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It’s critical to ensure text quality in medical and pharmaceutical translations, as these documents directly impact human life and health. Translating them requires conscientious, detailed work and professional background knowledge. Our tried and trusted translators will provide the quality you demand and expect with their years of experience. Professional organizations, such as insurance companies, medical chambers, and hospitals in numerous countries, have entrusted our translation agency with their translations for several years. These long-term collaborations prove that our agency provides medical and pharmaceutical translations of the highest standard. We would like to invite you to be a member of this reputable clientele and honor us with your trust. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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Our Medical Translation Services for You

We Translate Medical Bills and Invoices for You

If you had medical treatment abroad and would like to settle the invoice with your insurance company, our translators will help you with fast and reliable services. All you need to do is scan the document and send it to us for translation. We will take care of converting the scanned file into editable formats, and the translation work can begin. As these documents contain specific phrases and abbreviations, it is paramount that only experienced and qualified translators do the job. At the end of the process, our translation company will confirm with a stamp that the translation is correct, accurate, and complete. All you need to do after you have received the medical translation from us is to forward it to your insurance company so that they can reimburse your costs.

Need Discharge Reports to Be Translated?

Another common document our translators regularly work with is medical release reports. If you had earlier treatments abroad, had an accident in a foreign country, and were hospitalized, you will get discharge reports written in foreign languages. To continue your treatment within the United States, your doctors must know what their colleagues abroad diagnosed, what treatment you underwent, and with what results. You must have these important pieces of information translated with the greatest care and precision. Only translators with medical knowledge and experience will deliver results with which your doctors can work. Teck Language Solutions provides you with accurate medical translations.

Our Translation Service for Manufacturers of Medical Instruments and Devices

Medical translation topics often mix with other professional areas. In these cases, professional medical translators with interdisciplinary skill sets are needed. Whether your company manufactures hospital beds, measuring instruments, scissors, scalpels, surgical devices or clothing, or any other devices used in or by hospitals, our medical translator team will ensure that you receive impeccable foreign-language texts for your product descriptions or manuals.

We Translate Your Medicine-Related Website

It is always a good idea for hospitals, doctors, or other healthcare providers to have their websites translated into one or two major languages. This will inform patients about your products and services in their native language. Not only will this boost your business, but your patients will be able to get information about your facilities and services beforehand. This, again, will enable you to streamline communication with them. When dealing with website translations in medical fields, you need a provider, like Teck Language Solutions, that has related medical know-how and knows its way around website design. We will closely cooperate with your website design team, facilitating their work with foreign texts. Contact us for further information if you need your medical website translated into a foreign language.

We Can Help You With Medical Correspondence

If you need to consult doctors abroad or would like to arrange an appointment with them, our translators will help you with the communication. We translate all kinds of correspondence for you with hospitals, doctors, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, practitioners, and other medical staff. Contact us for a free quote if you need medical correspondence to be translated.

Confidentiality Is of Central Importance for Us

When dealing with medical tests, we ensure that all relevant data protection and privacy laws are adhered to. We protect your personal data by extra measures and have corresponding NDAs with all of our medical translators, without exception. We also ensure that only those professionals will see your documents who absolutely need to see them in order to complete the job. For this reason, we strictly do not use online project management platforms in the case of medical translation services, where these documents would be vulnerable to unauthorized eyes. Teck Language Solutions is a translation company that takes privacy regulations very seriously. Contact us with confidence if you have any further questions.

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