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Professional Greek translation services for business and private clients

Are you looking for a provider of Greek translation services? If fast deliveries, competitive prices, and top-notch quality are important factors for you, then choose us for your Greek translation project. Partnering with us means that you are placing your project into competent hands. You can rest assured that only expert native translators are handling your project. Several quality-assurance steps are in place to ensure flawless quality. We always hand-pick expert Greek translators with niche-relevant experience for every project. Try out our services and experience the difference with Teck Language Solutions. Your clients, partners, and customers in Greece will thank you for providing them with correct and comprehensible texts. This will create more trust and, therefore, more revenue. Contact us for a free quote today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Need fast and reliable Greek translation services?

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We Provide You with High-quality Greek Translations

If you do business with Greek partners, companies, or organizations, sooner or later, you’ll need professional Greek translations. Finding a professional Greek translator can be a difficult task, and even if you find one, their availability can be another challenge. To eliminate these difficulties and open the door to your business success, our Greek translators are at your service. High availability, professional work, several quality-assurance steps, fast delivery, and non-bureaucratic ordering processes . . . these are only a few of the advantages our translation agency offers.

The first and most important aspect of quality assurance—that is, getting your Greek translation job done right—is to choose the right expert for your project. Since we have access to numerous Greek translation professionals, we can hire the person whose skills and availability best match your topic and deadline. Your translation will be edited and checked using so-called CAT tools, which ensure the consistent use of terminology, make completeness checks easier, and hasten the workflow for your translation. Our desktop publishing expertise saves you costs and time, too. We work directly with most file types—including MS Office, InDesign, Illustrator, even AutoCAD—so you won’t need to reflow or cut and paste any translated text into your documents. After your translation is finished, our office checks it for quality in a variety of ways. Only after we’re sure it’s perfect will the final version of your Greek translation be delivered to you. All this keeps deadlines and project flows short.

Whether you need Greek translations for marketing, technical, medical, or legal purposes, our translation agency is your partner of choice. If you have any further questions regarding your Greek translation project, feel free to contact us and ask for a fast and free quote.

Translating legal documents into/from Greek

Conducting business in Greece or with Greek partners more often than not requires the translation of legal documents into Greek. Whether it is a sales contract, a rental contract, a service agreement, or just the general terms of your website, you need a strong partner at your side that can provide you with flawless Greek legal translations. If you choose us for your project, we guarantee that your legal texts will be translated into or from Greek accurately and will be delivered on time. We ensure punctual delivery through organizational and technical steps. Keeping the deadlines in the case of Greek legal translations is extremely important if you are dealing with court documents. These types of documents often include a decision relevant for you and give you a certain time to react. A late delivery could have catastrophic consequences. That is why you need a Greek translation services provider with high availability and wide resources on legal Greek translators. These parameters give us the possibility never to queue projects but to begin right away after your confirmation.

As we only work with legal Greek translators when we are translating contracts, agreements, and court documents into Greek, it is ensured that the legal terminology is correctly used. These legal Greek translators have years of experience in the relevant field and, as a matter of course, they translate only into their native language. It is ensured that not only the terminology is correct but also the use of language, in terms of grammar and style.

Turn to us with confidence if you need legal papers to be translated into or from Greek.

We translate contracts into Greek

For international operations it is of paramount importance that contracting parties clearly understand the legal backgrounds of the cooperation. If you conduct business with Greek partners and clients, you need Teck Language Solutions at your side to support you with the translation of legal documents, especially contracts, and agreements, into or from Greek. With our accurate and expert legal Greek translation service you will massively reduce legal misunderstandings with your foreign cooperation partners, as they will be able to read about your terms in their own native language.

Need court documents to be translated from Greek?

For the translation of court documents, such as judgments, verdicts, filings, orders, correspondence documents or other legal papers from Greek to English, or vice versa, our translation company is your reliable partner. With us, Greek legal translators are at your disposal with their in-depth knowledge of both Greek and US law, thereby ensuring that your translations are not only linguistically correct but also in terms of legal content. Through our wide-ranging quality assurance steps we can guarantee your satisfaction when it comes to translating Greek court documents into English.

