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8 Reasons You Need a Translator in the USA

Translators can be a majorly overlooked aspect of modern society, especially in the United States. Traveling abroad, you quickly learn that English is more than enough to communicate, travel and more all over the globe. Here are reasons why that does not matter for a modern business:

  1. Legal Documents – Regardless of whether someone knows how to speak in English, legal documents need to be translated so that all parties know exactly what is being agreed to (in the case of contracts) or required (in the case of policy or law).
  2. Advertisements – Potential customers may all understand English, or have family members who can translate for them, but if you want to reach out to a linguistic community or people group, you must speak to them in their language. Many Americans can understand some Spanish, but overlook ads in Spanish because they don’t think the advertisement applies to them. This is true when other culture groups look at English.
  3. Idioms change meaning – The right translation avoids unintended innuendos. Anyone familiar with “Engrish” and other English mistakes will know that the wrong translation will communicate entirely the wrong thing to customers, vendors, shareholders or the public.
  4. Industrial Manuals – Safety is key in industry. Hiring employees who cannot read the manual is dangerous. If you have a large labor pool who cannot read your instructional material, you are either losing good workers or inducing too many worker’s comp loss runs.
  5. Social Networking – The 3rd largest social media site on earth is a Chinese language site, QZone. With more and more people turning to regional social media sites, according to a BI article, your organization is missing out on global opportunities without translation into the networks where your target market interacts.
  6. Websites – With the internet becoming increasingly global (see above article), websites need to be able to target different language groups and not just assume an English language audience.
  7. Finances – Five of the top ten capitalized stock exchanges on earth are in locations where English is not the primary language. Japan, China, Brazil and Germany have stock exchanges which impact the global market. Your shareholders have the potential to be in any continent and speak any language.
  8. Labels – Lawsuits over poor product cost companies millions of dollars. Sometimes the difference between a lawsuit never brought to court and years of headaches is the right label. Customers who can read your labels and understand them are less likely to bring a suit, and less likely to win one, than customers who cannot read your labels.

These are just some of the reasons and uses your company has for using a translator in the USA in the 21st Century. With the sharing economy and computing power increasing exponentially, translators are affordable and qualified to communicate your company to anyone. Contact us to find out if our translation services are right for you.

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