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Providing U.S. customers with website translation services

If you are looking for a provider for website translation services that can take care of your foreign-language website content and has expert technical knowledge in this area, you are at the right place.

There is no question that the internet has revolutionized commerce over the past decades. To compete globally, your business must offer its products and services on an online platform and in the native language of your potential customers. Your online presence is just like a business card for your online visitors, and you need to ensure that it meets the highest standards. If your target audience is non-English speaking, it is essential to make sure that your website content is grammatically correct and understood by your foreign visitors. But who should you turn to when you need your website translated into a foreign language, or perhaps even several foreign languages?

With years of experience in the professional translation industry, our translation agency is the right choice for your website translation project. We are a fast-growing translation business that combines passion, dedication, and expertise to provide you with fast, reliable, premium translation services.

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Making Your Website Accessible For the Global Marketplace

As professional translation providers, we can guarantee the high quality of your translations, regardless of the subject. Our team consists of qualified and certified translators who will address every need and ensure the premium quality of your website content. We handle all types of web content, and we work with both dynamic and static websites. We will advise you on the best course of action, ensuring high-quality text and how well non-English speakers will understand your website.

We also offer direct work in CMS systems for your convenience. We devote our full and undivided attention to each project to ensure that you receive an excellent translation service and outstanding results. Our top priority is, of course, the quality of the texts. However, we also believe that communication and fast turnarounds are key to a successful business. We will answer your inquiries as quickly as possible to ensure the premium quality of our customer service.

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Our Website Translation Services

At Teck Language Solutions, we offer optimized translation solutions. Our fast and reliable translators get your foreign language content to you quickly and in the format best suited to your needs. Whether you use static or dynamic content, our translation company is the ideal partner for your translation project. We are happy working with Joomla or WordPress engines and other CMS platforms. If you prefer to send us your content as an exported database, that is fine with us too.

Our translation agency offers translation services tailored to your needs, including:

  • Expertise and know-how in website editing solutions.
  • Tag editors to ensure that translators have no access to the source code–only to the texts themselves.
  • Native language translation professionals with local and cultural knowledge of your target market. They ensure effective localization and linguistically impeccable website content.

Website translation is not only a technical and linguistic challenge–it is also a critical marketing task. With Teck Language Solutions, you can be assured that your translation project is in professional hands. When we translate website contents, we take numerous factors into account. These include technical realization, marketing matters, cultural characteristics, and even SEO. Obviously, it is a complex challenge that you can only overcome with the involvement of experienced professionals. We have access to the technical and marketing know-how of the right translators who can deliver reliable website translations at reasonable rates and on time.

We consult with you and analyze your niche market to find the most suitable wording for your foreign-language content. We prepare your texts in a way that is easy to handle and understand, even if you do not speak the language involved. The formatting of your translated texts will be identical to the source text, making it easy for your website designer to create and upload the foreign language version. If you use CMS systems, there is usually a fast and easy way to exchange data banks. Our technical knowledge in website translations makes us the better choice for website translation services.

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SEO Aspects of Website Translation Services

And Why Your Translator Plugins Won't Get You There

SEO has become a major factor in online visibility and international sales success in today's marketing environment. Clients use online searches to find goods and services and often buy from websites appearing in the first few search result pages. Obsolete and old-fashioned optimization strategies, such as link building, ‘collecting likes,’ or similar strategies, won't get you there anymore. You have to have unique and demanding online content written for human audiences. If your texts are written for humans, it implies, of course, that they are written by humans and, in the case of foreign languages, by human translators.

Search engine robots and indexing algorithms have evolved to the extent that they analyze whole contexts to deliver the best search result. Filling your pages with relevant keywords will not help you. This is where our website translation services come into play. Your texts will be handled by marketing specialists who have extensive knowledge and experience in website translations.

Only a human translator with relevant knowledge about your target markets can evaluate which terms and structures to use to ensure your site targets potential customers abroad effectively and persuasively. One important factor in this process is being aware of different and alternative terms with the same meaning which your potential customers might be searching for and then including these words in a natural-sounding way in your online texts.  Whether one term is the official version or used more widely is irrelevant in marketing and search engine optimization. The question is, can you afford to be invisible online for prospective customers who are searching for the other term?