Translating legal corporate documents in Greek-English

You don't have to be a huge, multinational corporation to conduct business in Greece. Many small(er) family companies have established connections in this South-eastern European country, providing business services, or importing products, such as petroleum oils, medication mixes, aluminum plates, computers, olive oil, or fish, just to mention the top five products which Greece exports. If your company belongs to those corporations that have interests in the Greek market, you surely need a reliable translation provider at your side to take care of legal translations into or from Greek. Whether it is company formations, partnership or other legal documents, you can rest assured that you will get top-notch service from Teck Language Solutions.

Translating manuals and technical documentation into Greek

If you sell technology to Greece, one important aspect of your sales tasks is to provide your devices or machines with technical Greek translations. This is not only important to comply with local regulations but it’s also a very important factor in enhancing work and machine safety. Only native technical Greek translators can do the job properly, so we make sure that only professionals with years of relevant experience are working on your project. Whether you are in automotive, aviation, medicine technology, agriculture, engineering, electronics, mining, or other technical fields, whether you produce complex machinery for the industry or small devices for household use, we make sure that your manuals say exactly the same in Greek as they do in English, and that the terminology is used correctly and consistently. We translate your manuals, handbooks, operation manuals, maintenance manuals, data sheets, work instructions, risk assessments, and technical drawings into or from Greek.

In the technical fields, we make use of the advantages of our CAT tools. The bottom line of this process is that we are able to provide you with massive discounts for repetitive texts, even if your technical Greek translation project is fragmented over a longer period of time. In the case of technical Greek translations, discretion and confidentiality are extremely important to us. We take technical and organizational steps in order to protect your technical data. Contact us with confidence if you need technical Greek translation services!

Translating your manuals into Greek

Technology exports and imports play a central role in the economy of Greece. The oil and aluminum industry dominate the market, but other sectors, such as computers, copper tubes, and food processing industries are also strongly present. No matter in what field your company is operating in the Greek market, there are always manuals, such as operating instructions, maintenance manuals and handbooks, to be translated between Greek and English. The technical translators for the Greek language at Teck Language Solutions will make sure that the operating personnel will fully understand, and thereby be able to follow, your instructions. Contact us if you need your technical manuals to be translated into Greek.

We translate safety documentation into Greek

One of the most important aspects of selling technology to Greece is site and user safety, as well as the protection of the environment. To make sure that the Greek personnel comply with your safety instructions, our professional Greek translators will take care of the reliable translation of safety-related documentation, such as safety instructions, risk analyses, safety data sheets, risk assessments, and many more. The result of our services: enhanced site safety, reduced number of incidents and, last but not least, compliance with EU regulations, according to which you have to provide technical documentation with your machine, in the official language of your target market. Contact Teck Language Solutions if your safety-related documentation needs to be translated into Greek.

Greek software translation

More often than not, a user interface is an integral part of large machinery. To ensure that the operating personnel in Greece understand the messages on the GUI and thereby will handle your product according to its intended use, Teck Language Solutions provides clients nationwide and globally with translation services for your user software. One of our main strengths is the ability to create the ideal balance between abbreviated texts, as you often have only limited space for the messages and instructions on the screen, and comprehensibility. In the end, the reason you have your software texts translated is to help the Greek staff with the correct handling of your software. And this is exactly what our expert Greek translators will help you with! Contact us today for a free quote.

Certified Greek Translations

Our translation company serves clients who spent a part of their life in Greece with certified Greek translation services, as accepted by US authorities. In the field of certified Greek translations, professionalism, fast turnarounds, accuracy, and competitive prices also feature in our services. We make sure that your translations, which you probably intend to use for professional or official reasons, are not only linguistically correct, but also aesthetically impressive. Whether it is a diploma or a certificate which you intend to use for a job application, or a birth certificate, a certificate of good conduct or any other personal document that you need to be translated from Greek for a visa application, your documents are in competent hands with us. You can also rest assured that, when dealing with your personal data, we comply with all applicable US laws concerning data protection and confidentiality. Contact us today for a fast and free quote if you need your documents to be translated from Greek to English.

