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Marketing Translation: Using Accurate Translators for New Business Relationships Overseas

It’s easy to overlook a marketing translation for an overseas market just because you’re trying to save money or think a message is self-explanatory. If you’ve never really understood some of the foreign markets you’re trying to expand to, it’s a risk to assume that any simplified phrase or an image has complete understanding over there. Even humor is quite different when it’s not translated in the right way, and comedy is a popular tactic in all marketing.

Perhaps you’ve realized the above after sending marketing material to a particular foreign country and receiving tepid response. It’s possible you simplified your marketing as much as possible to achieve a universal meaning. Or, maybe you did hire a translator, yet one without proper credentials.

When you take on the latter, things can definitely get lost in translation to a point of leading to embarrassing mistakes. Skimping on credentialed translation services just to save money could lead to a major misunderstanding in what your message is, including being offensive to an entire population of people.

You most definitely need a translator if you’re marketing overseas, and one that has experience living in the culture. We can help you translate all of your marketing media here at Teck Language Solutions, Inc.

Take a look at the type of marketing material you’ll need translated so you’ll be assured a good response based on the cultural philosophy.

Translating Marketing Brochures

No doubt some of the first tangible pieces of marketing you’ll send overseas are brochures that explain what your company is and what you provide. Even if you strive to keep the written word simple and using short mottos, the most basic words can end up having double meanings without accurate translations.

The same could happen with captions on pictures. You may think a picture can tell a person everything, yet a proper caption explaining what a product is or what’s happening is better for an unfamiliar foreign market.

With our translators, you’re assured of extensive training that’s continually updated. We take your brochure content files directly from your database and provide an accurate translation for every word. This includes properly translating and explaining the name of your product if you use a word considered vulgar in another country.

Translating Product Sheets

Once you send out brochures, some foreign businesses might want to buy your products, yet need more specs about the items you produce. You may have product sheets ready to send out giving a rundown of all your product features. However, you’ll want every feature translated accurately since one slip-up in a word could cause a major disaster in assembly or in usage.

Particularly if you’re marketing a software that businesses depend on to solve a problem, a mistranslation could cause a major issue with all blame going to you.

Once again, we’ll use your source files to make sure any printed marketing materials get thoroughly translated with the nuances of the culture.

Translating Marketing Material on Your Website

To tap international markets, you’re also possibly creating alternate versions of your site to serve different countries. These need the same type of responsible translations as your printed material since they’re read 24/7 by larger groups of people. A misinterpreted phrase or idea on your website could cause a major uproar, or the country population not taking you seriously enough.

With a less experienced translator, those mistakes might go unnoticed for weeks or months before it’s fixed. We’ll make sure it’s translated correctly before your site goes live.

Contact us here at Teck Language Solutions so we can help you translate your marketing efforts overseas so your written words stay compelling.

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