teck Language Solutions.

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