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Do you need professional German translations? Business communication can encounter severe difficulties regarding highly specialized content if you work with clients, partners, or vendors from German-speaking countries. Often there is a statutory obligation to translate your business documentation into German. In these and many other cases, Teck Language Solutions is there for you to support your global communication. Our translation company provides native-level, on-time, and proofread translations from English to German and vice versa. Short delivery times and competitive prices are only a few of our advantages. Request a free quote, and feel free to ask us any questions regarding your German translation project.

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German Translations for Your Successful Trade Relations With Germany

Among the European countries, Germany is the biggest trading partner of the United States. In this complex business environment, communication must work perfectly. Our German translation services ensure smooth communication between your U.S. business and your clients, partners, and vendors in Germany and further German-speaking states, such as Austria or Switzerland. Our non-bureaucratic processes and our genuine commitment to quality services are features that make us the preferred contact for German translation services. We serve many industry areas with professional translations into German. We can highlight technology and IT companies, law offices, and public relations agencies among our main partners. However, our German translation services are highly customizable, and we are happy to analyze your needs and prepare a bestowed quote for your translation project.

Wide Range of Topic Areas Available

One of the main benefits of our services is the wide range of topic areas in that we can provide our clients with German translations. Why is this service feature so important? You can centralize your translation project at our company. We will take care of the "accessibility" of your messages through German customers, regardless of whether your contents are legal, technical, commercial, financial, or medical. In today's complex economy, companies deal with all kinds of documentation. An engineering company might need a legal translation when they sell machines to Germany and need the German translation of the purchase contract. Similarly, a law office might need a German technical translation when filing a patent for an innovation. Our translation company can support you with accurate and fast German translation services in several other cases—no need to contact new providers for every new subject area and not worry about capacity issues. We have access to the expert knowledge of several native German translators and can also handle more extensive projects or projects with short time frames.

Serving Businesses With German Translations

Our German translation services are available for businesses nationwide and globally. Whether you sell technology to Germany, need contracts or agreements to be translated between English and German, or plan to buy a property in Germany or Austria, you will need a professional partner to take care of your German translation projects. Our co-workers know the target language of your business interests and the culture you are targeting. This is an important aspect when communicating with your business partners or customers abroad as they will be addressed in a linguistically correct and culturally appropriate way, leading to more revenue from these countries and fewer misunderstandings. Furthermore, you will benefit from our transparent pricing structures, which is essential if you are on a budget and need to calculate the costs accurately. We provide a range of discount options, especially for repetitive texts and bulk discounts.

Key Features of Our German Translation Services

Native-level German translations

For translations into German, the most crucial consideration for a high-quality translation is a translator whose native language is German. Similarly, if the translation is from German to English, the translator’s mother tongue should be English. Our translation office guarantees this quality criterion for all German translation projects.

Experienced and expert translators

Being a German language translator alone does not ensure a top-quality translation in all professional spheres. That’s why our translation agency collaborates with many translation professionals on a freelance basis—it ensures access to experts in a wide range of specialist fields. With us, you can be confident that the professionals with experience in your field will translate your German text.

Wide range of quality checks

Our translation agency goes through several organizational and technical steps to assure the quality of your German translation. We check for orthography, consistent use of terminology, completeness, and correct layout. We use several applications for these tasks to ensure high-quality checks.

Wide range of topics

We offer German translations in a broad range of professional fields, including banking, engineering, finance, insurance, media, entertainment, education, fashion, and even performing arts. Whether you need legal, marketing, technical, financial, or medical German translations, our translation company is your expert partner.

For private individuals, we can provide certified document translation services. If you need certified translations into German that are accepted in the Federal Republic of Germany, providing such certifications is no problem for us. Please contact us for further details.

Fast project turnaround

To ensure you receive your translation on time, we take both organizational and technical steps (e.g., safety backups) so that technical difficulties won’t hinder on-time delivery. Our direct contact with our translators is a critical aspect of the on-time delivery process. This allows us to save time and control the entire translation process.

The added value our translation agency provides for you

Our translation agency provides a fully optimized service for German translations. Our German translators and office can access professional editing tools used in everyday business life, including MS Office, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and even AutoCAD. This enables us to work directly with your source files, so you get the final German versions of your files in precisely the format you require. This saves you time, money, and effort.

Professional German Translations for Your Business

Your clients and business partners in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland may already speak English well, which may be fine for their routine communication. However, Germany, Austria, and all EU member states have strict regulations regarding the language used in operation manuals and technical documentation. If you sell technology to Germany, you must provide your customers with German-language documents.

Don’t forget the motto, “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy.” To successfully inform potential customers about the advantages of your products or product portfolio, you need to persuade them in their own language. This is especially true in conservative South German areas, such as the federal states of Baden-Wurttemberg or Bavaria—the “engines” of the German economy and Austria and Switzerland. Professional German marketing translations will help you reach this goal.

