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We Provide You With Hungarian Translation Services

If you conduct business in Hungary, communication must work flawlessly on all levels. Our translation company eliminates the language barrier using professional Hungarian translations.

Do you have business interests in Hungary? Are you planning to promote your products and services in Hungary, or have you already made successful sales there and need professional translations into or from Hungarian? Are you looking for Hungarian translation services? Then you need Teck Language Solutions. Why? Our translation professionals translate your documents into or from Hungarian quickly and accurately. We provide:

  • Native-level Hungarian translations
  • Hungarian translations that are proofread for correctness and completeness
  • Hungarian translations are performed by dedicated professionals who speak the target language and possess wide-ranging expertise in your specific field (e.g., marketing, technical, or law).

Our translation company is equipped with the software needed for your Hungarian translations. Whether it’s MS Office, an Adobe program, QuarkXpress, or even AutoCAD, we have the assets and the knowledge to edit in these file formats and provide you with seamlessly translated, ready-to-use documents. Our translation agency provides you with professional Hungarian translations nationwide. Contact us for a free quote today!

Contact us for a free quote if you need fast and reliable Hungarian translation services

The Hungarian Market in the 21st Century

Since the fall of Communism, the Hungarian economy went through radical changes and is today a popular target for investors worldwide. Its strategically advantageous geographic position makes it an ideal investment target for companies striving for global success. Hungary is also a member state of the European Union which converts to a safe and stable economic and political system. Several multinational companies have discovered the benefits of the Hungarian market and renowned brands opened branch offices and subsidiaries in this county at the eastern border of the EU. But the Hungarian language and culture can be a hard obstacle in efficient and fast business communication. The goal of our Hungarian translation services is to eliminate these barriers to the way of your global success.

Turn to Us if You Are Looking For Experts

Years of business experience with participants of the Hungarian market and countless projects that we took part in making us an ideal choice if you are looking for expert translators for the Hungarian language. If you think providing Hungarian translation services is a mere linguistic task, you are wrong. Several other aspects of international and intercultural communication have to be considered, and one has to cope with technical challenges and unexpected situations. Our translation company is well-prepared to provide your valued business with the high-quality Hungarian translations you and your customers and partners in Hungary deserve. The main goal is, in the end, to make communication fast and effective, to avoid misunderstandings in international business, and to make your messages and contents available for a whole new market. This is exactly what Teck Language Solutions provides its customers nationwide and globally.

We Provide You With Benefits Also in the Technical Front Line

As mentioned before, professional translation services are always complex tasks. Just knowing the language is by far not sufficient to provide expert services in our branch. It is always about the content and its technical context. We at Teck Language Solutions provide full-service Hungarian translations. This means special file formats, special technical requests, or other individual requirements must always be integrated into the projects. We regularly work with industry-specific file formats, often within the platform of our clients, with tight deadlines, or with projects that require special organization skills. We keep track of the latest developments in the areas of DTP, web design,  CAT tools, and other translation applications in order for us to be able to provide high-quality and up-to-date services to our customers. With Teck Language Solutions, you can rest assured that only experts are working on your project who value customer-focused, individual solutions.

Guaranteed High-Level Hungarian Translations

We work together with in-house Hungarian translators and several freelance Hungarian translators we trust and have been hiring for many years. By working with Teck Language Solutions, you will have access to the expertise and experience of these professionals. Since all texts are proofread before delivery, you can expect a legally and technically flawless Hungarian translation at the end of the process. Internal terminology databases support our quality management to ensure terms are used correctly, regardless of whether the translation is from English to Hungarian or vice versa.

The topics of our past Hungarian translation projects include, but are not limited to, texts for the automobile, food, textile, and clothing industries, graphic design firms, law firms, and practically everything in between. Our expertise, technical assets, and the professional knowledge of our Hungarian translators enable us to deliver Hungarian translations we know you’ll be happy with.

Why Purchase Hungarian Translations From Us?

Your competitive advantage includes:

Rapid response times

Normally, we provide a quote for translation projects within a few hours, but never later than 24 hours during the working week.

Fast delivery

In all projects, we strive for the highest possible quality. Our translators work for us—and you—full-time, so our turnaround time may be up to three times faster than what agencies working with part-time translators can offer.

Wide range of file formats

We work with virtually every file type used in everyday business life: MS Office formats, but also InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, and even AutoCAD. Our ability to work directly in your original file format saves you work, time, and, most importantly, money!

No extra charge...

for express or overnight projects. If your text can be translated quickly, you will get express delivery at no extra charge.

No red tape when ordering

No one wants to read through 20 pages of general terms to place an order. We keep our purchasing processes fast by stating our general terms concisely and in plain English. You won’t have to call your attorney if you want to work with us.

