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French Translation Services

When conducting business with French-speaking clients, customers, or vendors, having a reliable French translator at your side is a must. Choose Teck Language Solutions for fast and reliable services and non-bureaucratic processes.

Do you conduct business in France or another French-speaking country? Do you need professional French translations for your company manuals, product and service descriptions, legal papers, financial documents, or other corporate documentation? Our translation company can support your business in a wide range of professional areas and specific subject fields. We work together only with native French translators to ensure idiomatic and stylistic correctness. Our French translators have years of relevant experience. Further features of our services include extensive quality checks, streamlined processes, editing services to ensure print-ready deliveries, and transparent pricing. We serve businesses in the U.S. and globally with accurate French translations. We would be happy to look at your project requirements and send you a fast and free quote for your French translation project. Contact us for a free quote today.

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High-Quality French Translations

To ensure flawless translations from or into French, several aspects of quality management must be fulfilled:

Native French translators

Our French translators have native knowledge of the French language. This ensures that the linguistic and cultural nuances of your French translations will be preserved.

Expert French translators

Our translators have years of experience in the corresponding field. You can rest easy with the knowledge that only the people with appropriate professional knowledge and skills will translate your texts, no matter whether they have marketing, legal, technical, or medical content.

Consistent use of terminology

Using CAT software—which is commonly used in the translation industry—we can ensure consistent use of terminology in large projects and projects lasting for longer periods of time.

Final checks

After a translation is complete, we double-check it for correctness, consistent terminology, completeness, and layout. The final result is always a ready-to-publish translation.

Our translation office provides high-quality French translations and complete technical solutions. We can edit texts directly in a range of text and graphic editors and other commonly used applications. This saves you time and money since you won’t have to re-import or reformat the translated text.

To deliver your translations quickly and on time, we back up all jobs so that unforeseen technical difficulties won’t stall the timely delivery of your project.

To sum up the benefits of using our translation agency, we provide you with French translations that are:

  • native-level
  • fully proofread
  • delivered on time

If you need reliable French translators at reasonable rates, our translation agency is the competent partner you’re looking for. Please feel free to contact us any time through any of the channels this website offers (e-mail, contact form, phone). You'll get a quick answer or, if you ask, a free quote. Wherever you are within or outside of the States, Teck Language Solutions is your expert provider for French translation services.

Legal Translations Into French

If you conduct business with French-speaking countries or regions, at some point, you will inevitably have to deal with legal documents regularly. To ensure that you and your business partners fully understand the contents of French legal texts, it may be necessary to have these documents translated. We have the right resources to provide accurate and expert French legal translation services.

Our French legal translators have extensive experience in legal fields. They are always available if you need contracts, agreements, or any other legal documentation to be translated into or from French. Our solutions are also ideal if you want your general terms and conditions to be translated into French for your website.

Rest assured that, with us, you will benefit not only from high linguistic standards but also from the use of correct terminology and on-time delivery. These all are fundamental aspects of legal translations.

Contact us with confidence if you need legal documentation to be translated into or from French. We look forward to your inquiries.

Need a Contract to Be Translated Into French?

Regardless of your business profile, contracts and agreements are always part of everyday business dealings. Our translation company supports businesses in the U.S. and worldwide with the translation of contracts. We are there for you if you plan to buy a property in France or form a company there or in other francophone countries. We can help you offer products and services in France, and you need purchase contracts, general terms, or other legal content to be translated. No matter the exact topic, our French translators will edit your texts with the greatest care and precision. With the translation of any contracts or agreements, you will massively reduce the probability of costly legal misunderstandings with your business partners abroad, and the terms of any cooperation will be clear for each party from the very beginning.

