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3 Ways Professional Translations Save You Money

People put a lot of effort into making their products and services. When it comes time to sell them abroad, they want folks in other countries to see their business as fantastic, just like the owners do. So, why would they reach for the bottom-of-the-barrel translator to communicate this? Professional translations are an investment that will ultimately save you money. Here are three ways a professional freelance translator is a wise choice.

  1. You won’t have to hire a second translator to turn the word for word translation into a coherent communication. Translation software and unprofessional translators can produce some truly funny translations, (one woman’s name got translated as dust palm) but they don’t give clear instructions or useful information. Businesses that go the unprofessional route first can wind up paying twice.
  2. You don’t waste postage clarifying what you just said. If you skip the second translator, you will have to answer people’s questions a second time as the first time wasn’t clear. When you are doing business with a partner in a foreign country, you can wind up with a big phone bill if you have to spend a lot of time explaining your explanation. Also, since your communications were clear, no one will have to re-do whatever they did following instructions that made no sense. Everyone will save time as people can do what you wanted without having to figure out the instructions, thus you do not have to pay the overtime that they could incur.
  3. You will not have to hire a PR firm to fix the misunderstandings that arise from bad translations. As the famous story about ‘Coca cola’ being translated in Chinese to ‘Bite the Wax Tadpole’ illustrates, a bad translation can make your products sound unappetizing. It can make your company look arrogant and silly, too, which will lead to you having to soothe your new business partner’s and customer’s feelings.

As you can see, a professional translator is an investment that will save you money. If you need a professional, contact us and we will make sure we’re worth every penny.

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