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Doing Business in Spain? Here Is Why You Need Our Spanish Translation Services

Spain is becoming increasingly interesting among investors and business founders who want to extend their business activities in Europe. Spain has a lot to offer for global entrepreneurs: A stable economic and political environment, direct access to the EU market, and in some areas, e.g. in the Canary Islands, a very business-friendly environment in terms of company formations and taxation. Oftentimes, the only real tangible obstacle is the language barrier. You don’t need a high level of Spanish proficiency, though, if you intend to extend your business activities in Spain. Our translation company can help you in multiple ways with business communication with the Spanish market. We translate business correspondence, taxation documents, and other legal papers between English and Spanish.

Why Founding a Corporation in Spain Might Be Profitable for Your Business

First of all, let us clarify the situation with the language barrier being the main focus of our Spanish translation services. Spain is a popular destination, if not the most attractive, for English and German-speaking immigrants and tourists. The highly touristic Catalonia and Balearic islands probably have the highest rate of immigrants from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany. This phenomenon will also highly affect your everyday business. First of all, you will need to prepare to provide your product and service descriptions in multiple languages. If your business has the ability to communicate with all local clients in their native language, you will gain a noteworthy advantage over your competitors and will be able to maximize your profits in the given area.

Cooperation with our translation company has the advantage that our clients will have access to the expertise and experience of not only Spanish translators, but professional translators in a multitude of language combinations and topic areas. This service feature will be highly required in Spain as the Mediterranean country has, apart from Spanish and the languages of the immigrants from Europe and the Arabic world, also several minority languages, the presence of which is very dominant in their respective regions. The Spanish language, also called Castilian, is the main language and is spoken by approximately 72% of the population (data 2020). Galician, Basque, and Catalonian are further major languages spoken in Spain, and, believe it or not, they can appear on the official documents of their regions. If you establish a business in either Barcelona or on the Balearic Islands, for example, chances are you will come across court documents written in Catalonian.

As you see, having a high level of Spanish proficiency oftentimes won’t be sufficient to master everyday communication challenges in many regions in Spain. Our translation agency can provide you not only Spanish translation services but also translations into or from Catalan or Galician. Contact us for a free quote.

Taxation Is the Main Reason Overseas Businesses Choose Spain for Their EU Operations

While Spain has a relatively high income tax rate, companies in most areas pay 25% of their income, which is more or less the average in the Western world. So, why do so many businesses choose Spain as the headquarters of their European operations? Spain offers, in many respects special possibilities in terms of saving on corporate taxes. One popular area many foreign businesses like to invest in is the Canary Islands that have special tax regulations. Here, VAT is not applied (only a specific sales tax of 5%, data: 2020) which offers huge advantages when dealing with private customers in the EU. A Special Economic Zone, called ZEC, has also been created for the Canary Islands to encourage the economic and social developments of the islands. Through many specific regulations, businesses can enjoy extremely low taxation when eligible.

And there is more.

Obviously, no one will establish a business solely based on the sunny weather conditions of a given region. However, Spain has a lot to offer in the amenities of everyday life. Sunny weather, delicious and healthy food, nice and open-hearted people, and rich culture are further benefits of choosing Spain for your subsidiary in the EU.

Whatever your specific reasons are for founding a company in Spain, our translation company is here for you to translate business documents, including taxation documents between Spanish and English.

Strong Industries in Spain

If you choose Spain for your business operations, your business will operate, so to say, in the best company. Spain has a stable, secure, and predictable political and economic system and can be used as a gateway to the European Union. Among the largest Spanish enterprises, you will find industry giants from the areas of banking, telecommunication, aviation, real estate, and energy. Travel, tourism, and the food industry also play major roles in Spain’s economic life.

This is why it is very important to choose a strong partner for Spanish translations if you are seeking to make an impact in the Spanish market. No matter the purpose, you need Spanish to English translations. Our expert and experienced Spanish translators will make your communication processes smooth and efficient.

Choose us for your Spanish translation projects if you conduct business in Spain, and we will eliminate all language barriers to your business success in this Mediterranean country so that you will be able to concentrate on your key business operations.

Teck Language Solutions is a translation company with headquarters in Miami, specializing in Spanish translation services.

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