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Trading with a Slovenian enterprise? Keep communications clear and quick with the help of Teck Language Solutions. We provide a fast, accurate translation service for dozens of language pairs including English and Slovenian.

As with most of the EU Member States, the Slovenian government has invested a good deal of time and money to attract the interest of overseas businesses. Its geographical location in the heart of the EU with good transport links to its neighboring countries makes the country particularly attractive to businesses wishing to expand into Europe.

While Slovenia offers a range of business opportunities for overseas companies, it also presents a linguistic challenge. Slovenian is the national language, but Italian and Hungarian are also commonly spoken in large areas of the country. To ensure the success of your international operation, you need to team up with a translation service you can trust.

We ensure premium quality professional translations in three ways:

Firstly, we work only with skilled, qualified translators. Everyone on the team has at least a college degree level qualification (or equivalent) and is fluent in the target language to a native-speaking standard.

Secondly, our team have access to industry-approved tools. Our Computer Aided Translation tools support the editing of all commonly used document types. We also have banks of industry-specific terminology to ensure the consistent use of technical vocabulary across your translations.

And finally, before your translation is delivered to you, it must first pass through our quality assurance process.

These measures combined enable us to deliver accurately translated documents with rapid turnaround times, at competitive prices.

Whatever industry you work in, Teck Language Solutions can pair a translator to your project. We are experienced in handling marketing, medical, legal and technical documents.

To get a no obligation quote, or discuss your future translation requirements, contact Teck Language Solutions today.

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