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No matter your business, things don’t always go exactly as planned, even under the best circumstances. Every so often, you’ll find yourself desperately needing translation services with a quick turnaround time. Things like an urgent letter to a foreign business partner that needs to be sent the next day or a few forgotten paragraphs from a completed project scheduled to be printed tomorrow. At Teck Language Solutions, we also offer Express Translation Services. You need it fast, but you still need it done perfectly. We’re here for you and ready to help if you have an emergency. We know how important it is for you to get every word right! And we want you to know it’s important for us as well. Contact us for further information regarding your express translation project. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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About Our Fast Translation Services

Express translation services provide quick and efficient translation solutions for individuals and businesses with tight deadlines. These services are particularly useful for urgent and time-sensitive projects such as legal documents, medical records, and technical reports.

With express translation services, customers can receive high-quality translations within a short period of time, ranging from a few hours to a couple of days depending on the length and complexity of the document. This can be especially important for businesses operating in a fast-paced industry or facing a tight deadline for a proposal or project submission.

The benefits of express translation services extend beyond just the quick turnaround time. Our translation company offers express services and ensures that the translations are of the same high quality as the regular services. We often employ a team of professional translators who are experienced in the specific industry or subject matter of the document being translated, ensuring that the translations are accurate, culturally appropriate, and free of errors.

Express translation services are typically more expensive than regular translation services due to the urgency and extra resources required to deliver the translation within a shorter time frame. However, the added cost may be worth it for those who need their documents translated quickly and accurately.

Overall, express translation services are a valuable option for those who require timely and high-quality translations. Whether it's for personal or business use, express translation services can provide peace of mind and help meet tight deadlines.

Express translation services may be necessary when there is an urgent need for a translation. This could be due to time constraints, such as a deadline that must be met or unexpected changes to a project. It could also be necessary in cases where a business needs to respond quickly to a client request or legal requirement. For example, a company may need to provide a translation of a legal document or contract within a short period of time. In such cases, express translation services can provide quick and reliable translations to meet the urgent needs of businesses. Here are some examples of when we can provide express translation service:

The Forgotten Paragraph

In fast-paced business life, situations often occur when you need a short text translated within the shortest possible time. This can be when you had a contract translated, and there is a last-minute change in the original version that has to be implemented in the translation. Or when you plan to have a brochure or a presentation printed, the marketing department made changes in the English version that need to be edited in the translations. You can contact Teck Language Solutions for fast and professional service in these and several similar situations. In the case of express translation services, we keep ourselves to a very high-quality standard, ensuring that, although the project had to be delivered urgently, the quality remains the same as with standard delivery projects.

The Meeting That Was Scheduled on a Short Notice

Suppose a situation arose when a foreign partner rescheduled a meeting to an earlier date. You need presentation materials or legal papers to be translated within a much shorter time frame than initially planned. In that case, Teck Language Solutions is the place to go. We regularly deal with situations in which our client's schedules don't go as planned, and they need professional translations at an express speed. We have streamlined processes to deal with these situations and would be happy to assist you whenever you need urgent translations.

Your Attorney Wasn’t Happy With Final Draft of the Agreement?

Your legal team had a week's work preparing the drafts for a cooperation agreement with a partner or a supplier abroad, but your attorney wasn't happy with the results. There are some paragraphs to be changed. The meeting will take place tomorrow, and you still need to implement the changes in the translations. We have resources to provide you with express legal translations while maintaining very high-quality standards. Contact us if you need legal texts to be translated faster and accurately.

There Is a Short Deadline for Your Quote

When a client from abroad asked for a quote for your products or services, you surely want to impress this prospective customer with your fast reaction times. At the same time, you know that preparing your offer in the native language of the client is always an impressive gesture that might lead to an actual order. At Teck Language Solutions, we can create fast translations of quotes, estimates, and offers, thereby helping you to make a positive first impression. Contact us for a free quote or further information.

Is an Express Translation Service Really Necessary?

Clients often contact us requesting express translation services for relatively short texts. Often, one or two-page texts can be translated within a few hours or so, if necessary. We talk about express translation services only when the text amount to be translated would not normally match the time frames at your disposal. Special measures have to be implemented to deliver faster while maintaining quality. In all other cases, our translation services are fast because we use tried-and-tested processes. We do not queue your inquiry or your actual project. As soon as you give us the go-ahead, we put the wheels in motion and will deliver the translation to the agreed deadlines. Contact us anytime you need fast and reliable translation services.

Important Notes

For obvious reasons, no express jobs are possible for the following:

  • Any medical translation services
  • Safety and security information, e.g., in technical documentation, where the text deals with the protection of human life and/or health
  • Certified and notarized translation services that have to be sent via postal services (we can do rush jobs with delivery via e-mail, though)
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