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Our translation company supports law firms nationwide with professional and reliable legal translation services. If you have clients abroad or you take part in international litigations, an expert partner for legal translations by your side is a must. Our mission is to eliminate the linguistic barrier to your global operations. We can assist with professional legal translations in a range of subject areas, such as family law, corporate law, commercial law, real estates, or even penal law. Fast project turnarounds, reliable and conscientious work, and transparent pricing are only some of the basic features of our legal translation services for law firms. Strict confidentiality and discretion are a matter of course for us and we maintain organizational and technical measures to ensure that your documents are safe with us. Find our more about our translation services for law offices on this page or contact us directly for a fast and free quote for your translation project. We look forward to your inquiries.

Need legal translation services?

We serve law firms with professional translations

Is Your Law Office in Need of Translation Services?

In our global world, the activities of law offices do not end at state borders. Working with foreign clients or on international cases means that you will be confronted with not only different legal systems but also with different languages. Our translation company is here to escort you through the maze of different legal and language systems. We will create for your law office impeccable legal translations out of any foreign language materials. Our expert legal translators have years of relevant experience and excellent credentials. We work together with a fix and small team so that we have full control over every step of the translation process in terms of text quality and confidentiality. Our fast and reliable legal translation services make us the ideal choice for law firms in the U.S. and Canada whenever they need legal documents to be translated between English and any foreign language.

Our Translation Services Are the Perfect Choice for Law Firms

Thanks to our years of experience with the cooperation with legal firms in the most versatile subject fields, we have "off-the-shelf" processes to provide our customers with excellent-quality legal translations. This approach converts into streamlined, tested-and-proved processes and, most importantly, customer-friendly rates.

Our services cover many legal areas such as family law, copyright law, patent law, penal law, corporate law, commercial law, and more. We have specialized translators for most language combinations, the most prominent ones being the official languages of the EU, the American continent, and Asia. This means, you can turn to us if you need translations in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and more. More exotic language pairs are also available. The benefit of this is that you can centralize translation processes at our translation company and you don't need a new partner every time a new language combination pops up. Benefit from the wide-range of legal translation services Teck Language Solutions can provide you with. We are your expert partner if your law firm needs legal translation services.

We Can Translate All Kinds of Legal Documents

Whether it is a commercial register, articles of incorporation, contracts, agreements, bylaws, T&Cs, court orders, judgments, affidavits, or further legal papers, your translation project is in expert and reliable hands with Teck Language Solutions. Our Florida-based translation agency helps you with incorporation processes, litigation, immigration cases, and more. We are here for you when foreign language legal materials need to be translated of if you have to conduct correspondence with enterprises, courts, or other law offices abroad. Teck Language Solutions specializes in the needs of law offices in the U.S. and Canada.

Certifications Are Also Possible

In the case of legal translation services, the translated documents often need to be certified. This is the case with most personal documents that need to be translated for immigration/visa processes and also with all documents that will be used in front of a court. As many federal states define the requirements towards a certified translation differently, we must know in advance in which state your certified translation will be used.

Our certified translations are accepted by the USCIS and many other authorities.

We have also resources to provided our U.S.-based clients with certified translations that are officially accepted abroad. Especially in the EU there are many countries that have very strict regulations on formal requirements of certified translations. Whenever your law firm needs certified legal translations, you can always be sure that Teck Language Solutions is here, covering your back. Contact us today for a fast and free quote of your law office is in need of legal translation services.

Confidentiality Is of Core Importance

When providing translation services for law firms, we are aware of the fact that the materials we are handling are not only confidential but often the contents are protected by law. This is why we take several steps to ensure confidentiality. Due to the fact that we are a small team, we have full control over every team member. We never disclose legal or other documents to third parties. Technical measures include the use of anti-spyware programs and firewalls. Do you need us to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement? No problem. Contact us to find out further information about our confidentiality measures. If you work together with Teck Language Solutions on legal translation projects, you ensure that a high level of confidentiality is always maintained.

Wide Range of Translation Services for Law Firms

Law firms often need translation services in subject areas other than legal topics. If you want your website content to be available for foreign audiences, we would be happy to take care of the translation project. In the field of website translation services we have the necessary know-how and expertise to be able to provide our clients with full-service translations that include web design steps as well.

Other topic areas such as technical or medical translations are also possible if your law firms needs to present foreign language documentation to a court, translated into English. Whatever your individual needs, you can be sure that the expert translators and the enthusiastic team at Teck Language Solutions will find an optimum solution to provide your company with excellent quality translation services.

We Translate Contracts and Agreements

The most common document types we translate for law firms are contracts and agreements. Whether it is about the purchase of a real estate abroad, an inheritance, a marriage contract, other purchase contracts, employment or T&C, Teck Language Solutions always edits your texts with the greatest care and accuracy so that you can present the translated documents to your clients without any concerns. Use our certification service if your contracts or agreements must be used in front of courts or state authorities abroad.

Serving Law Firms Nationwide With Legal Translations

We have clients in Miami, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Pensacola, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and also in further Florida cities, and we serve internationally active law firms in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Indianapolis, San Francisco, and in other cities in the U.S. and beyond with professional legal translations.

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