Certified Greek birth certificate translations

A certified Greek birth certificate translation service is necessary if you were born in Greece or Cyprus and you intend to apply for a US visa or Green Card. If you are looking for a fast and reliable service, turn to Teck Language Solutions. Our Greek translators will take care of your project. We work together with several law offices and private individuals in this field nationwide and internationally, who are all contented with our services. We would be glad to take care of your project, too. Contact us with confidence.

We translate Greek school documents

If, for any reasons, your school documents, such as diplomas, certificates, or transcript of records need to be translated from Greek to English, Teck Language Solutions is the address to turn to. Our Greek translators know exactly how to handle not only the linguistic differences but also the differences in the school systems. With our professional Greek translations you will be able to apply for jobs or for universities in the US and in further English-speaking countries. Contact us today!

Certified Greek translations for a range of further subject fields

We serve US-based and international clients with certified Greek translations. Whether it is court or corporate documents, papers from a notary public, school documents or personal documents, you surely want to know that these papers, containing sensitive information, are in good hands. At Teck Language Solutions, we not only make sure that only the best of the best deal with your project, but also that your data is handled with the highest level of confidentiality. Our translation company has ideal solutions for US clients, whenever they need a certified translation into or from Greek. We look forward to hearing from you.

Impress the Greek market with Greek marketing translations

Conquering the Greek market with your products and services requires, first of all, one thing: correct Greek marketing translations. If you want to persuade your prospective clients in Greece, don't rely on low-quality services or, even worse, automatically-created machine translations. If we are talking about marketing translations in general, we have to look at the language as a piece of art. With marketing translations, your goal is to touch the reader emotionally and incite him/her to buy your product or services. No translation software will do this job properly for you. What you need is 100% human-made Greek translations, made by native experts. And this is exactly what our translation company provides you with. The Greek marketing translators at our company will not only make sure that your sales texts are linguistically correct and complete but also that the playful language usage and idioms are correctly translated into Greek. Also, we will help you avoid cultural or linguistic faux pas. This whole process is called transcreation, and is a creative process where your text is not only translated into Greek, but also is adapted to the Greek culture.

If you want to achieve Greek marketing texts that have a strong impact on the Greek market, turn to us and order your Greek marketing translations today. We look forward to your inquiries.

Translating brochures and flyers into Greek

A vintage-style way of addressing audiences is by flyers, brochures, and catalogues. This kind of marketing needs bigger investments in order to cover the costs of printing and distributing your materials. Surely you want to ensure that the Greek texts on these valuable printouts are impeccable. And this is exactly what you get from our Greek marketing translation professionals, namely, impeccable, linguistically and culturally appropriate, engaging Greek commercial texts.

We translate your website into Greek

To generate more sales in Greece and Cyprus, you need a Greek version of your company website. Choose Teck Language Solutions to make sure that your content addresses your prospective and existing clients effectively in these fascinating markets, which are full of traditions, and therefore also full of linguistic nuances that all need to be taken into consideration when creating Greek marketing texts. By using our services you ensure that your Greek website is not only linguistically but also culturally correct and proper.

Need newsletters & press releases to be translated into Greek

One of the most powerful ways to keep in touch with your customers in Greek-speaking markets is by means of newsletters and press releases. To ensure that your newsletter content incites potential buyers to purchase your services or products, Teck Language Solutions is here to help you with the creation of engaging Greek marketing texts.

Where can I find a Greek translator in the U.S.?

Whether you are in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Columbus, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Seattle, Denver, Washington, Boston, El Paso, Detroit, Nashville, Memphis, Portland, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Louisville, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Albuquerque, Sacramento, Kansas City, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Hialeah, Tallahassee, Cape Coral, or elsewhere in the States or even abroad, your Greek translation project is in good hands with us. Our Greek translators deliver to you reliable work, fast and at competitive rates. Contact us for a free quote today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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