We Serve Your Law Office With French Translations

Law offices in the United States often have special requirements when they have clients from France or other French-speaking regions. Apart from contracts and agreements, they work with highly specialized legal content. If you need support with the French translation of your legal papers, Teck Language Solutions is the perfect choice for fast and reliable services. Whether it is family law, corporate or commercial law, or even criminal law, we have the right resources to provide you with the accuracy and care you and your clients deserve. When we work for law offices, we ensure that all statutory requirements regarding data protection and confidentiality are fulfilled. Furthermore, we would be happy to sign your NDA if needed.

At this point, it needs to be emphasized that we do not use automatized project management platforms to make available your documents to legal French translators. We carefully and manually pick trusted professionals, maintaining the confidentiality of your documents. If you need to use the French-English translation in front of a court of law, your legal French translation certification is not a problem for us, either.

The Translation of Legal Corporate Documents Into French Has Never Been so Easy

Our French translators stay at your disposal for the legal translation of corporate documents. When it comes to translating corporate documents between French and English, several parameters have to be set up to achieve flawless results. No matter what the profile of your enterprise is, your legal papers must be handled with strict confidentiality. To achieve this, we have technical and organizational measures in place. On the other hand, legal corporate documents are often mixed in terms of content. The translator for the French language must have multidisciplinary knowledge to handle a legal corporate document that might regulate technical, marketing, a medical process, or further topic areas.

Our tried and tested quality control processes make sure that there is always a perfect match between the skill set of the legal French translator and the project requirements. Our integrated terminology management tools ensure that the legal terms are used consistently and correctly, even in bigger projects. Contact us if you need legal documents to be translated into French or from French.

Our French Technical Translation Services

If you sell technology to French-speaking countries or regions worldwide, you must make your manuals and handbooks understandable to the operating personnel or any users who might interact with your machines and devices. If you are searching for a service provider for this purpose that can deliver impeccable French technical translations, you have come to the right place.

We have French technical translators at your service who are native speakers of the target language and have extensive professional experience in several technical and engineering fields. We provide translations of your operating and service manuals, handbooks, datasheets, and other technical documentation into French or vice versa.

As an essential part of our quality management, we ensure that your technical texts are complete, have no stylistic or grammar mistakes, use the technical terminology of your field correctly and consistently, and are delivered on time.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need professional French technical translation services.

Translating Manuals Into French

U.S. companies export different technology products to France. In fact, 6.3% of all the products and services in France (as of 2019) origin from the States. Major product groups include gas turbines, broadcasting equipment, computers, office machinery, air pumps, centrifuges, cars, aircraft parts, vehicle parts, and more. Strong partnerships between companies on both sides of the Atlantic establish the need for technical French translations. With their years of experience and excellent credentials, our skilled French technical translators will support your company with communication with French partners and clients at the technical level. In the end, operating personnel and end-users must understand your instructions without any difficulties. With the technical French translations provided by Teck Language Solutions, you will ensure that your handbooks and manuals are correctly translated into French, thereby enhancing product and site safety.

Technical French Translations Are a Must

If you sell devices or machines to France or Belgium, it is often a statutory requirement, under EU law, to have technical manuals translated into French. These manuals, then, are to be regarded as an integral part of the machine you are selling. But having technical documents translated into French is not only a statutory obligation but also good business practice. You show your clients that it is important for your company to inform them about the safety aspects of your products and instruct them about the correct handling of your devices. With this approach, your customer service will be relieved, your customers more satisfied, and your brand more trusted in francophone regions worldwide. Teck Language Solutions will provide you with optimal support whenever you need technical documents to be translated into French. If you import products from France, we can offer you translation services in the opposite direction too.

Why Are Our French Technical Translations the Ideal Choice?

There are many reasons, technology companies in the U.S. and worldwide prefer to use our services when they need technical data to be translated into French. Our precise working processes are designed to deliver perfect results in quality. In technical translations, we use a wide range of quality control tools to ensure that the terminology is correctly used, even in more extensive documentation, which is often the case with technical data. We are building up company-specific terminology databases in consultation with your company during the translation process if needed. This will ensure that the finished French translations match the wording of previous materials, avoiding confusion. As a side effect of using different software for terminology management, we can provide our clients with massive discounts if the texts are modular and repetitive, which is often the case with technical content. With Teck Language Solutions at your side, creating the French version of your technical documents will not be a problem anymore.

