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French translation services for
Miami businesses and individuals

Does your Miami-based business need French translation services? Are fast and reliable deliveries and competitive rates important to you? Do you prefer to work together with a local provider in your region? Then we have just the right solutions for you. We provide your Miami business with professional French translations in a wide range of topic areas, including legal, marketing and technical texts. Certified French translations are also possible. Contact us for a fast and free quote today!

Are you looking for French translation services in Miami?

Contact us for a free quote today

French Translations For Your Miami Business

Our translation agency will provide professional French translations for your company. Our agency provides you with a range of services from a single source;

  • Translations from professional French translators
  • Terminology database management and editing
  • Graphical layouting

The documents and text which you have translated into French will not only reach your customers in France, but also other French-speaking people across the world. However, for the success of your business, faultless and effective French texts must be prepared.

Our translation agency places great emphasis on delivering high quality. We have therefore introduced a number of measures which enable us to deliver high-quality French translations to you. The following three pillars form the basis of our quality assurance:

Native speakers

Translations are completed by native speakers only, whether these are into or out of French. This means we can ensure target text accuracy in terms of language, culture, and style.

Tools and research

Specialist terms are rigorously researched and consistently used. A range of translator tools, terminology databases and tag editors support us in ensuring this.


The finished text is checked multiple times for completeness, accuracy and spelling. With agreement, we frequently use the "four eyes principle" at this stage. Here a second linguist looks through the finished text.

Range of translation services for Miami businesses

Our service not only includes the delivery of professional translations prepared by our conscientious and qualified team of French translators, but also the full range of other services connected with this. We have many programs available to support us with processing your texts. It is therefore possible for us to accept and work in a wide range of formats. This means less work for you both before and afterwards, which reduces the time required and lowers your costs. To help us with the consistent use of specialist terminology, we have professional software available for editing databases, tags in XML files and much more.

Our range of services includes:

  • Translations: Your texts are translated into or out of French by our qualified French translators.
  • Localization: Would you like to present your website in French or create your software in French? From dynamic or static content, to XML-based texts or other programming languages, our translation agency will help you to complete the editing of your French project successfully.
  • Creative copywriting: Would you like to optimize your website for French search terms? Do you require advertising texts or journalistic articles for search engine optimization? Our translation agency is your competent partner for this. After discussing your particular objectives with you, the French translators from our translation agency will prepare a number of creative draft texts for you.
  • Graphical editing: Our translation agency offers a range of graphical services in order to minimize the amount of graphical work required from you. We are supported in this by a range of software such as InDesign, Illustrator, PowerPoint, FrameMaker, AutoCAD and much more.

Contact us and ask for a free, no-obligation quote for your French translation project or to request further information. We are looking forward to your enquiries.

Your French connection in Miami

If your company is doing business in the French market, our expert French translators will be an asset for you in eliminating communication barriers with prospective clients and existing suppliers not only in France but in other French-speaking regions in the world. Having a competent French translation provider at your side when dealing with customers who have French as their native language will speed up your communication processes with francophone markets and will massively reduce the number of misunderstanding possibilities. Contact us today for a free quote if you Miami-based business is in need of professional French translation services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Are you buying real estate in France?

France is a popular investment target for property buyers. The country has a stable economy, stable and democratic political system and is a member of the European Union, enabling access to the world's biggest common market. If you plan to buy real estate in France, our translators will make the contents of any purchase contract or related documentation linguistically accessible for you by means of professional legal translations between French and English. If you need certified English-to-French translations when buying a property in France, we would be happy to assist you. We can issue certified French translations as accepted by the French authorities. Contact us today for further information.

Expecting guests from French-speaking regions?

We are the preferred French translation provider for gastronomy businesses in and around Miami. With our French translation services, you will be able to address your visitors from France, Québec, North Africa and from the Caribbean region. Whether it is service descriptions, terms and conditions, forms, menus, house rules, or further tourism-related topics, rest assured that only highly skilled French translators with native knowledge will be working on your texts if you partner up with Teck Language Solutions. Further advantages of our services include our DTP know-how, meaning, we can work directly with your source documents, no matter what their format is. We would be happy to hear from you if you have any further questions or need a quote.

Looking for certified French translation services in Miami?

If so, you have come to the right place. Our translation company proudly serves clients in the region with certified French translations in a range of subject fields. Whether it is immigration, litigation or further legal and official matters, we translate for you all kinds of personal, legal and court documents between French and English. The certification we provide you with is officially accepted in the US as well as in France. Contact us if you need birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, court documents, or similar papers with certification into, or out of, French. We look forward to hearing from you!

Teck Language Solutions is here for you to help your Miami-based business grow in French-speaking countries and regions. Through the cooperation with us you will have an expert partner at your side that will facilitate communication with existing and prospective clients in France and other francophone countries. Maximum discretion and keeping deadlines go without saying for us and are, of course, basic features in our services. We would be happy to discuss with you your further questions, or to give you a fast and free quote for your current French translation project.

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