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Expanding overseas will open new supplier chains, markets to sell to, and cheaper manufacturing bases. Often the biggest challenge business owners face is communication difficulties. We can help your business thrive with the help of our reliable professional Ukrainian translation service.

In Ukraine the national language is Ukrainian, although Russian is also widely spoken. Happily, we can help you with both.

Ukraine: An Export Nation

The nation’s growing economy is heavily dependent upon exports. The main industries are related to metal, energy or agriculture, with particular emphasis on oil, ferrous metals and ferrous metal related products. As a result the country offers a growing market opportunity for companies wishing to sell the machinery and equipment that support these industries.

Many Ukrainians speak English as a second language, so day-to-day conversations with your trading partners may be conducted in English. However, often legal or technical documents will be in Ukrainian and need translating into English. If you are planning to sell to the Ukrainian market, it is vital you speak their language, presenting marketing and sales material in Ukrainian.

By partnering with Teck Language Solutions, you can ensure rapid and accurate translation of texts between English and Ukrainian as and when you need it.

Reliability, accuracy and speed are at the heart of what we do. Our highly skilled translators have completed qualifications to at least college degree level, and are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of texts including legal, medical, marketing and technical documents.

Translators work only with languages that they are fluent in and able to speak to a native standard.

We've invested in Computer Aided Translation tools to assist our translators, helping them quickly and precisely translate your texts with the correct industry-specific vocabulary, and enabling them to edit all the most commonly used file formats.

To find out how Teck Language Solutions can help your business grow overseas, contact us today. We can discuss longer-term project requirements, or provide a quick, no-obligation quote.

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