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Miami Translation Services Make it Easy to Reach All of the City’s Potential Customers

In cities like Miami, Florida, translation services aren’t just for doing business overseas. While international commerce is still a huge driver for these services, many companies need to have things translated just to catch all of the possible customers right in the city. It is actually a good idea to have all of your company’s printed material done in at least two languages – and preferably, at least four – if you are looking for customers in Miami-Dade County. Here are some of the ones you should be absolutely sure to cover:

Spanish in Miami

You can’t go wrong with Spanish if you do business in Miami or the surrounding county. In fact, the U. S. Census Bureau says that most households in this area are multilingual, with Spanish being the non-English language that is most often spoken. This means that if your materials are English-only, you are missing out on a huge percentage of the customers you could otherwise reach. It doesn’t matter what sort of materials you have, either – people will want to read everything from simple menus to extensive brochures in the language they are most familiar with, and here, that’s often Spanish.

English translator, Miami

Business owners in this area may know Spanish perfectly and don’t need an expert to print it out, but they should remember that there is still a large number of households that are English-only. People from these homes won’t respond well to materials that show poor or no English skills. Therefore, business owners who have little to no grasp of English should definitely invest in having their Spanish translated over. A translation agency in Miami will have no problem bridging the gap.

French Creole

Florida’s proximity to Louisiana, combined with Miami’s great weather, have brought plenty of French Creole speakers on down. While this language isn’t nearly as prevalent as Spanish, it is the biggest part of the “other language” category here. If your business is in an area with a significant Creole population, it’s a good investment to make sure that they can understand you.

Portuguese translation services for Miami

This is the fourth most popular language in Miami-Dade County. If your company is in a spot with plenty of speakers of Portuguese, adding it to your language list is a good idea. Local customers will love the fact that you didn’t get their language confused with Spanish.

Other Languages

As in most urban areas, there is a smattering of people who speak a language that isn’t one of the city’s big ones. Depending on your specific location and industry, you may find it worthwhile to have your business materials translated to German, Russian, Chinese, Italian, or even Hindi. Another good one to consider is French. Though non-Creole French speakers didn’t hit the census, the fact is that there is a yearly influx of visitors from Quebec. You might as well make these snowbirds feel more at home, especially if you’re in one of the parts of town that attracts either winter residents or tourists. Everyone is more prone to buying things when they feel comfortable, and getting materials in their own languages is a big help for attaining that comfort.

Other Reasons to Have Materials Translated

While translation is very important for doing local business in Miami, it’s also essential for international dealings. Staying on top of foreign political and financial news is very important for businesses who deal across borders. Get important news updates and other bulletins translated into your preferred language for easy reading and to avoid misunderstandings.

Translating actual business documents is also very important. When you send something out, have it translated to the language that is spoken by those at the other company. This will prevent snafus related to possible misinterpretations of your words. Once the other party responds, hire the translation agency to turn their message into English.

Remember That Translation is Often an Ongoing Project

At most businesses, offerings do not remain static year after year. Details, prices, and available products change on a fairly frequent basis. Remember to update your information, not just in your main language, but in all of the ones that are used by your customer base. This way, you’ll avoid the problem of the other-language versions becoming very obsolete as the years go by. In Miami, it is well worth the investment to keep them all current.

Why Choose a Translation Agency for This Work?

In a nutshell, the answer is because machine translation isn’t very good. Programs typically try to do word-for-word translations, and there are two big problems with this. The first is that the “most used” word in the program’s list of synonyms may not really be the right word, but it will tend to pick it anyway. When this problem is repeated throughout the length of a message, the end result is often meaningless. Secondly, the grammar and syntax between two languages is often different. If this is not accounted for, the final product sounds like it was dictated by Yoda.

High-quality translation agents like ours don’t just take your material and run it through a program. Real humans, who are fluent in your language as well as the target language, go over everything to ensure that it is perfect in both versions. This eliminates odd syntax constructions, word misuse, and even cultural missteps.

To learn more about our translation services and what sets us apart from other options, just contact us. We’ll be glad to help you bridge the language gap so your business can gain access to all of the potential customers in and around Miami.

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