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Patents, contracts, and other legal documents must be written correctly and precisely to protect businesses and their customers. When such documents are translated into another language, getting the wording exactly right becomes even more important. One incorrect word or sentence may change the meaning of an entire document and result in many legal problems.

If you transact business with partners, clients, or affiliates in foreign countries, you will want the expertise, accuracy, and quality checks that Teck Language Solutions can provide.

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Our Legal Translation Services

Our translation office provides your company or law firm with legal translations in many different subject fields. If you need contracts, general terms, patents, law excerpts, or certificates translated into or from European and American languages, you can rely on us to do the job. Why?

  1. We work with specially trained translators or legal experts who have the competence and experience to do the job at the level you would expect for legal texts. Our legal translators also have legal backgrounds.
  2. We adhere strictly to the deadlines discussed with you in advance. This allows you to factor translations into your workflow and eliminates the risk of missing important court or legal process deadlines.
  3. We handle all documents with special care and strict confidentiality. We have many satisfied clients, including law offices worldwide, who always come back to us for translation services.

Do not take chances with the translation of important legal papers. Teck Language Solutions are experts in the field of legal translation - please contact us for a free quote for your legal translation project.

Translations for Your Law Office

If your law firm regularly works on cases with foreign participants, the need for legal translation services will be omnipresent. We at Teck Language Solutions know how important it is in legal subject fields to deliver accurate, correct, and highly specialized translations, as these contents might affect your strategy significantly. These projects are often time-sensitive, as you will have a limited time to appeal to a court whenever your client received court decisions from abroad. We have tested and tried solutions for law offices in need of legal translation services.

Need Contracts to Be Translated?

There are countless situations in everyday life when contracts need to be translated. If you work for or with a foreign company, if you buy a property abroad, when your enterprise cooperates with foreign firms, and in many more cases, our expert legal translators are there for you to make foreign language legal content linguistically accessible for you. Our goal is to eliminate the potential for legal misunderstandings between internationally operative businesses. Your terms and conditions will be clear for your foreign partners and customers right from the beginning with our contract translation service.

We Can Help You With the Translation of Online Legal Contents

Companies selling their products and services online need to publish their general terms and further legal descriptions on their website in the target market's language. This will make online purchase processes with foreign customers smoother, and there will be fewer misunderstandings. Often it is a legal requirement to inform your clients about your terms and conditions in their native language. If you need any online legal content to be translated, Teck Language Solutions has streamlined processes to achieve an optimal price-value ratio, high quality, and fast turnarounds.

We Are Your Partners for Corporate Law Translations

Company formations abroad belong to everyday business life in the 21st century. If your enterprise plans to open subsidiaries, e.g., in an EU country, there will be many foreign language legal documents you will have to deal with. To proceed with the translation of company formation documents, such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes, registry extracts, and more, in a fast, accurate and effective manner, our translation company is there for you with fast and efficient service. We will help you with the legal communication when you intend to establish a company in continental Europe.

Translations in Commercial Law

Whenever you are conducting business with foreign entities, there will be situations that will require legal translation services. We translate contracts, agreements, licenses, terms and conditions, and further legal documentation into any major foreign language. We work together with expert and experienced legal translators. Quality control is carried out at multiple levels of the project, and we have fail-safe mechanisms to avoid any costly mistakes. Teck Language Solutions serves companies nationwide and globally with accurate translations in any subject field of commercial law.

Translations in Family Law Are One of Our Key Competences

One of the most common topics we deal with regularly when providing legal translation services is the subject field of family law. There is a range of situations when our clients need family law documents to be translated. If you intend to marry abroad, if you need to prove your civil status to foreign authorities, or if you have a divorce decree from abroad that you need to present to a US authority, you will need our translation services. We also translate your documents connected with inheritance, such as testaments, last wills, and more.

We Translate Court Documents

In international litigation, it is of central importance that court decisions, records, sentences, orders, and further court files are understood fully and correctly, even if they are written in foreign languages. Only this way can it be ensured that you will react correctly, and your attorney will choose the right strategy for the further proceeding. Our translation company provides you with the professional legal translation of court documents to enable communication between lawyers and courts abroad.

If You Need Translations in Criminal Law

In case you need translations in criminal law areas, Teck Language Solutions is your competent and discreet partner to handle your documents, ranging from certificates of good conduct through court orders and sentences up until the translation of correspondences and written evidence. In criminal law translations, the data you provide us with is confidential and often part of running investigations. That is why we take extra measures to handle your data safely and securely. Whether you are a defendant or a plaintiff, or a law office representing these parties, whether it is DUI, harassment, tax issues, or further subject areas, we will handle the translation of your documents professionally and confidentially.

Certifications Are Also Possible

In almost all cases, when you intend to present the translations to a court or need to use them in legal proceedings, you will need certified translations. Our translation company serves businesses and private individuals globally and nationwide with certified legal translations. One specialty of our services is that we can provide you with a certification accepted in foreign countries. If you need to use your translation abroad, inform us about the target country. We will make sure to provide you with certified translations that are compliant with the statutory requirements of that specific country. In the case of certified legal translations, one professional will certify the completeness and correctness of the translation, after which it will be signed and stamped. Often, the use of so-called sworn translators is required. If you need notarization or an apostille, contact us, and we will inform you about the further proceedings.