As you can probably imagine, this approach applies to a whole range of products and services in today's complex economic world. The wider knowledge a human translator has, the greater the number of niche markets for which you can optimize your texts. This results in more customers and more success in the international market. This is a creative task that no plugins or automated translation tools can deliver. Contact us if you plan to create foreign language versions of your website. Our website translation professionals are happy to assist you.

Native Quality Website Text to Enhance Trust in Your Company on Foreign Markets

Do you remember the last time you were looking for a product or a service and landed on a website containing poorly written descriptions? There is a good chance that your first reaction was to navigate away from that site and to look for more reliable sources. Your potential customers will probably react the same way if your website content does not meet certain linguistic standards. And this will certainly be the case if you use automated website translation plugins or tools to provide foreign texts to your customers abroad.

An automated translation of your website delivers poorly written texts for clients who would otherwise be interested in your products and services and makes it difficult for them to find the content they are looking for. For technical reasons, translation plugins often omit important components, like navigation elements, legal terms, and essentially everything you upload in non-editable formats, like pictures, flash presentations, video presentations, or PDF files.

If you invest in a proper translation of your online marketing materials, you not only enhance your online visibility but gain the trust of prospective customers and partners in foreign markets, resulting, in the end, in higher sales and revenue. A proper website translation means, in this context, one that is not only linguistically impeccable but one that also has culturally localized marketing texts.

We Translate Website Contents…

If your company makes sales abroad or even within the States, but you are targeting foreign customers, the translation of your website will make a huge contribution not only to the increase in your revenue but also in streamlining your communication processes with your clients. They will understand your company profile, products, and services much better if they can read about them in their own native language. A small investment into translating your web pages will make a huge impact on your company's brand awareness.

…Online Store Contents

Several elements of your web commerce surface have to be translated to encourage customers to buy your products or services through your online store. Obviously, the product and service descriptions need to be linguistically impeccable. But as you guide your customers through the online check-out system, they will expect to completely understand each instruction and what they need to do to seal the deal. The translation of the terms and conditions with refund policies and warranty rules is part of this process, too.

…Newsletters and Press Releases

Part of your online sales strategy might be providing newsletters, press releases, or PR news. If so, you can find professional translators with journalistic backgrounds at Teck Language Solutions. Newsletters, PR letters, and press releases often use a particular style to engage your audiences to buy your products, services or visit your website. It is not sufficient for a translator to know the relevant professional terminology. These kinds of texts work in a whole different dimension. They are no regular sales texts. Their style is more subtle, more multifaceted. Teck Language Solutions makes sure that the right professionals with the right skill set are working on your online marketing content if you are working with newsletters and press releases. Contact us with confidence!

Often Forgotten: Invisible Elements of a Website

Although they are of less significance in today's SEO environment, it is still recommended that you have ‘invisible’ elements of your website also translated for the foreign language version. These include a range of meta and title tags that contain helpful information for search engines to ensure your site is properly indexed and delivers relevant results to potential buyers. Our translation agency, with offices in Miami and Germany, has the relevant expertise to handle these requirements and to include them in the translation process so that our customers receive ‘turnkey,’ ready-to-use texts for their foreign language websites.

Useful Advice When Translating Websites for the European Markets

If you plan to conquer the European markets, several legal aspects must be considered when having your website translated into a European language. Your company is probably based in the USA, and your website server is perhaps also in the States. Therefore US law applies; European customers will generally expect to find some other essential website elements before deeming the website reliable. These elements include an imprint containing your contact details, a page containing your data protection policy (recently, this has become a central issue through strict GDPR), and some paragraphs describing how cookies are used. This works in practice can be checked on any European website (except Germany, where alternative regulations are in force (namely the German Telemedia Act and Data Protection Act)). Therefore, it is highly recommended that a specialist lawyer be consulted regarding online regulations when creating foreign language websites for your audiences abroad.

We hope we have given you a good insight into how we handle website translation services, and you feel that you can put your trust in our services when you need foreign language versions of your online content. Our quotes are always fast and free. Please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your inquiries. You can expect competent advice, reasonable prices, and fast turnarounds. We are your competent provider for website translation services.

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