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Specialized technical translation services from Teck Language Solutions

In today’s global business environment, a company often communicates with field offices and other entities abroad. Companies selling in Europe are legally obliged to provide manuals in the official language of the target country. In order to support you in meeting these obligations, our translation agency provides fast and reliable technical translations. Our ordering process is simple, and we will provide you with a quotation quickly.

When entering a foreign technology market, you need to ensure that all your products are supplied with manuals in the correct language. These manuals are regarded as part of the machine. It is of paramount importance that the reader fully understands the content of such documents to ensure work safety. Professional technical translations will ensure that your manuals meet the legal criteria and guarantee your product safety. If you are looking for a fast, efficient and premium technical translation service – we are the right choice!

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Our technical translators

We are a team of professionals with a wide range of expertise in a number of technical fields. We have years of experience in working closely with some of the top engineering and construction companies and welcome clients from all parts of the world. We are passionate about each of our projects and we will adopt a unique and attentive approach in order to address your needs and to ensure premium results.

Our excellent CAT tool support allows us to handle all common file formats used in the technical business fields. We can work with MS documents, as well as AutoCAD or any other DTP software, such as Adobe's InDesign or Illustrator. Our team is also experienced in the software localization for machinery control software. We can guarantee the premium quality of your technical translation, regardless of the field. Translation memory management integrated into CAT tools ensures that your terminology is used consistently.

Finally, we pride ourselves on being able to provide fast project turnaround and high quality at an affordable price. We follow a strict ethics code as part of our policy and we strive to provide excellent and reliable customer service. We also do our best to respond quickly and efficiently to your enquiries in order to ensure the high quality of service is maintained at all times.

You can rely on us to work responsibly when choosing the right technical translators for your technical translation project. No "first-come-first-serve" systems, no "second best" options. Our technical translators are selected based on their previous experiences and professional knowledge.

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What makes our technical translation services unique?

Your technical translations are produced by professional translators who

  • are native speakers of the target language
  • have relevant knowledge and experience in your field
  • proofread for orthography, completeness and grammatical correctness

We often receive inquiries regarding whether the layout of the original file will be retained in the translation. We place great emphasis on correct layout. This means that the text you receive from us will not cause you any problems. A range of applications helps us to keep the layout identical to the original and we have access to the extensive expertise of graphics professionals.

No technical translations can be provided today without accessing wide ranging text and graphic editor tools, including so-called CAT-tools. These powerful programs help us to

  • filter the text elements of your text which means translators do not gain access to the layout itself
  • identify segments that have already been translated and provide suggestions of the same translation if identical texts appear later in the document
  • integrate term banks into the translation project files. Our term banks ensure the correct use of technical terms. We have built our term banks over many years using the unique know-how of our technical translators.

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Technical Documentation – Translations We Can Deliver

Technical documentation can be a very time-consuming and extensive task depending on the complexity of your technology. Legal criteria often have to be taken into account. Whether you need smaller operating leaflets, handbooks or complete technical documentations to be translated into any European or world language, contact our translation company with confidence. We are happy to assist you in the translation of any of the following:

  • handbooks
  • manuals of any kind (operating, maintenance, commissioning manuals, etc.)
  • (safety) data sheets
  • technical specifications
  • patents
  • presentations
  • product descriptions
  • technical drawings
  • and many more

Our translators also have wide-ranging knowledge in many industry niches. Whether you produce small electric devices - such as watches, household items, weather stations, or large-scale industrial machinery - e.g. for the automotive industry, aviation, wastewater treatment or anything in between, you can be sure that we have the right resources to take care of your technical translation project, regardless of its size.

Meeting foreign standards

When you deliver technology into EU countries...

In the EU, strict regulations (e.g. the machinery directive) are in force regarding the sale of machinery. Some main points of these directives are:

  • manuals are to be regarded as part of the machine
  • if the machine is to be sold in a country where the official language is not English, then the manuals have to be provided (translated) in the official language of the country concerned
  • the translated document must comply with the directives and is to be regarded as part of the machine
  • the translated manual has to be identified as a translation of the original

If you are selling your machinery to EU countries, we keep these regulations in mind when creating your technical translations. Not only do we consider linguistic aspects and the use of correct terminology, but we also have in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements of your target market.

Teck Language Solutions is your expert partner when it comes to technical translation services into any European language.

Protect human life with specialized technical translations

Do not allow your technical translations to be cannibalized by machine translations

Technical texts are highly standardized and have several features that make them ideal for automated translations – or so one would think. However, machine translation technology has still not yet reached the level at which an algorithm would be able to correctly interpret and translate the complex notions and information created by humans. Expert human translators are needed for correct and reliable technical translation services. And that is exactly what our translation agency provides for you.

Only human translators can deliver results - also in the case of technical texts - that can be understood by foreign workers. Never forget that the purpose of technical translations is to instruct the operator, at all times, to

  • handle, operate or service a machine in a safe and secure way, while
  • avoiding material damage, environmental pollution and more importantly, protecting human life

In the past few years, a new market niche of selling machine-made translation software to businesses has emerged. Experience has shown that these applications deliver identical quality to that of Google translate or of any other machine translation software. Whilst these tools might be handy when creating translations for private use or to gain a better understanding of very general correspondence, they can lead to disastrous results when trying to create technical translations. Do not forget: Human-made technical translations are necessary to protect human life, the environment and material damage.

Be on the safe side and order reliable technical translations from our translation agency.

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