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Building bridges using
professional translations

Optimizing your international communication processes

When looking for a translation provider, identifying a reliable and full-service partner can be a real challenge. Teck Language Solutions provides you with translations in a multitude of subject fields, across a wide variety of topics, and in a range of language pairs. We are here to support you in all your communication challenges with foreign partners or to provide you with professionally edited foreign texts to inform or persuade foreign audiences about your products or services. We strive to cover literally all subject fields so that we can help you with your translations, regardless of their nature.  This interdisciplinary approach makes your international business processes faster, less bureaucratic and more reliable. You receive your translations from a single source, giving you full control over your foreign language text management.

Please read through the relevant sections for further information or contact us directly if you have any questions about our product portfolio. We look forward to your inquiry!

Technical Translations

Selling technology abroad includes providing accurate and linguistically flawless manuals. The work carried out by our technical translators helps you to significantly improve the operational safety of your machine, as you can be sure that the operating personnel will fully understand your descriptions.


Marketing Translations

Audiences abroad are persuaded by engaging, foreign-language texts. Whether it is presentations, brochures, catalogues or other product or service descriptions, you can rely on us for their translation. Intercultural aspects will be taken into account.


Legal Translation Services

When doing business abroad, it is of paramount importance to fully understand legal contents, such as those of contracts, agreements and similar documents. And this is where our work begins...


Website Translation Services

When targeting foreign markets, professionally translated websites are essential. We not only have the linguistic knowledge but also the technical experience to provide you with full-service translations for your website content.


Financial Translations

Finance is one of the most globally-widespread subject fields. Professional financial translations are essential for global operations. Contact us and find out more about our excellent service.


Express Translations

When deadlines are short and critical, you will want the streamlined and non-bureaucratic processes offered by Teck Language Solutions.


Medical Translation Services

Medical translations are the most critical field of our industry. With us you can be sure that the translations are accurate in every respect. Whether it is medical findings, manuals or reports, we are the go-to place for medical translations.


Certified Translators

You can rely on us for translations that you intend to use officially. We provide you with officially accepted, certified translations.


Software Localization

When your software or app needs to be translated, beside the linguistic work, a good amount of industry-specific knowledge is required. Find out more about our quality work by contacting us.

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