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Software Translation

Making Software Easier for Technical Translation

You’re interested in an international market for your software application. And you know that your program will sell better if it’s customized for the country in which it’s sold. That process of customization is called localization, which requires translation skills for the target language. You can prepare your software so that it’s more easily localized into any language, which save both time and money. These are a few tips.

Allow extra space for text

Foreign language text can take up to 30 percent more space than English. Don’t fill every screen display, help screen, or window information with text or there will be no room for the translation. Instead, dial down the English language text and include plenty of blank space to allow for localization.

Rely on graphics

A picture can truly replace a thousand words so rely on graphics to convey meaning whenever possible. You’ll save a lot of time and money because pictures don’t have to be translated. However, watch out for culturally-specific pictures or symbols that may be offensive in other countries. Have your technical translation team give the once over for your graphics to ensure that the pics work for the target language audience. Make sure graphics are linked rather than embedded. This reduces file size and makes them easier to change when necessary.

Have a local check the translation

Have the translated software tested and used by a third party who is local to the country of the target language. Involve them in the work as soon as possible, so they’ll be aware of your processes, how the translation team works, and how changes are handled. Be sure to allow time in the schedule just for their testing and for any changes that might result.

If you want to know what else you can do to prepare for localization, or if you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective technical translation, please contact us.

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