Professional Translations for your local business in Florida.

The state of Florida is an attractive location for newly formed companies as well as for businesses with long traditions. Not only is the area a gateway to Central and South American markets but it also attracts businesses from all around the world.

In such a linguistically and culturally diverse environment, your business needs a reliable partner at your side who can provide you with professional translations. However, finding the right partner can be a difficult task. Allow us to introduce our translation agency, Teck Language Solutions to make this choice easier for you.

Our Translation Company provides you with reliable translations in all world languages and all official languages of the EU.

We pride ourselves on having a bullet-proof quality management system consisting of the following key features:

We pick the right translators in the first place for your translation project. This means

  • native speakers of the target language
  • with at least college level education
  • with years of translation experience in your professional field

As a preventive quality measure, this step ensures far superior quality management when compared to "traditional" QM-systems which favor corrective quality measures. This is because correction and proofreading can never deliver perfect quality if the job was not done by the right professionals in the first place.

Of course, we combine preventive and corrective quality measures in order to enhance quality. Proofreading for correctness and completeness always form part of the quality management process.

A further advantage with Teck Language Solutions is that we provide virtually all the language combinations you might encounter in the modern business world. This makes your job easier if you are looking for translations in several language combinations. Instead of contacting translation professionals separately for all language pairs, you receive everything from us from a single source.

As we use the ideal combination of translation technology and a human workforce, you can be sure that the price we provide for you will represent the optimal cost for your translation project. What's more, translation technology (so-called CAT-tools) also makes a huge difference in enhancing quality.

All these features mean that we have just the right solution for smaller and medium-sized businesses to ensure that the costs of your translation project come within your planned budget.

If you are looking for fast and reliable translation services in Florida, Teck Language Solutions is the ideal choice. Contact us today for a fast and free quote. We look forward to hearing from you.