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We provide Houston companies and residents with professional translation services

We serve Houston businesses and individuals with professional translation services. If you are looking for a provider with high-quality translations at competitive rates, then we are just the right choice for you. We make sure that your marketing translations are as persuasive and engaging as they are in the original language, that your technical texts are clear and accurate in any foreign language, and that your legal texts say exactly the same as they do in the original language, giving you and your partners or clients peace of mind when signing them. We work only with dedicated native professionals and implement a range of quality measures to ensure that you receive impeccable translations from us. If your Houston business is in need of fast and quality translation services, turn to us with confidence. Let's discuss the project details. Ask for a free quote today for your translation project.

Looking for translation services for your Houston business?

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Our Translation Services for Houston Companies

Teck Language Solutions is home to a dedicated team of translation professionals, whose job is not only to render your business documents from one language into another but to incorporate linguistically all the associated aspects of the transaction. These include financial and legal terminology, technical and trade processes, and medical and scientific terms. With full access to the latest technology, our translators can work directly with you on a variety of CMS platforms, while at no time compromising the security of your content.

Our translation expertise extends to pharmaceutical instructions and technical manuals, and any materials that may be required to promote your international business. Together with our streamlined delivery methods and rigid adherence to deadlines, we also offer an Express Translation Service, which accomplishes your task with minimum delay and maximum accuracy.

Teck Language Solutions conforms to the standards set by the American Translators Association and the European standard EN 17100, using only experienced, professional translators with native and expert knowledge. Translation quality is checked by both human and software methods for correct wording and orthography, consistent terminology, layout, and completeness of meaning.

The European Union also regulates the linguistic content of technical documentation across all its member states, so if you are planning to conduct business which requires instruction leaflets or manuals, you will be obliged to supply your EU clients with professionally translated texts. Our long experience with this type of document will help you to conduct your business in Europe smoothly and efficiently.

We also recognize that the internet is now one of the world's most powerful marketing tools, and our experienced professionals are able to translate all kinds of web content into one or many target languages. We provide native speakers for each language spoken in your target markets, thus ensuring that your content is effectively localized, with precisely detailed cultural and local knowledge.

Wherever your target market may be, at Teck Language Solutions, there is a professional translator who can fulfill all your translation needs.

Professional German translations for your company in Houston

You may already deal comfortably in English with your German-speaking contacts, but in any kind of technological capacity, you are legally obliged by the EU to supply professionally translated German-language documentation to your German-speaking customers.

This is especially important when approaching clients in more conservative areas, such as Switzerland, Austria, or the federal states of Southern Germany, where you will need to address potential customers in their native language.

Many German companies have set up their businesses in Houston, and the German-American Chamber of Commerce has a number of helpful initiatives. At Teck Language Solutions, we are happy to assist you in developing contacts in any new or established German business which requires translation services.

Italian translators for Houston

The “Made in Italy” initiative is very strong in Texas, and the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce suggests that there is still room for expansion in many Italian business sectors, from food and wine to oilfield support equipment, logistics, fashion and luxury goods. Teck Language Solutions is happy to supply you with native-speaking professional translators to assist you with developing business in any of these areas.

As well as our first-class linguistic skills, we use Computer Assisted Translation tools, which enable us to edit texts in most office applications and commonly used file types, and we offer discounts on repetitive and standardized texts. In addition, we employ industry-leading term banks which ensure the absolute and current accuracy of trade and technical terminology. With strict EU regulations governing such documentation, Teck Language Solutions can offer invaluable assistance with your Italian transactions.

Spanish translations for Houston businesses

Our professional translators are adept in many languages, but we consider that Spanish is a special case, being the world's second most widely spoken language, not least in Houston, which was historically part of the Spanish and Mexican territories. The distribution of Spanish speakers in the world is so large and varied that the language itself has divided into two distinct branches: American Spanish and European Spanish.

At Teck Language Solutions we host specialist Spanish translators for both linguistic variants, because we understand that it is necessary to match your translations exactly to your specific target audience. We supply native-speaking translators from both hemispheres, who recognize the subtle variations between the two branches of Spanish and make sure to incorporate them in your translation. Whichever part of the world you wish to approach, your texts will be precisely targeted at your prospective customers.

Hungarian translation services for Houston

Hungarian is one of the world's more unusual languages, but our team of native Hungarian-speaking translators can provide every support to companies seeking or consolidating new opportunities there. Investment by American companies in Hungary ranks tenth in the world, and more than 600 US companies have Hungarian subsidiaries. At Teck Language Solutions, we have the capability and professional experience, together with state-of-the-art software, to help promote your Hungarian business and fulfill all your translation needs.

Certified translations for Houston

Official paperwork often needs to be professionally translated and certified. As a resident of Houston, either corporate or individual, we offer you an extensive range of translation services, which includes fully certified translations of any personal, academic, professional, or other documents which you might require in connection with taxation, employment, or other transactions.

Translation services for Houston

You might choose to base your business at the Skyline District, the Energy Corridor, Uptown, Downtown, or the Texas Medical Center; but wherever you are in Houston, Teck Language Solutions are on hand with translation services to help you maximize your international potential.

Looking for Translators in Houston?

Thanks to the media fame of Mission Control at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston is already a name widely known across our planet, with its aerospace industry accounting for a significant proportion of the city's global business. This comprises manufacturing and transportation sectors, as well as energy and aeronautics, with more Fortune 500 companies situating their HQ here than in any other US city.

Known colloquially as “Space City”, Houston has always had an international and multi-cultural population, which is still expanding its strengths in global business and international trade. It has a solid presence in science and technology, oilfield equipment, sports, fashion, media, and entertainment. It is also home to the Texas Medical Center, which is the most concentrated aggregation of healthcare and research institutions in the world.

Because of its strengths in the energy industry—both fossil fuels and renewables—its aeronautic fame, and its leading position in biomedical research, Houston has been designated as a “global city“, whose port is ranked top in the US for its international waterborne cargo capacity. Together with its road, rail, and air access, the city handles overall the second largest total cargo tonnage in the nation, and is an ideal port of entry for those wishing to do business in the United States.

When trading internationally, it is critical that your business transactions are performed quickly and with precision, and that accurate documentation is supplied in the various languages you may need to conclude those transactions. For this reason, a professional translation service is a vital part of your business strategy. Contact us with confidence is your business in Houston is looking for professional translation services.

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