Certifications are also possible

Suppose you need your Hungarian translations to be certified for official use, no problem. Certified Hungarian translations of birth certificates, marriage certificates, court documents, and several more can be found at Teck Language Solutions.

If you need professional Hungarian translation combined with any common language, contact us via the channel that suits you best (e-mail, contact form on this website, or by phone) and get a fast quote for your Hungarian translation project. You will be satisfied with the work of our professional Hungarian translators.

In the following paragraphs, we would like to give you some insight into the various segments of our Hungarian translation services.

Technical Hungarian Translations

for manuals and handbooks

If you sell technology to the Hungarian market, you are legally required to provide Hungarian translations of your operating instructions and manuals. This ensures that the operating personnel fully understand your instructions and safely handle the machine, thereby avoiding personal injuries and damage to material or the environment.

Our translation agency is your expert partner for Hungarian technical translations and ensures that your manuals are clear and easy to understand for Hungarian native speakers. We have wide-ranging know-how and experience with technical texts, particularly in the automotive industry sector. This sector of the industry is strongly represented on the Hungarian market, thanks to automotive giants who, over recent years, have opened several sites in this Eastern EU country.

However, whether your company is active in other areas or producing and selling smaller devices or more complex technology, we have optimal solutions for your translation project. Operating manuals, technical handbooks, service manuals, datasheets, maintenance manuals, risk assessments, and technical drawings are all part of our everyday work. You can rest assured that we will approach your Hungarian translation project with precision and care and deliver results that you will be satisfied with.

We also ensure that your translation will meet the criteria of the relevant European standards and that references to any directives are correctly translated. The operating personnel in Hungary will thank you for choosing us for your Hungarian translation project.

We Translate Operating Manuals Into Hungarian

Selling technology to Hungary can be challenging, as your company will have to fulfill several legal requirements. One of these is providing technical documentation in Hungarian. If you are looking for a truly professional provider who can translate your manuals and handbooks into Hungarian, then look no further than Teck Language Solutions.

Translating Safety Related Documentation Into Hungarian

To go the extra mile regarding site safety, have your safety documentation translated by our expert Hungarian translators. With our technical Hungarian translation services, you will make sure that the operating personnel will fully understand your instructions. Whether it is a risk analysis, safety instructions, or more, we have streamlined solutions to offer our clients the best price-value ratio.

Need a GUI Translated Into Hungarian?

One of the most common tasks we conduct in technical Hungarian translations is the translation of graphical user interfaces. These jobs are highly specialized, as linguistic aspects play a role, but we often have to consider limited display spaces. An ideal balance between readability and confined character numbers has to be found. Contact us if you need your operating software to be translated for Hungarian operators.

Translating Brochures, Flyers, and Presentations Into Hungarian

If you plan to market your products and services in Hungary, our translation agency will assist you in creating persuasive and impactful content in Hungarian. Marketing translations generally involve far more than just a translation task. They are often referred to as "transcreation," which indicates that, in this area, a good portion of creative thinking and in-depth knowledge of the language is required.

We hire Hungarian translators for your marketing project who are native speakers of the language and know and understand the culture and subculture you are planning to target. When doing Hungarian marketing translations, our priority is to retain your tonality and style in the Hungarian translation, as well as the message you intend to send to prospective clients. The language use is more flexible than in the case of technical or legal translations. When doing Hungarian marketing translations, the priority is to achieve a really authentic Hungarian feel. In other words, the reader should not have the slightest suspicion that your Hungarian texts were translated from another language. This requires significant localization work. Slogans, proverbs, cultural references, even jokes in your marketing text have to be checked for their compatibility with the Hungarian language. We suggest alternatives if your phrase, slogan, etc., is not translatable into Hungarian, is a faux pas, or would only create a lack of understanding.

According to their expectations, we also make sure that your Hungarian marketing translation addresses the targeted audiences naturally and correctly. Correct tonality, correct politeness forms, and confident style will be used. Your marketing texts will not only be translated but "culturally decoded" for your foreign audiences. This will ensure optimum results for you.

One further benefit is that we can work with the most popular software in the marketing field. If you have a brochure you created with Adobe or Microsoft programs, you can be confident that we have the solutions to work directly with these files. This will, of course, save you time and money.

Contact us if you need translations of your brochures, presentations, catalogs, newsletters, websites, flyers, company magazines, video scripts, or other marketing materials into Hungarian.

We Translate Your Presentations Into Hungarian

Do you have a great presentation about your products and services you would like to share with Hungarian audiences? If it is important to you that your marketing materials are natural-sounding, persuasive, and engaging in their Hungarian version, our translation company, with offices in the US, is just the right partner for you. Contact us today for further information.

