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If your business plans involve trading with Latvia, the success of your strategy will depend on communication. Whether you are planning to buy or sell goods in Latvia, or establish an office or manufacturing plant, having someone on your team who can translate Latvian texts will ease the process.

In 2014, Latvia exported over $400 million worth of goods. Originally attractive as a manufacturing base for low value items, Latvia is increasingly exporting high-value, tech products. As the economy flourished thanks to the influx of money these exports generated, this Baltic nation developed an appetite for Western products. As a result the country imported US goods to a value of more than $250 million.

Although many businesses in Latvia will have English speakers available, trade relations can be made easier if you have a Latvian-speaker on your team.

Need Latvian translations?

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Finding a Native Latvian Translator

At Teck Language Solutions we can provide translations between English and Latvian as and when you need them. In fact we can work with numerous language pairs, thanks to our team of highly skilled and experienced translation professionals.

The translator assigned to your project will be fluent in Latvian to a native level and will be qualified to at least college degree standard (or equivalent). Our translators have access to terminology banks to ensure consistent use of industry-specific vocabulary, and Computer Assisted Translation software - a tool which enhances the speed and quality of their translations.

Whether your translation project involves technical documents, or medical records, marketing material or legal transcripts, Teck Language Solutions can deliver. And we will deliver quickly. We understand that businesses need to respond rapidly to succeed, and our swift project turnaround times help our clients do just that.

Get started with your translation project by contacting Teck Language Solutions today, to arrange a quick, no-obligation quote.

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