Legal Documents We Can Translate for You

We can provide you with professional legal translations of the following documents and scripts:

For businesses

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Employee Handbook
  • Articles of Organization
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Farm Lease
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Affiliate Agreement
  • Shareholder Agreement
  • Vehicle Lease Agreement
  • Privacy Policy For Website or Mobile App
  • Service Agreement
  • Power of Attorney
  • Business Sale Agreement
  • Marketing Agreement
  • Sale of Goods Agreement
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Patents
  • Licences
  • Commercial Lease Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions for a Website
  • Refund Policy documents, and more

For individuals

  • Affidavits
  • Certificates
  • Permission to Work Form for Minors
  • Advance Healthcare Directive - Living Will
  • Eviction Notice
  • Court Documents, Filings
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Residential Lease Agreement
  • Living Trust Agreement
  • Divorce Agreement
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Child Custody Agreement
  • Airline Complaint Letter
  • Immigration Papers
  • Declarations
  • Short-Term Lease Agreement
  • Rental of Goods Agreement
  • Child Support Agreement
  • Non-Profit Bylaws
  • Sublease Agreement
  • Child Care Service Agreement
  • Roommate Agreement
  • DJ Agreement
  • Online Membership Agreement
  • Notice of Lease Violation
  • Complaints, and more

Certifications are also possible. In legal translations, we can also deliver all EU and world languages. Please contact us if you need to have any legal papers translated between major language pairs or have any further questions about our services.

Translators with Legal Backgrounds

An essential feature when ordering legal translations from us

In legal translations, quality management begins with hand-picking the most suitable translators with legal experience for your project.

It is essential to emphasize that we do not use automated project assignments and do not choose our translators on a "first-come-first-served" basis which, unfortunately, is becoming more and more popular these days. The professionals working with your texts are chosen after thoughtful consideration and analysis of the translator's abilities and experience. Some of our legal translators have worked for law firms over many years as foreign language correspondents. They obtained in-depth knowledge of the specific use of language in legal documents. It is crucial that we only work with translators with legal experience for your legal translation project. Ultimately, it is not sufficient for the translators to understand both languages; they also have to understand the content of your documents to convey the message competently into a different language.

We are your reliable translators for legal papers. Please feel free to contact us with your inquiries at any time.

Translation of Legal Terms

Uniformity and deviations in the case of legal translations

If you conduct business internationally, you will certainly be aware that different countries can have very different legal systems in which similar or even identical concepts can be referred to differently depending on the region/language area. Just think of the thousands of deviations between British and US legislation. These differences also exist in other countries. When discussing legal translations, it is always important to clarify the geographic context, i.e., which country the translation is for or where it has come from. This is an essential factor in using the correct terms and phrases. One excellent example of this is the German translation of "commercial register." If you are in Germany, they call it "Handelsregister." If you conduct business with Austria, they use the term "Firmenbuch." In Liechtenstein, another German-speaking country, the same concept would be referred to as "Öffentlichkeitsregister." As you see, the key to a correct legal translation is knowing the local characteristics of the given legal systems.

The translators working for us have extensive knowledge about the legal systems in your target market. With this feature, you can be sure that your translation will be linguistically correct and correct in its use of legal terms.

Important to Know

Will Your Legal Translation Be Valid/Legally Binding Abroad?

One basic characteristic of legal translation is its informative nature. If you want to know what a foreign language contract says or want foreign partners to understand the content of your English contract, a great way to eliminate the barriers to understanding is to have the legal document translated. However, this does not alter the fact that your contract or the foreign contract was set up according to the jurisdiction of a certain country. Just because the document has been translated into a foreign language, it does not make it compliant with another country's legal system. If you need a legally valid contract and thereby binding in a foreign country, you need to contact an attorney who will draft a corresponding version for you. If you would like to inform foreign partners about the details of your cooperation, for example, a professional legal translation will do the job.

With this in mind, here are some situations in which a legal translation might be helpful:

  • your company employs foreign workers who may or may not speak English well but whose English knowledge is insufficient to understand every detail of a complicated contract. A legal translation of your contracts will be beneficial to convey the message to them.
  • You have buyers abroad and would like to inform them about your sales terms. To avoid misunderstandings, you can have your general terms and conditions translated into their language.
  • You have an ongoing legal case abroad and fully understand the correspondence and/or rulings. You can order legal translations from the relevant foreign language to English.
  • You have a site in the US or another English-speaking country, where foreign truck drivers often deliver products, materials, parts, etc. Your site is a hazardous area where you must observe special regulations. For the carrier personnel to fully understand your regulations, it is helpful to have them translated into the drivers' language or create a multi-language version of the safety regulations at your site.

To avoid any misunderstanding with foreign partners, customers, or employees, it is highly recommended that a clause is added to your contracts or terms stating the jurisdiction which applies (US law, British law, Canadian law, maybe even stating the jurisdiction of a court in your county) and what language version of the contract is binding in case of legal disputes.

If you need further consultation or simply a quote for your legal translation project, please contact us for further details. Quotes are free, fast, and non-binding. We deliver linguistically high-end legal translations prepared by expert translators. We look forward to your inquiries.

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