Translating Your Catalogues Into Hungarian

If your company uses catalogs, brochures, or magazines for product and service presentations, you might need a resourceful partner that can take care of the Hungarian translation of these documents. Our Hungarian translators will ensure that your marketing materials will be easy and fun to read in the Hungarian language; thereby, your texts will fulfill their intended goals. We stay at your disposal if you need your company flyers and brochures to be translated into Hungarian.

Need a Hungarian Translator for Newsletters?

No matter how you inform the Hungarian market about your product news–whether you prefer newsletters, PR articles, blogging, or company magazines, we have solutions for you to translate all kinds of marketing materials professionally into Hungarian. One key advantage of our services is that we can directly work with file types common in the marketing field. With our Hungarian translations, the Hungarian market is always up to date on your company news.

Translating Contracts & Legal Documents Into/From Hungarian

When doing business with companies or private individuals in a foreign country, it is of paramount importance that you understand the contents of every contract you sign. To help you with this, our translation agency translates contracts, agreements, and other legal documents into or from Hungarian for you.

Whether it is buying property, founding businesses, establishing business cooperation, making investments, employing people in or from Hungary, opening production sites, or issues relating to inheritance, we can provide an accurate translation into English or Hungarian.

Our Hungarian legal translations are accurate in terms of the choice of words and completeness of your texts. Only Hungarian translators with legal experience will work with these kinds of texts. Competent proofreaders will ensure that your legal translation is complete and correct.

We provide Hungarian legal translations to several law firms, investors, and companies that do business in Hungary and several other agencies that employ Hungarian athletes, artists, and the like. An understanding of the legal contents is in the interest of both contracting parties, and we, therefore, take our responsibilities as Hungarian legal translators very seriously.

Contact us with confidence if you need legal Hungarian translations. We look forward to your inquiries.

Need a Contract to Be Translated Into or From Hungarian?

When doing business with clients, partners, and suppliers from Hungary, professional legal document translation services are essential to eliminate legal misunderstandings which could stand in the way of successful cooperation. We translate all kinds of contracts for you, including purchase contracts, employment contracts, and more.

Translating Court Documents From Hungarian

You might find yourself in a situation where you need court documents, such as divorce decrees, documents related to inheritance, child custody, or other topics, to be translated into or out of Hungarian. If so, and if you are looking for a fast and effective translation provider, who can also provide you with certification, you are at the right address. Contact us for a free quote.

We Translate Corporate Documents Into&From Hungarian

If your business activities in Hungary have progressed to the stage where you are founding a company, our professional Hungarian translators will help you translate corporate documents, such as Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, minutes, contracts, and more. With our services, you will always be informed about the administrative processes of your business operations in Hungary. Contact us; we are glad to help you.

Certified Hungarian Translations

Immigration from Hungary to English-speaking countries is not a new phenomenon and can be traced back to the mid-nineteenth century. In those times, known as Pax Britannica, London was a popular destination for the Hungarian aristocracy. By contrast, in the second half of the century, active participants of the failed freedom fights against the Habsburgs sought refuge in the United States. The Second World War and the 1956 revolution against the Soviets also released new waves of immigration.

Nowadays, as traveling has become affordable and fast, Hungarians are discovering the world and are driven by a wide range of different motives.

Whether you, as a Hungarian citizen, are abroad for private or business reasons, you may, at some point, need certified Hungarian translations. Turn to us with confidence if you need your personal documents, like birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, degrees, certificates, affidavits, or even court decisions to be translated into Hungarian.

Fast deliveries, competitive prices, professionalism, and confidentiality are some of our certified Hungarian translation service features.

Hungarian Birth Certificate Translation Services

You might need the certified translation of your Hungarian birth certificate for several reasons. If fast and reliable services and transparent, competitive prices are important to you, choose us for your translation needs. Our expert Hungarian translators will take care of translating your birth certificate. USCIS acceptance is guaranteed!

We Translate Marriage Documents From Hungarian

For certified translations of marriage documents from Hungarian to English, Teck Language Solution is your reliable source. We translate for you marriage certificates, divorce decrees, and all other marriage-related documents hassle-free and quickly. Through our optimized processes, we can provide you with extremely advantageous rates. Contact us for more information.

Hungarian Translation for Immigration Documents

Immigration is obviously the most common reason why you might need your Hungarian personal documents to be translated with certification into English. The visa process is a very exhausting one, costing you a lot of time and effort. We don't want to cause you extra trouble with your certified Hungarian translations. That is why our quoting and ordering processes are fast, without red tape, and our prices are transparent and client-friendly. We look forward to your inquiries!

Your East Coast Hungarian Translators

If your company operates on the East Coast, you are surely looking for a translation partner in your geographic vicinity to ensure fast and uncomplicated communication. One of the main advantages our translation company, a specialist in the Hungarian language, can offer to you is being in the same time zone as you are.

