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Translation Services Seal the Deal for Global Business

As a business owner you know there’s no better feeling than reaching the contract stage with a potential new client, whether it’s a business partner you’ve been courting for some time or one who comes to you over the transom. If that potential client represents international expansion for your business—a chance to make a new impression in the global marketplace—that’s even more exciting.

Maybe you’re a web-based business in Chicago preparing to enter the Hungarian market. Or perhaps you’re a manufacturer in Dallas who’s been approached by a firm in Brazil eager to buy your goods. You must make sure you and your potential customers are communicating effectively. That’s where accurate, professional business translation services come in. Without them, you simply won’t be speaking the same language!

Here are some of the reasons your business needs professional translation to seal that global deal:

  • Contracts – Nailing down legal details is complicated, but language doesn’t have to be a barrier to smooth negotiations. A skilled legal translator can facilitate communication so both parties clearly understand their terms when they sign on the dotted line.
  • Technical specs – Accuracy is critical when you’re communicating technical information, whether it’s related to manufacturing, computer technology, scientific research, or healthcare and medicine. For this type of highly specialized technical translation, you need a pro who understands not only the language but also the terminology used in the field.
  • Product marketing – From package labeling to sales brochures to advertising in print and on the Internet, smooth, friendly translation makes all the difference when you’re relying on your marketing materials to “speak” directly to your customers.
  • Global expansion – One great deal turns into another. The contract you sign with a partner in Turkey today could lead to similar projects in other countries in Europe, Asia, or South America. Having a translation agency you trust to help you along the way is sure to pay dividends for years to come.

Teck Language Solutions, Inc. provides high-quality professional translation specifically geared for international business in languages spoken around the world, from Spanish, French, Italian, and German to Portuguese, Hungarian, Estonian, and Turkish. Wherever you’re doing business, we speak your language!

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