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Hire a Translator in the USA to Ensure a Perfect English Rendition

When it’s time to get something translated from a foreign language, it makes sense to deal with a person who is fluent in the target one. For American companies, this means that the translator should know excellent English, preferably as his or her native language.

A translator in the USA who has lived here for a significant amount of time will know far more about the local language than one who resides overseas and has only learned English from teachers who are reading it out of school books. This makes it so the person can read a document in a different language, for example Chinese, and interpret it in ways that an English-speaking audience can truly understand. There’ll be no need to worry about faux pax related to the misuse of idioms or confusion between similar-sounding words.

Another reason to hire a translator in the USA is simple convenience. It’s easier to deal with companies that are more local to your own. You’ll be able to send paper documents without the delay of overseas mailing, call to ask questions without worrying about overseas long distance, and you won’t have to worry about high connection costs when faxing. This will free you from having to resort to email and possibly having your project end up being overlooked, caught in a spam filter, or outright left undelivered by one of the servers along the way.

Why Companies Need to Have Things Translated to English

Many businesses worry about having their materials translated to foreign languages so that they can be understood by people in other countries, but that’s only half of the equation. When these people write back, you need to know what they’re saying – and in many cases, they won’t be using English. In fact, they might not even know the language. That’s when you’ll need the services of someone who can read the foreign language well enough to be able to tell you what it says.

If manuals and other documentation come in a foreign language, it’s even more important for you to find someone who doesn’t just understand English, but knows it fluently. This will allow them to translate customer-facing materials in ways that flow smoothly and convey all of the necessary information. The end result is almost always better when the person who does this work either knows English as a first language or has been speaking it for decades. This ensures that telltale mistakes, like the omission of sentence articles, do not occur.

What About Translations to Foreign Languages?

This depends on what type of material needs to be translated. Purchase orders and product specs are usually fine when the translator knows the other language as a second language because your goal isn’t to impress the people on the other side. On the other hand, retail materials are usually better off done by a person who knows the target language with perfect fluency. Foreign customers will spot little mistakes in their language just like English speakers do when they see ESL work.

Can USA Translators Handle Both Types of Translation?

Yes, but it’s important to choose a company with more than one translator. Our service, for example, hires a wide variety of people so that we can translate all of the major languages and several less-prominent ones. We’ll route your order to the person who is the most fluent in the destination language so that you’ll never have to worry about the final result. This frees you from having to find a different translator every time you deal with another language.

Just contact us to learn more about having material translated to or from English. We’ll be glad to provide the level of service you need for your operation.

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