Translators Miami

Hungarian Translators in Miami

Our company has its seat in Miami, thereby offering local companies a range of advantages. If you have business operations in Hungary, you can expect fast and reliable service from our native translators. At the same time, Miami is a popular target of Hungarian private individuals and businesses when they move to or are beginning business activities in the United States. The communication between Miami-based companies and the Hungarian market has never been easier. Use our services to eliminate the language barrier and communicate quickly with partners, clients, and suppliers from Hungary.

Need Hungarian Translations in Cleveland?

Did you know that the biggest Hungarian community within the United States is in Cleveland? There is no other place that needs reliable Hungarian translation services than the Cleveland region. We can provide you with a range of services related to the communication between the US and Hungary. We translate technical documentation, legal papers, website contents, or even personal papers between Hungarian and English. If your company is based in Cleveland, there is a chance that you will come across situations when you will be, or are already, in need of Hungarian translation services. In this case, contact us, and we will immediately send you a free quote for your project.

Our Hungarian Translation Services for Atlanta Businesses

The city of Atlanta and the surrounding regions are home to several globally active companies with subsidiaries or further critical operations in Hungary. Why do they choose the Hungarian market as the entry place for accessing the common market of the EU? Hungary is a significant investment hub for many international corporations. Budapest, for example, is a stronghold for Shared Service Centers. Multinational companies outsource essential tasks to their teams in Budapest. To profit from the advantages offered by the Hungarian market presence, communication cannot be slowed down by understanding difficulties. To maintain fast contact with your Hungarian team, use our services!

Looking For a Hungarian Translator in New York City?

It is safe to say that New York City, the most populous city in the US, prides itself on having inhabitants from every country of the world. Hungarian citizens can also be found here in great numbers. If you live in New York City and have private or business interests in American-Hungarian relations, our translation services are just the right choice for you. We can find a solution to almost every communication challenge you might encounter when dealing with Hungarian private, business, or state entities through our tailored and scalable Hungarian translation services. Contact us if you need business documents to be translated between Hungarian and English.

We Provide Hungarian Translations for Businesses in Washington, D.C

Who would need Hungarian translation services more than the private and business entities settled around the political center of the United States? The internationally vivid day-to-day life of the capital requires fast and reliable Hungarian translation services. And this is exactly what our clients can expect from us. We have experience with all the challenges posed by rapid business processes when international communication is part of everyday life. Our streamlined processes are ideal for those who need fast but accurate service at optimum rates. We will make sure that you will receive an excellent price-value ratio and that the linguistic barriers between your corporation and the Hungarian market will belong to the past.

Chicago Translator

Your Hungarian Translators in Chicago

If you are in Chicago and you are not just looking for the Hungarian translation of that specific line from the musical, but you need genuinely professional Hungarian translation services to communicate with clients and partners from Hungary then Teck Language Solutions is the address to go to. Our native and experienced translators for the Hungarian language will make sure that your technical data is translated correctly into Hungarian, that your legal materials say exactly the same in Hungarian as they do in English, and that your marketing materials are just as persuasive and engaging as they are in the original language. The readers won't notice that what they are holding in their hands, is in fact a translation because we will deliver naturally sounding, native-level Hungarian translations.

Translations Into or From Hungarian

No matter what your company profile is or where you reside, whether you are in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Denver, Washington, Boston, El Paso, Detroit, Nashville, Miami, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, Hialeah, Port St. Lucie, Cape Coral, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Columbus, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Seattle, or in other states and regions, we are your number one provider for Hungarian translations. Turn to us with confidence. We provide professional translation services to companies, private individuals, government bodies, and other institutions nationally and worldwide.

Contact us and ask for a free and non-binding quote for your translation project. We are happy to assist.

Basic Characteristics of the Hungarian Language for Your Translation Project

Hungarian is a Ural-Altaic language, belonging to the Finno-Ugric family. This feature means that this Eastern language differs in its basic characteristics significantly from most Western languages you know. This plays an important role when completing marketing translations and affects some important linguistic decisions in technical and legal texts.

The fact, for instance, that (1) Hungarian does not use prepositions but uses suffixes, and that (2) verbs are conjugated in a more complex way than you are used to in Indo-European languages, means that on average, Hungarian words are longer than, for example, English words. This can be a challenge when editing complex graphic content, where space is limited. Slogans can also be affected by this phenomenon.

Hungarian uses special accents with some characters not known in any other languages. Make sure you are using the right fonts when editing Hungarian content with your graphic software.

Hungarian has three different forms of politeness. One informal (te) and two formal ways (Ön, maga) exist when addressing your potential clients. Only an expert Hungarian translator with native knowledge can localize your English texts correctly into Hungarian if your texts are to achieve their intended goals in this fascinating Eastern country.

Contact us with confidence if you need professional Hungarian translations. We look forward to your inquiries.

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