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We will translate your international business correspondence and everything else you need for a streamlined and efficient global communication. Use our business letter translation services.

If you conduct business activities abroad, and you need a reliable partner to translate your business correspondence with partners, suppliers, or clients into a foreign language, Teck Language Solutions is here for you with professional services. With our translation services you will ensure that there are no linguistic barriers to the communication with foreign entities that would otherwise slow down your business. Our experienced translators, who are all natives in the target language and have excellent credentials, will streamline global communication for businesses nationwide in a wide range of topic areas. With Teck Language Solutions by your side, you will be able to communicate in strategically important matters without linguistic hurdles in the international markets. Contact us for a free quote if any business correspondence needs to be translated.

Need business correspondence to be translated?

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We Translate Business Letters and E-Mails

International communication in everyday business life must work fast and be efficient. Time is often a decisive factor for important strategic decisions or even in the cases of emergency. If you need business correspondence to be translated, you can always rely on the fast and high-quality services of Teck Language Solutions. Our high availabilities ensure fast reaction times and rapid turnarounds. The communication with your foreign clients and partners will be fast and efficient as every party will be able to read your messages in their native language. The potential for misunderstandings will be eliminated and customer loyalty will increase immensely as your clients will perceive your business as a serious company that makes efforts to eliminate communication difficulties.

Whether you need to maintain a proper relationship with your suppliers and clients abroad, whether you need evidence or a historical record for your global business activities, whether you need to establish or maintain goodwill, if you need business correspondence to be translated into any foreign language, contact Teck Language Solutions for a fast a free quote.

Need the Translation of Inquiries?

If you need to order the services or the products of a foreign company, it might be necessary to contact them in their own language first. This will make sure that you get a fast answer and also they will see the seriousness of your business inquiries. Our translation company is here to help you with translating your business inquiries into any major language pairs, and our portfolio includes several more exotic languages too. Use our translation services to establish international business partnerships. We will translate your letters of inquiry.

Translating Letters of Claims and Complaints

Managing your international customer relationships includes dealing with letters of claims or complaints. If you conduct business abroad, chances are that unhappy customers will reach out to you in their own native language, asking you to deal with a specific problem or demanding compensations. An important part of dealing with these complaints is to analyze in detail what your customers are criticizing. Have their letters translated by our professional translation services and you will be able to check out every stylistic nuance in their letters. Our translations will reflect not only the exact contents of the letters but also their tonality, which will give you valuable information on how to handle each individual case. This will lead to an enhanced complaint management at your company, leading to optimum results. You will be able to provide your answers in the native language of your foreign customers. Contact us if you need customer complaint letters to be translated.

Need Application Letters To Be Translated?

If you apply for a job or for a new position abroad, Teck Language Solutions is here for you to translate application letters into any foreign language. Having your application letters and relating documents such as CVs, diplomas and certificates translated will reflect how important for you the application is and how seriously you mean it. This will send a message to your future employer and your chances of being invited to the personal interview will increase immensely. The translators at Teck Language Solutions and our quality management system will make sure that your application letters are translated correctly and using the proper tonality. There are cultures with complex hierarchy structures where style in communication plays an extremely important role and varies according to the social status of your communication partner. Light versions of this phenomenon can be found in European cultures, such as in Germany, Italy and France, where there are big differences in formal and informal tonality but many Asian cultures, such as Japanese or Chinese, use polite forms that are unknown in western countries. In these cases it is extremely important that you engage professional experts in the translation process. The translators at Teck Language Solutions are here for you if application letters must be translated.

We Will Translate Cease and Desist Letters

There are many legal areas where cease and desist letters must be sent to a foreign corporation or individual. Whether it is about copyright or patent infringements, defamation or other cases, it is very important that you inform your opponent properly about the consequences of their unlawful actions. If cease and desist letters must be translated, Teck Language Solutions is here for you with a professional service to make sure that foreign enterprises or individuals will understand your possible actions against them, as they will be able to read your legal content in their own language. To make sure that your translations have the necessary impact, we are able to certify the translations as officially accepted in most countries of the world. Contact our translation company if cease and desist letters must be translated.

If Your Quotes or Estimates Must Be Translated…

In everyday business life, companies are often contacted by foreign enterprises or individuals asking about price details of their products and services. If you want to make a positive impression, it is a nice gesture to answer such inquiries in the language they were sent to you. This is where the professional translation services of Teck Language Solutions will come into the picture. We will create for your business accurate and linguistically proper translations of price quotes and estimates. Contact us with confidence for further details about our services.

Need the Translation of Newsletters?

Sending out newsletters to your prospective clients is a highly efficient and extremely powerful method of keeping in touch with them in the long run. No matter what you are selling, the expert translators at Teck Language Solutions are here for you to translate any newsletter content into any foreign language. With our expertise in web design we are able to offer ready-to-use translation services also in cases when translations need to be executed directly in online surfaces. With our newsletter translation service we will streamline your online communication processes with your foreign prospective or existing clients. Contact us for more information. We look forward to your inquiries.

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