Our translation professionals at Teck Language Solutions provide you with just the right solutions for all your needs.

Our translation agency provides German translations in combination with English and many other language pairs, such as French-German, Spanish-German, Portuguese-German, and several other combinations. The translation professionals at Teck Language Solutions provide you with exactly the solution you need.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for a free and fast quote for your German translation project. We’re confident you’ll see why so many clients entrust our translation company with their business. Whether you are in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Columbus, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Seattle, Denver, Washington, Boston, Detroit, Nashville, Portland, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Louisville, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Fort Worth Albuquerque, Sacramento, Kansas City, Atlanta, Omaha, Raleigh, Virginia Beach, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Wichita, Cleveland, Tampa, Miami, or elsewhere in the States, Teck Language Solutions is your expert provider for German translation services.

Do You Need Fast German Translations?

Sometimes, things don't go as planned in everyday business, and you might need fast services to cope with an unexpected task or a new situation. Our translation company is on standby with express German translation services for such events. Imagine a situation where you need to have your new catalogs printed but notice at the last minute that a few paragraphs are still missing from the German version. Or you have just received an e-mail from a subcontractor/subsidiary in Germany, and they are requesting some documents in German. Maybe you have received an inquiry from Austria, and you want to answer fast, but as a nice gesture, in the native language of the prospective client. We can provide your company with fast and reliable German translations in several other situations. Quality remains a central issue in our services, and great responsibility is required when using express translation services. For obvious reasons, we do not accept express projects when the materials we need to work on affect human life and safety. For such crucial cases, we recommend our standard delivery service.

When Corporate Documents Need to Be Translated Into German

Communication often consists of far more complex documents than simple business correspondences if you work with affiliates, subsidiaries, or other related companies in German-speaking countries. If you need copies, such as a code of conduct, e-learning materials, work safety instructions, financial reports, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, or further taxation-related documents translated into German, we can provide the needed services. These documents often contain sensitive data. Our processes are designed to protect company data. The number of individuals seeing your texts are kept at the minimum necessary level. We achieve this by closely picking the German translator for your project through close analyses. There are no platform uploads or "first come, first serve" project management systems. This way, we keep your documents safe and ensure a perfect match between the skills of the translator and your project requirements.

Accurate Medical German Translations

Medical areas, such as pharmaceutics and medicals, represent other central German and U.S. trade relations sectors. But also related services can be grouped here, including healthcare, nursing care, and more. These branches operate commonly across borders, and companies providing medical products and services often need fast and accurate medical German translation services. If this is the case with your enterprise, contact us for reliable service.

We work with medical manufacturers, healthcare providers, hospitals, and nursing homes, whenever they need reliable medical translation services from or into German. Whether it is a manual describing the correct use of medical devices such as surgical and hospital beds, whether it is work instructions for nursing personnel or other medical topics, you can rest assured that your documentation is in the right hands with our translation company. Apart from medical companies, we can support doctors and other healthcare personnel with translating diplomas, certificates, and other personal documents needed for job applications or a visa in the U.S. If you need German medical translations, we are your expert partner.

Legal German Translations

Translation of Contracts and Other Legal Documents Into German

When dealing with customers or partners from Germany or other German-speaking countries, all your legal correspondence and writings must be understandable for all involved parties. You will require professional German legal translation services to communicate effectively in legal fields. We have just the right solutions for all your German legal translation needs. Contact us confidently if you need contracts, agreements, general terms, conditions, or other legal papers to be translated from or into German. We can provide you with a wide range of fields through our established contact with legal experts. Whether it involves an employment contract, terms for your website or other purchase conditions, inheritance, immigration, founding a business, buying property, or even legal disputes, we have expert translators to meet your requirements. We can even provide certified German translations that these courts accept for legal disputes before German, Austrian, or Swiss courts.

We are your reliable partner for German legal translations. We would gladly provide you with a free quote for your project. What we can provide you with:

  • translation of contracts into German
  • translation of purchase agreements into or from German
  • German translation of affidavits, other court decisions, testaments, and more

We Support Law Offices in Need of German Translation Services

Law offices in the U.S. often work with clients from abroad or on cases that involve international parties. When German legal papers need to be translated into English, our translation company can offer exquisite quality. We only work together with expert translators who have legal experience in legal papers. We can provide our clients with certifications accepted by the U.S. and many international courts. These certifications confirm the accuracy and completeness of the translation. In several cases, courts require the translations to be made by a so-called sworn translator for the German language. If you plan to use the translation in front of foreign courts, in this case, in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, a special type of certification is needed.

We can also provide the local version of the certified German translation for our clients in Australia. No matter your specific needs, Teck Language Solutions has a lot to offer to support your workflow if you need German legal translations. We are your expert partners in a range of legal areas, from corporate law over family law to criminal law. Contact us with confidence.

