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Need German translation services in Miami?

Are you looking for an effective partner in the Miami area to take on your translation orders for German? Key features of our translation company include fast service, reliability and affordable pricing. We are the first port of call for translations either into or out of German and serve all Miami-based businesses, regardless of their profile.

Qualified German translators, the language professionals within our translation company, translate your texts in a wide range of areas, from technology, via legal texts through to commercial areas such as marketing or advertising texts.

Please contact us and request a no-obligation quotation for your current translation project.

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German translations for your Miami business

The German language is assuming an ever more significant role economically at both a European and global level. In this linguistic and commercial area, high quality German translations, both accurately prepared and consistent with the original message, i.e. corresponding perfectly to the source text, are essential. A wide range of small to medium sized companies want their products and services to sell well in the German market. Failure here must not be due to a translation.

Our translation company is very committed and motivated to meet this challenge. We guarantee that your materials will be translated into the German language correctly and with linguistic precision. In doing so, we will also meet the delivery time agreed in advance. Punctuality and precision are the essentials for us when processing your translation job, while friendly customer services completes the key benefits we offer.

Translations: We are able to work in many kinds of common file formats in our German translation service. The range we have available consists not only of the usual Office programs. Our German translators have extensive knowledge of the most widely used graphical editing software such as Adobe package products (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) or QuarkXpress. We have the well-known AutoCAD program available for editing technical illustrations and tag editors enable the fast and effective editing of other formats, such as formats within the XML "language family".

A wide range of areas are possible including:

  • Technology
  • Legal/EU/government
  • Commerce
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Energy sector
  • Medical areas

Certified translations: We can provide certified translations for companies individuals. This mainly involves the translation of official documents such as diplomas, certificates and other documents or agreements which you would like to have officially approved, or documents from papers which must be presented before a German court. (Note: Our certifications are valid in Germany and in most cases also in other countries with German as official language. This service is limited only to certified translations for use in Germany.)

Quality management of your German translations

Our quality management system is based on three key pillars.

Native translators

We provide German translations which are only completed by specialist translators who are native speakers. We can therefore ensure the correctness of the text for you both linguistically and in terms of style.


We ensure the uniform, consistent and correct use of specialist terms by means of

  • appropriate research for which we can call on terminology databases developed over many years,
  • and the latest software, known as tag editors which enable simultaneous and fast checking of source and target text, whenever needed and at any point in the text.

Translation memory applications support us in the consistent use of specialist terms.


The finished translation is then finally proofread for completeness, syntax, accuracy and spelling. If required, we can also use the "four eyes principle" as an option.

Besides rigorous organisational measures, the daily backups ensure on time delivery of your translations.

Please contact us and request a quotation for your German translation. Let us demonstrate the quality provided by our Miami-based translation company and our German translators. We are always happy advise at any time! We at Teck Language Solutions are looking forward to hearing from you!

We provide professional German translations for your business in and around Miami.

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