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Is Brexit Affecting Your Business? Here Is How We Can Help With Professional Translation Services

The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union at the end of the year. Many U.S. companies are trading with EU countries through their subsidiaries with seats in the UK. Their European presence will significantly change for many of these entities after 2021. It will be more difficult for some, especially if special permits or licenses are needed for commercial activities in the EU. In the past few months, many corporations established new seats on the continent to ensure seamless transition after the Brexit deadline. But establishing businesses outside of the United Kingdom poses new challenges in communication. Whether you have chosen Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, or another city as your new European trading center, there will be a language barrier that must be taken care of in a fast and efficient manner to avoid disruption of business processes. Teck Language Solutions provides U.S. businesses with professional translation services in all European language combinations. Whether it is technical, commercial, a legal topic, or a translation that the authorities must officially accept in Europe, our translation company has streamlined processes to support your communication in European trade relations and enabling you to concentrate on your core business tasks.

Translations Into European Languages From One Source

Until recently, nobody would have thought that the United Kingdom would leave the strong partnership of the economic alliance of the European Union. Today, in 2020, this notion became a reality, and the deadline is imminent. Many international businesses have already made the necessary preparations to ensure business continuity with European countries. Big metropoles such as Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, or Dublin profited from the exodus of non-European companies out of the UK. But all these companies are now facing new challenges that are mainly of linguistic nature. Europe is a continent with a high diversity of languages. The European Union itself currently has 24 official languages. Apart from these, there are several minority languages or local languages that are only official at a national level. These are, among others, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Romansh, Lovari, and Sorbian, just to name a few.

To successfully address the European markets, it is inevitable to have a reliable translation partner at your side that can provide your company with professional translations and an expert in the linguistic and cultural nuances characterizing these languages.

Until so far, U.S. companies with European operations have had an easy situation from a purely linguistic standpoint. The gateway market was that of the UK, where English is spoken, so they encountered no linguistic barriers. Big cities in Great Britain attracted translation companies that served these British partner companies or subsidiaries just around the corner. The situation has now significantly changed.

With our U.S.-based translation company at your side, your enterprise will now have the possibility to prepare your business documents or other contents in the target market’s language and serve it directly with these foreign language materials. While in the past, you might have lost control over your content outsourcing the translation tasks to overseas providers, today, you can use the range of advantages with a local provider to create foreign-language content. Teck Language Solutions is a translation company specializing in the languages and markets of the European Union.

Let us introduce a few major language pairs that might be relevant for your company in connection with restructuring measures due to Brexit.

If You Are Establishing a New Business in France, Our French Translation Service Is the Right Choice for You

While France is not necessarily famous for its low taxes and non-bureaucratic economy, it is a huge market – actually, the 7th biggest economy globally – and prides itself on the presence of thousands and thousands of multinational players. The banking sector is solid, along with their airplane and automotive industries. This data might be surprising for many, as France is mainly connoted with gastronomy, wine, cheese, and the like, which again is an absolutely plausible presumption. However, if you establish your business in France, you can rest assured that your company will operate in a strong and prestigious economy.

Our translation company can assist you right from the beginning with French translations. We can translate your company formation documents, the relating correspondence; we are there for you if you need assistance with the creation of French websites and/or presentations, and, of course, we are there for you in many other fields of everyday business life whenever you need French translation services.

French is also a global language, spoken by approximately 76 million people as a first language worldwide, and is spoken in many European countries, including France, Belgium, Luxemburg, and Switzerland. Turn to our translation company if you need professional French translations.

Conducting Business From the Netherlands? Here Is Why You Should Choose Our Dutch Translation Services

While France is a consumer market with massive scales, bureaucratic hurdles and high taxation might prevent smaller and family businesses from establishing the center of their European operations in this country on the Atlantic shoreline. Just a few hundred miles away and just a matter of hours by car, you arrive in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a country famous for its business-friendly environment and more than optimal taxation system. It is an ideal choice for globally active companies that intend to extend their operations in the EU. If the names Unilever, the Royal Dutch Shell, Aegon, Heineken, or Philips say something to you, you can imagine the massive scales of the Dutch market. Many U.S. companies chose the Netherlands as the HQ of their European operations even before Brexit. So, if you have chosen this relatively small Western European country, turn to us for your Dutch translation services.

We have excellent resources to provide your company with reliable and high-quality Dutch translations that expert native Dutch translators exclusively make with years of relevant professional experience. Whether it is a legal paper, marketing content, or technical data, your Dutch translation project is in the best hands at Teck Language Solutions.

Like the French language, Dutch translations will also have multiple effects on your business, especially if you have marketing content translated into Dutch. Namely, Dutch is spoken in parts of Belgium and several Caribbean islands.  If your business is located in the southern part of the U.S., publishing a Dutch version of your website might attract customers from your global neighborhood, such as from the ABC islands.

With German Translations, Your Business Will Go a Long Way in the EU

While the biggest market in the EU is unquestionably that of Germany, if you conduct business in the European Union, several other regions with German as an official language might be interesting for you. In Germany, the big cities of Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich are favored by international investors and founders. Why? Germany is a huge consumer market (with approximately 82 million inhabitants) and has an excellent infrastructure in every possible sense of the term. The financial sector is robust and plays a dominant role at a European level. The European Central Bank has its seat in Frankfurt, and several further international organizations have their HQs in Germany. The strong automotive industry and other sectors attract further companies from all corners of the world.

However, Germany might not be an ideal choice for your business. With a huge consumer market, Germany’s economic life is very bureaucratic, and the taxes are high. Switzerland is a popular target of foreign investors. While not directly in the EU, Switzerland is an EEC member and has privileged trade relations with the common market. When Switzerland was known for its “offshore bank accounts” are long forgotten, many serious businesses find their home in this Alpine country.

Another partly German-speaking country, Luxemburg, is maybe a lesser-known investment target. Still, it is highly recommended to check what business possibilities this small European Duchy offers overseas entrepreneurs. Again, with our German translation services, we will linguistically clear your path to success to use all the fascinating possibilities German-speaking European countries offer to you.

Teck Language Solutions maintains strong partnerships with small and medium-sized businesses that strive for global success. With our professional translation services, communication with foreign markets will be but a minor inconvenience during your journey. Contact us if your business is affected by Brexit and you need translation services in any European language combinations. We are sure to have a matching solution for your individual needs.

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