French Marketing Translation Services

To successfully address existing or prospective clients, your company has already put a lot of effort into creating engaging and persuasive marketing materials. If you plan to target foreign audiences, you must have a reliable partner at your side who can translate your brochures, flyers, presentations, and even website texts into French.

We provide you with native-level French marketing translation that has, among other things, the following features:

  • grammatical correctness and consistent style corresponding to the intended goals of the texts
  • extensive background knowledge of the culture for addressing prospective clients more effectively and to avoid faux pas
  • organizational and technical steps to ensure timely delivery

We can handle all common file formats used by marketing and graphic design companies and deliver print-ready materials.

Whether you want to achieve success in France, Quebec, or North Africa, we eliminate the communication barriers between you and your clients with professional French marketing translations.

Try out our services and see for yourself the difference our French translators can make for you.

Translating Newsletters Into French

How having newsletters translated into French will increase your global brand awareness? Newsletters are a powerful way to regularly keep in touch with your existing and prospective clients without too many costs. But your company newsletters will complete their mission only if your present them in the native language of your target audiences. If you conduct business in France, in North Africa, in Haiti, Québec, or other francophone regions, it is highly recommended to have your newsletters translated into French. Our U.S.-based translation company has just the right resources to provide clients nationwide and internationally with professional French marketing translations.

Why Are Our French Marketing Translation Services so Special?

Having marketing content translated into French requires a completely different skill set than dealing with, for instance, legal or technical documents. While we must maintain content accuracy, the French marketing translator must also take extra care about stylistic and cultural compatibility. Marketing content, in general, uses a vivid, lively language with a lot of wordplays, slogans, picturesque descriptions that cannot be converted word by word into a foreign language. For this reason, the French translator must be well-versed in the linguistic nuances of the target language, making sure that the French marketing translation reads well, the attention of the reader is kept focused, and the French version of the sales materials is just as engaging and persuasive as the original version is. As you can see, professional experts must perform French marketing translation tasks with years of relevant experience. Teck Language Solutions is your expert partner for your French marketing translation project.

Need Presentations or Catalogues to Be Translated Into French?

Regardless of your company profile, there can be product or service presentations, maybe even information or e-learning materials that you need to have translated into French for your customers, vendors, or employees. The French translators at Teck Language Solutions have the linguistic skills and the technical knowledge to perform such sophisticated tasks. Dealing with marketing data often requires wide-ranging DTP experience, especially if you work with special, more exotic file formats. It is of paramount importance to adhere to the original layout and, where necessary, to make the proper adjustments to create a French target text that is correct in every respect. Failing to do so would mean a lot of extra effort and costs for the client. With Teck Language Solutions, you can rest assured that only expert French translators deal with your marketing content. We are your reliable source for French marketing translation services.

Certified French Translations

Did you emigrate from a French-speaking country to the U.S., or do you, as a French speaker, intend to spend a part of your life there? Our translation company is at your service with certified French-English translations to support you in this. Whether you need your birth certificates, marriage certificates, court documents, driver's licenses, or additional French personal documents officially translated, we are the number one address to turn to.

We provide you with fast and reliable certified French translations at reasonable rates. Our certified translations meet several standards, including those set by immigration offices, Departments of Motor Vehicles, notary publics, and several other state organs. Regardless of the French-speaking country from which your document originates, we have the experience and resources to provide you with their certified translations.

We would be glad to provide you with a free and no-obligation quote for your certified French translation project.

