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Estonian Translation Services for Entrepreneurs

For internationally active entrepreneurs, Estonia is known for its business-friendly environment. The state administration is highly digitalized. They even introduced digital residency, the so-called “e-residency,” recently. Starting up a business in this country is a straightforward and fast, non-bureaucratic process. Estonia is the front runner of digitization in the EU and is a popular investment target of American and Asian entrepreneurs and start-ups trying to set foot in the European Union markets. So, business formation in Estonia is a relatively easy procedure, but you must use professional Estonian translation services to correctly understand every step of the process.

Finding an Estonian translator might not be the easiest task businesses in the U.S. need to cope with. With the services of our U.S.-based translation company, you will find though that getting Estonian-English translations is only a minor inconvenience. With Teck Language Solutions at your side, you will be able to concentrate on your core business tasks and outsource Estonian translation tasks to our expert and experienced team. These are some areas where our translation company can help your U.S. enterprise if communication processes with the Estonian market or with Estonian authorities encounter difficulties.

What you need to know about Estonian translation services

Before we begin with the presentation of our services, why not take a look at the Estonian language itself. If you are to do successful business with or in this Baltic country, every piece of information might be profitable for you regarding their language, (business) culture, and more.

Estonian is a Uralic language, closely related to Finnish and Hungarian. As it is not part of the big Indo-European language family, to which, amongst others, German, Italian, French, or Russian belong, this language does not sound like any other major language you might know or have heard. To name a few features of the Estonian language, it does not use prepositions but suffixes/declensions, it does not have grammatical genders, and it has fourteen cases.

Irrelevant for your business? Not at all. These characteristics of the Estonian language will have implications for translation processes, especially when graphic design or data processing plays an important role in the content and search engine optimization for the Estonian language.

Let us take one simple example for better understanding. If you sell a food item to Estonia and your product label must include a best before date, in English, you would write “best before” and then the month/year. If you translate this text into Estonian, the month’s ending will change. Through this declension, this new ending will correspond to the English word “before” or “until.” This, of course, is a simplified example, but just imagine what this language structure will mean for ever-changing, dynamic web content such as the texts in online shops. Changing single words will not suffice for creating new and correct content anymore. You must restructure the whole sentence. So, if you have an online shop where the product descriptions are almost identical, except for a few keywords, it will not be sufficient anymore to load and exchange this data from an existing database. The complete sentences must be changed, with the words correctly conjugated and declined. Only this way will it be ensured that existing and prospective clients will perceive your texts for the Estonian market as naturally sounding, correct Estonian sales texts.

Translations for your Estonian business projects

But maybe it is not the Estonian market itself that you consider as a target market. Maybe you are only using Estonia as the 440 million EU market entrance and would like to start up an Estonian business there. If so, you can enjoy a highly digital corporate environment that includes health care, ID, government services, immigration, as well as tax filing and preparation. Not to mention the extremely business-friendly taxation in this former Soviet country, now a member state of the European Union.

Like all other EU countries, Estonia offers overseas investors a wide range of possibilities for business formations. The options range from sole proprietorship through partnerships to corporations. The most popular choice is the Estonian private limited company, the so-called OÜ. The formation process for non-residents is fast and non-bureaucratic. However, there is a language barrier. If you establish a business in Estonia, choose the services of our translation company based in Florida to make sure that you understand every piece of paperwork that you need to read or sign and avoid uncomfortable surprises after your signature has been placed.

We translate Estonian business documents into English in a wide range of topic areas, including company formation documents and other legal papers.

Traveling and investing in Estonia with our translations

As an entrepreneur, travels and investments will be part of your everyday job. These tasks also have implications for Estonian translation services. You will need certified Estonian translations to settle visa and custom affairs and correspond with authorities and courts in Estonia whenever you are working with foreign language documents.

One further advantage of partnering up with Teck Language Solutions is that our translation agency has the capacities and know-how to cover all your Estonian translation needs. Get your Estonian translations from one single source; contact our translation company for a fast and free quote. We look forward to your inquiries.

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