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If you create websites, brochures, and other marketing materials for your company, you spend a lot of time and effort getting the words and the message just right. This is because your message may mean the difference between success and failure for your business. But what happens if you are planning to sell your products or services in another country, with a different language and culture? Who do you trust to translate your website, brochures, and other marketing materials?

It’s a big decision, to be sure. To help you make this choice, we would like to present our approach to marketing translations. This covers how we handle marketing topics in our translation agency, how we ensure quality, and what steps we take to achieve customer satisfaction.

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Some Good Reasons to Choose Us for Your Marketing Translation Project

Exceptional features of our marketing translation services provide you with added value compared to basic translation services. Some of these are:

Numerous formats

Our translation agency can work with the source files when translating brochures, saving your company time and money with our turnkey translation solutions. Thanks to our technical infrastructure and in-house specialists, we can translate documents in every file format commonly used in marketing. These include the mandatory MS Office formats, Adobe program files, QuarkXPress, and even AutoCAD, as favored by architectural companies.

Choose our translation company for your marketing translations!

Cultural knowledge

No matter what country you happen to be selling in, your message is as clear, engaging, and persuasive as it is in English. A refined feel for language is necessary for foreign-language translations of marketing texts. Marketing texts only generate success for your company if the translators doing the work possess the appropriate professional know-how and have excellent knowledge of the cultural and linguistic background of the target country.

In-depth knowledge

Numerous graphic designers and marketing companies place their trust in us for specialized translations of marketing materials. We have obtained in-depth knowledge about the graphic perspective of marketing work from these cooperation projects. We are fully aware of difficult situations you might be facing when editing foreign language texts. Our clients profit from our knowledge in these areas.

That’s the added value our marketing translations provide for you.

What We Can Deliver

Marketing translation services cover a virtually endless range of materials that may be translated or used as the basis for transcreation. This is especially true in today's digital world, in which new methods of marketing communication are evolving almost daily.

We can provide you with the creative translation of

  • newsletters, blogs, press releases
  • catalogs, brochures
  • presentations
  • flyers
  • websites, webshops
  • and many more.

Contact us with confidence if you need any of these materials to be translated into a foreign language. At our translation agency, all the EU languages and all world languages are available.

We look forward to your inquiries.

Marketing Translations in General

One main difference that distinguishes marketing translations from technical or legal translation services is the creative use of language. Whereas the translator has to stick exactly to the sources in the case of a technical manual or a legal contract - with almost no room for creativity - marketing translations not only allow but even require the inventive and playful use of language. We often refer to "transcreation," "cross-market copywriting," or simply "creative translation" when talking about marketing translation services. The main difference is basically in the range of deviation permitted from the original wording, as defined by the customer. The translated text must be as persuasive and entertaining as in the original language. Your goal with these texts is to persuade potential customers or inform a foreign market about your products and services.

For your marketing translation project, we hand-pick our experienced, creative, and native translators who have in-depth knowledge about the target market. We discuss the important and specific parameters of your assignment with you. This covers who you want your texts to appeal to, i.e., the audience you would like to target, whether specific requirements exist regarding language use, and so on. We will also clarify technical details. These include whether you have special requirements for the length of the translated text (e.g., for a software interface that only allows a certain amount of characters, or a brochure, in which you have only a limited amount of free space for the foreign texts, and so on), and we inform you about relevant characteristics of the target language which you have to bear in mind (coding matters, if any, fonts, writing is right-to-left, etc.).

After all this, your translation will be finished and delivered to you within the time frames discussed.

We have streamlined processes to ensure, in every respect, impeccable and professional marketing translations and transcreation services. Contact us and see the quality of our work for yourself. We look forward to your inquiry.

Why Are Marketing Translations Important?

The 2014 February issue of Common Sense Advisory pointed out that most buyers only purchase products and services if their description is available in the reader's native language. Marketing translations allow you to

  • inform your potential clients about the advantages of your products and services
  • reach out to a wider clientele
  • maintain effective communication with a foreign market
  • keep clients and partners updated about your company, products, and services
  • increase sales and revenue
  • present yourself in the native language of a foreign market, thereby establishing trust and increasing your availability

The Importance of Knowing Your Target Audience in the Case of Marketing Translations

If you are selling to a foreign market and would like to have your materials translated, it is very often the case that several parameters need to be clarified regarding your target audience to create highly professional marketing translations for you. Besides technical questions, we have to know about the intended target audience for your foreign language texts. The narrower the niche is, the more details have to be observed. Obviously, a company selling skates for teenagers would use a completely different style in its marketing materials than an insurance company aiming for international expansion. Most of the time, the English language materials give us an excellent picture of what style needs to be achieved. But a language does contain cultural differences and nuances that you cannot see from the source texts alone.

