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German Translations for Expats

German-speaking regions all across Europe offer lucrative career and business opportunities for all those wanting to take their income or their enterprise to the next level.

Germany itself, the fifth largest economy in the world and the biggest in Europe, offers limitless expansion potential for small and medium-sized businesses – and promising career possibilities for private individuals and their families.

Switzerland, on the other hand, is known for its extremely business-friendly environment, especially in terms of taxation. This is why many global companies, including many U.S. enterprises, choose Switzerland as the headquarters of their European operations.

Since the Cold War, Austria has played a politically neutral role, not even joining as a member country of NATO. This has resulted in many international organizations choosing Austria, particularly the capital city of Vienna, as their seat, stimulating a vibrant international political and economic society.

In discussing German-speaking countries, we can’t forget about Liechtenstein and Luxemburg. Two small countries that, given their business-friendly taxation systems, are also in the crosshairs of international investors.

Whatever your reasons to work, live, or invest in a German-speaking country, it’s important to recognize that communication will be difficult without a high level of German proficiency. With Teck Language Solutions at your side, communication with German-speaking markets and their authorities will be a breeze, leaving you to focus on your day-to-day business. We will eliminate your communication barriers through our professional German-English translations.

German Translation Services for Expats in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland

If you are living in a country where German is spoken as the official language, you will inevitably need to communicate with the local authorities. Depending on your individual situation, this will happen more or less frequently. So if you’re looking for a shortcut to enhance your German language skills, Teck Language Solutions is here to support you. Our German translation services will facilitate communication with the authorities and the markets in your new society.

Teck Language Solutions has a comprehensive service portfolio to support our clients with German translation services. Whether you are stationed in Germany (the U.S. Army’s European headquarters is in Germany as of 2020) or sent as an ex-pat by a multinational company, whether you shifted some of your business activities to Switzerland to enjoy business-friendly taxation or any other reason you moved to a German-speaking region – you need a translation partner to facilitate seamless communication. One of our core service areas at Teck Language Solutions is providing professional German translations.

How We Can Help You

When moving to a foreign country, many people make the false presumption that they will get by in their new home with English alone. As English is the global lingua franca, they assume you can find somebody anywhere with at least some basic English knowledge to help you with ordering food or getting directions. Then they realize that the situation is more complex than that; while you might be able to order a loaf of bread at the local bakery in English, the local authorities won’t have an English version of the form you have to fill out to report your resident address. Or you may discover that the tax authorities harass you with official paperwork written in German, rental contracts are all in German, and even your gym lacks an English version of the application form.

There are countless situations where you will be confronted with German-language content during your time in German-speaking regions. Teck Language Solutions is here for you, to convert legal and official content from German into English. One major advantage of our services, which our customers abroad value highly, is the range of topic areas we service with German-English translations. Whether it is a private letter, a contract, official or legal paperwork, or medical content such as admission and release forms or medical findings, our translation company offers clients overseas fast and reliable service at unbeatable rates. With the wide-ranging topic areas available, our clients turn to us every time they need to negotiate a language obstacle in international communication. This feature makes us your central source for German translation services, regardless of the topic area.

Did You Know?

We are one of the few U.S. translation companies that can provide certified German translations officially accepted in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. In these countries, certified translations are strictly regulated. We can guarantee you that our certified German translations will be accepted by German, Austrian and Swiss authorities and courts, as we have the resources to fulfill all legal requirements claimed by these countries.

On top of all these advantages, our services are fast, reliable and provided at customer-friendly rates.

Here’s What to Expect When You Order German Translations From Us

We understand that living abroad is inherently fraught with communication challenges. That’s why our processes are designed to make ordering and receiving your translations simple and entirely free of unnecessary bureaucratic hassles. You’ll encounter no red tape when you order from Teck Language Solutions.

When communicating with foreign authorities, time is often a crucial factor. You need to settle certain tasks within a given time frame, particularly involving address registration and taxation issues. For this reason, we ensure fast deliveries that arrive within the given deadline. Every time.

When providing certified translations for foreign authorities, we always make sure that the certifications fulfill the statutory requirements in the given country. For this reason, we must know in advance the German-speaking region where you will be using the translation.

To learn all of our service features, contact us, your German translation specialists, for a free quote.

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