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Eight steps for successful translation project management, as integrated by our translation agency

1. Taking over the assignment

Details of the translation project will be discussed with the client.

2. Preparation and evaluation

A quality translation begins with choosing the right translators for your project. We employ specialists whose expertise matches the subject field in question (e.g. technical, marketing, sales, law).

3. Alignment and comparison with existing proprietary terminology data banks and translation memory systems

If the subject field is specialized – for instance, technical and medical documentation – advanced research must be carried out to complete the term banks.

4. Translation

The chosen native translator translates the texts to the best of his/her knowledge.

5. Proofreading and editing

Our team checks all translations for correct orthography, completeness, layout and accurate meaning. If necessary, the translator is contacted again to clarify open questions.

6. Text integration and DTP

We convert and format the finished translations according to the layout of the source document.

7. Delivery

The client will receive the translation only after each of these steps is completed.

8. Feedback evaluation

Discussing the feedback with the client and evaluating the project.

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