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Portuguese Translator

3 Reasons You Might Need a Portuguese Translator if You Do Business Internationally

If you do business transactions with international clients or business associates, you may have gotten by up to this point with continuing to communicate in English or another language which you both understand at least on a conversational level. While that may work with some business associates, working with a quality translation service will be the most beneficial option for you as well as for your international business associates. For example, here are just three reasons you may need a Portuguese translator in the near future.

#1 The Number of Native Portuguese Speakers

Portuguese is one of the most common languages spoken in the world. With 215 million native speakers, roughly 150 million of which speak Brazilian Portuguese, it is the sixth most common language spoken in the world. If you regularly interact with business associates from Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, or a number of other countries, you will need someone to translate documents from English into Portuguese as well as translate documents from Portuguese into English.

#2 Most Brazilians Do Not Speak English

Although people from a variety of countries do learn English as a second language, Brazil is not one of those countries. According to a woman who has lived in Brazil for over two decades, only about five percent of Brazilians are fluent in English. Data from last fall lists Brazil as the fifth most populous country in the world. If you are going to be doing business internationally, chances are you will eventually be doing business in Brazil. A Portuguese translator can help you make sure you are properly communicating with your Brazilian associates.

#3 Differences in Wording

Because of the similarities between Spanish and Portuguese, some people are under the impression that a basic understanding of Spanish is enough to communicate with those who speak Portuguese. This is not true. Even if you, or someone you know, can do Spanish translations, do not assume the language barrier is broken with your Portuguese-speaking associates. Even Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese from Portugal have slightly different wording at times, much the same way we sometimes have different phrasing and words than the Brits (think diaper versus nappy or trunk versus boot).

Because you want the right wording when communicating with business associates in Brazil and other Portuguese speaking countries, contact us when you need documents translated into Portuguese.

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