We Translate Your Diploma Into French

If you completed your studies in the States or Canada and you intend to move to France or to other French-speaking regions, where you need to present the French version of your education documents, you need to have your diploma or other school certificates translated into French. Teck Language Solutions is your expert partner if you value fast deliveries, high-quality work, and competitive pricing. Our translation company serves fresh graduates and alumni with diploma translations into French. French authorities and universities officially accept our certified French translations. As a result, we can support you with the necessary paperwork if you intend to continue your studies at a French university or if you need to prove your education for visa processing. One important feature of our services is the graphic work we invest into your diploma translation. We find it very important to present you with graphically attractive work regarding your job application documents. Hence, we always make extra efforts to rebuild the optical appearance of your original diplomas and school certificates as close as technically possible. If you are looking for a French translation provider that translates your diplomas and school certificates into French, look no further than Teck Language Solutions.

Translating Birth Certificates and Other Documents of Civil Status Into French

If you are a French citizen living in the U.S., there might be situations in your everyday life when you need to have birth certificates or other personal documents translated from French to English. A certified French translation is necessary whenever the translation is required for official purposes. Our translation company is there for you when you need certificates and other vital records to be translated between French and English. The translations we issue will be officially accepted by several state authorities, incl—the USCIS. Whenever we are dealing with personal documents, we always make sure that the relevant statutory regulations regarding data protection and privacy are adhered to. Our translation company is your reliable source whenever personal records need to be translated with a certification from French.

Medical French Translations Are Also Available

There are many situations in cross-country communication when medical content needs to be translated between English and French. We translate manuals of medical devices with the highest precision between French and English. We dealt with handbooks and user guides of hospital beds, face masks, syringes, scalpels, protective equipment, clothing, and more, in the recent past. Often, we translate release reports and similar documents. These must be translated when a patient was treated abroad, and they continue the treatment in the States.

The French translation of certificates and diplomas of healthcare professionals is also available whenever education documents must be translated with certification valid for professional approval processes.

Whatever your specific needs are in French medical translations, you can rest assured that you have chosen a genuinely professional provider. We will translate any medical data or content with great accuracy between French and English.

Know Your Target Market: About the French Language

There can be many situations in everyday business life when professional French language translations might be necessary. Sometimes the reason is to optimize communication with a new market, for instance, if your company is exporting products or services to French-speaking regions. In some other cases, it is a statutory obligation to provide your products with a French description, such as when you sell technology to France or Wallonia in Belgium, where the official language is French. In these cases, you must provide all machinery under the EU's machinery directive scope with a manual in the official language of the target market, and you will need professional French translation services.

In the project preparation phase, we must clarify several aspects of your goals with the French translation. One important aspect is the provision of your target market. While the French language in its written form is highly standardized, there are slightly different versions spoken in France, in Belgium, in Québec, or North Africa. Also, cultural differences must be considered, especially when dealing with marketing or sales content. The different versions of the language use different, often playful phrases that might not be understood universally by all French speakers in the given region. These and similar features of the language and regional differences must always be taken into consideration when providing French translation services.

Creating a French version of your business materials is also a highly profitable investment as you can cover a 76 million native speaker market and address further ca. 270 million people speak French as a second language.

Technically speaking, French translations are relatively simple to integrate into layouts that have been created based on your English texts, as the language belongs to the Indo-European branch of the languages, thereby is somewhat closely related to English and uses similar linguistic elements.

Many technical, stylistic, and cultural aspects need to be regarded when creating professional French translations. Use the experience and expertise of the professional French translators at Teck Language Solutions, and you can rest assured that your documents are in good hands. Contact us today for further information.

Where Can I Find A French Translator in the US?

If you are looking for a reliable source of French translation services, do not hesitate to contact us. For companies and individuals from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Columbus, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Seattle, Denver, Washington, Boston, El Paso, Detroit, Nashville, Memphis, Portland, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Louisville, Baltimore, Miami, Albuquerque, and from other regions, we offer reliable French translation services. Contact us for a free quote today and experience streamlined processes, on-time deliveries, and authentic French texts. You will be impressed with our services!

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