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About the Turkish Language

Turkish Translations

On the surface, Turkish looks relatively simple. The majority of spellings are phonetic, with one letter per phoneme. Accents are added a number of letters in the alphabet to adjust their pronunciation, however in reality Turkish spelling is complicated by extensive agglutination and vowel harmony. The term 'agglutination' refers to…

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How Sticking To The Rules May Muddle Your Meaning

Mixed Letters

The English language, while a thing of beauty, is also greatly complicated by a web of rules. If English is your second language, you will have spent many hours memorising not just vocabulary and unconventional spelling formats, but also the language’s numerous quirky grammar rules. English as a language is…

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An Independent Language For An Independent Scotland?

Scotland Flag

Scotland votes on independence on September 18th, 2014. While businesses both sides of the border fret about the economic implications of an Independent Scotland, here at Teck Translations, we can see only a blossoming opportunity. If the English can fight hard enough, the Scots may be forced to drop English…

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