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Do you require professional Chinese translations for your business in Miami? Do you have business interests in China and would you like to help your customers based there with their understanding of a product or service description, possibly a manual or instruction booklet? Or perhaps you procure products and services from China and you need professional translations of Chinese instruction manuals?

Our translation agency, with seat in Miami, is your professional partner for Chinese translations in all these and many other areas. Contact us for a free quote for your Chinese translation project. We look forward to hearing from you.

Need Chinese translation services for your Miami business?

Contact us for a free quote

Our translation agency has professional Chinese translators available, who not only have the relevant education and training, but also many years of experience and expertise across different sectors. An interdisciplinary approach towards translation jobs is the our main priority within the translation company because we not only want to ensure that your translations are effective in China or for your target group, but also that the customer is required to carry out as little follow-up work as possible on the translation. This is why we also offer you layouting, DTP, localization and many other services, thus delivering a great deal to you from a single source and saving you time and money in the process.

At our translation company, we ensure the quality of the translation at many levels, from the selection of the Chinese translators, via optimised processes enabling, for example, correct and consistent application of specialist terms, through to proofreading. You can also opt for additional proofreading using the “four eyes principle” (“T-E-P” for the complete package). In this case, the Chinese translation will also comply with the provisions of internationally recognized translation standards.

Apart from the fact that Chinese includes a huge number of dialects and local varieties, a distinction is also made between the two character sets used in the Chinese language. In order to avoid cultural and potentially political misunderstandings, it is important to clarify, when you place the order, whether the translation is for the Chinese mainland (People's Republic of China) or for the Republic of China (Taiwan); in other words, whether the translation should be written with simplified characters or traditional characters.

Please contact our translation agency and we will be happy to discuss issues regarding Chinese translations to ensure you receive an entirely professional translation service at a fair price.

Professional Chinese translation services in Miami by Teck Language Solutions.

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