(i) One example of this is the formal and informal style in some languages. Whereas in English, you might address your readers simply with the personal pronoun "you," this can be more difficult in German, French or Italian, where there is a clear distinction between informal and formal style. In these markets, it would be committing a faux pas in several business niches to use informal speech or writing when formal is expected.

(ii) Phrases and proverbs not existing in the target language. The direct translation of any phrase or proverb connected to a particular idea or notion in the English language can be problematic. Even if a corresponding translation exists, would that communicate the same message you intended to convey? The same applies to slogans and wordplays.

(iii) The checking of any creative product and/or company names in terms of coincidental meaning in the respective foreign language is highly recommended. Even if your legal department has checked the availability of a brand name in a target market, it may well be unwise to use that very name in this market. Our translators inform you about such situations during the translation process.

We cannot only support you by correctly translating your marketing materials into several foreign languages, but we also have extensive knowledge about the culture of your target markets. This enables us to assist you with useful advice and competence when creating your foreign language materials.

Contact us with confidence about your marketing translation project.

Our Marketing Translation Topics

Translating Newsletters

Newsletters are generally a powerful way to keep your customers informed about your products and services and generate more revenue. If you market your products abroad, you might think about having your newsletters translated into a foreign language. This way, your clients in overseas markets will fully understand your messages, which might incite them to buy your products and services. As newsletters are normally shorter texts, you need only a small investment into their translations. Your return on investment will be great, as you address a whole market segment with your messages. Our marketing translation professionals will make sure that your newsletters are as engaging as they are in the original language, and your message will get through clearly. This way, you will not only keep the fan base of your company, but you will be able to massively increase their numbers, enhancing brand awareness in your target market or market segment. Contact us if you need your newsletters to be translated. We would be happy to assist.

We Translate Your Presentations

Having a business meeting with participants who do not have English as a first language can be challenging, even if your visitors have a high proficiency in the English language. To make communication smoother and the effect of your presentations more powerful, it is always a good idea to have your presentations translated. Your prospective and existing clients or your employees get a much clearer idea about the products, services, and other topics you are presenting, like, for example, e-learning materials. Even if you use foreign language presentations as handouts or as online downloads, they will help you reach and convince more customers abroad. Our translation company is your powerful and resourceful partner if you need your presentations to be translated. Our translators in this area are experts in using not only Powerpoint™ but also several other presentation tools and software that are so widespread nowadays. Contact us for a free quote today.

Need Press Release Translations?

Nowadays, the internet plays a central role in business communication. Companies use the versatile possibilities the online world provides to inform their partners and customers about their latest news and new product releases. For global companies operating in several countries, press release translation services might be useful. This will strengthen the contact with your local clients abroad. To translate press releases in foreign languages, special translator skills are needed. We provide you with the native and expert knowledge of our press release translators who have years of journalistic experience. In the case of press releases, we make sure that the style of your foreign language texts is appropriate and that SEO aspects are taken into consideration. This way, you will not only reach your existing customers, who might be subscribed to your newsletters or actively follow your company's news, but you will also reach prospective clients, who might hear about your company for the first time through your press releases. If you need your press releases to be translated into a foreign language, turn to us and get a fast and free quote for your project. We look forward to working with you.

Creative Blog Content Translation

Apart from newsletters and press releases, your company's blog is also an important surface to keep in touch with buyers, clients, partners, or even with your employees abroad. If your company operates a foreign language website for the subsidiaries or sites worldwide, foreign language blog content cannot miss from this site. With these kinds of content, you attract more visitors to your site and create quality content that will enable your readers to get in-depth information about your products and services. As these articles are normally highly industry-specific, you will need highly specialized blog content translation services. This means it is not sufficient if your translators have good linguistic knowledge. They also have to have experience in your specific field, regardless of whether it is engineering, automotive, law, business services, or any other subject field. And this is exactly what Teck Language Solutions provides you with. With our blog content translations, you will address your employees, customers, and other relevant entities abroad with high-quality content, establishing trust in your company, thereby generating more revenue. Turn to us with confidence and ask for a free quote for your blog translation project.

Translating Your Brochures and Flyers

The traditional way to inform the market about your products and services is by using brochures, catalogs, and flyers. The advantage of these is that they contain clearly structured, summarized, basic information about your company or your services. One disadvantage is, however, once they are printed, you cannot change their contents. If you have false or incorrect information in your flyers and brochures, all you can do is throw them away, along with the money you paid for them.

This is why, when translating your flyers and brochures into a foreign language, absolutely no mistakes can occur. Our translation company is very much aware of these circumstances. For this reason, we take extensive proofreading steps when translating your catalogs and similar. Another advantage of our services is that we are familiar with most software tools used to create printed marketing materials, including InDesign from Adobe Systems Inc. and QuarkXPress. This knowledge will save you time and costs when having your marketing materials translated by us.

If you are looking for a responsible provider to translate your catalogs and brochures, Teck Language Solutions is the partner you have been looking for.

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