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Bellissimo! The Italian Language and European Culture

What, seriously, have the Romans ever done for us? Well, it's no coincidence that the word “romance” looks suspiciously similar to the word “Roman”. By marching all over Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, subjugating/civilizing the local inhabitants from Babylon to Portugal, they managed to spread the Latin language…

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3 Ways Professional Translations Save You Money

Save Money

People put a lot of effort into making their products and services. When it comes time to sell them abroad, they want folks in other countries to see their business as fantastic, just like the owners do. So, why would they reach for the bottom-of-the-barrel translator to communicate this? Professional…

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The Danger Zone: Translators At War

Translators At War

If the aim of a military exercise is to minimize casualties - and it isn't always - conflict between two antagonists requires effective communication. This has always been the case, and the examples of interpreters who have attempted to bridge the chasm between warring parties are numerous and often inspiring.…

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Florida Exporters: Why to hire a Portuguese Translator?

Brazilian Translator

According to Alice Ancona, the director of Global Outreach for the Florida Chamber of Commerce, “...Brazil continues to rank as Florida’s top trading partner and export destination.” This is hardly surprising, considering that the United States is Brazil's largest single trading partner, overall. Nearly 15 percent of all Brazilian imports…

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