The Ideal Choice for Real Estate Companies

Selling high-end real estate and properties for an international clientele can be challenging, and communication must work perfectly on every level. With our German translation services, you will address potential customers abroad. New sales possibilities open for your real estate company if you can bring your messages to the global market without linguistic barriers. When we translate your property descriptions or website content into German, we focus on maintaining the style of your texts while producing accurate results. Clients in your professional area will value being able to read about your offers in their language, and they will appreciate your efforts in creating foreign-language sales materials. We will ensure that your investment in professional German translations will genuinely contribute to the success of your brand in the target countries. Whether you need exposés, website content, sales contracts, or business correspondence to be translated between German and English, we are your expert partners for the project.

Serving the Hospitality Industry With German Translations

There are industry sectors whose very survival is dependent on fast and accurate international communication. Such areas are the different branches of the hospitality industry. Whether you operate a hotel, a restaurant, other venues, or an event organizer, communication with your German visitors and clients must work seamlessly. This is where our German translation services come into play. We can support your business by translating booking information and related legal paperwork, menus, house rules, website platforms, and more into German. Whether you are a high-end luxury hotel chain or an Airbnb host, communication with your German guests will be easier if you provide them with primary data and essential rules in their language. Or have you, as a restaurant owner, ever experienced German-speaking guests asking for a German menu? With our services, you can make a massive step toward even higher customer satisfaction at your venue. Contact us and let us discuss your project details.

Technical German Translations

There is no question that Germany is one of the top countries for quality and innovation in terms of engineering. Several German companies have affiliates in the US or Canada, and many American companies do business in German-speaking countries. Whether you sell technology to these countries or buy from them, at some point, the need for professional German technical translations will be inevitable.

Our expert German translators have several years of experience in several fields and can provide you with truly professional German translations for any technical documents, including:

  • German translation of handbooks, manuals
  • data sheets
  • operating/maintenance/commissioning manuals
  • confirmations of compliance
  • manufacturer's declarations
  • technical drawings and many more

We can work with all file formats common in the industry, including AutoCAD, thereby saving you time and costs.

Contact us and ask for a free, non-binding quote for your technical German translation project.

Selling Technology to Germany? You Need Our Technical German Translation Service

Germany is the biggest trading partner of the U.S. on the European continent, with a share of 4.9% of all goods produced in America being sold in Germany (data: 2017). Primary fields are cars and vehicle parts, but all kinds of machines are sold to Germany. Suppose you belong to those companies that make successful sales in Central Europe. In that case, you need a solid partner to translate manuals, handbooks, and other technical data between German and English. Whether you sell small devices, computers, vehicle parts, or other technology to Germany, you must inform your customers and the operating personnel abroad about the correct handling of your machines and devices. In most cases, under EU law, this is even a statutory obligation.

Our technical German translators will deliver reliable, accurate, precise results on time. With our services, you comply with German and EU legislation and enhance the site and personnel safety. We can work with all common file types used with technical documentation. We can handle extensive projects in short time frames by combining human-made translations and automatized terminology management. Meanwhile, we maintain high quality and offer different discounts for technical texts that are highly repetitive. Contact us for more information or a free quote.

Website Translation into German

When you promote your products and services to German-speaking countries, you must address your existing and prospective clients in their native language. However, in the case of website translations, it is not sufficient to translate your website texts into German. Your German texts must be as persuasive and engaging as they are in their original version. With our German website translation services, you can be sure that you will receive a German version that sounds natural and will therefore be taken seriously by your prospective German clients. This is an essential aspect of German business life. The translation will also have the right tonality in every respect. Should you use any of these, we can work with static and dynamic website content and have the know-how to work with several standard CMS systems. Contact us for a free quote for your German website translation project.

German Marketing Translations

If you are searching for a reliable provider that can translate your brochures, flyers, presentations, and more into or from German, you have come to the right place. We can provide you with German translation services with the right style and tone for the German market. Our German translators are natives of the target language and know the culture inside. We consider all necessary specifics of your project, like a topic, target audience, and other specifics/goals set by you. Even specific regional details will be considered because your sales region—Northern or Southern Germany, Austria, or Switzerland—plays a vital role in German marketing translation projects. We have the resources to provide an optimum solution for your marketing success in German-speaking countries. Moreover, we can work with all standard file formats in marketing, including several Adobe and Microsoft products. With our technical know-how, we can significantly reduce your German marketing project costs. Contact us confidently if you need any marketing materials translated into German.

Why Creative Companies Prefer Our Services

If your creative company is working for clients that plan to expand on foreign markets, in this case, into a German-speaking country, our professional German translators will translate any digital text material into German to match the project requirements in every respect. You might be working on a product flyer, website, presentation, or digital content. If you need these materials translated into German, choose a provider that can offer more than simple linguistic services.

We combine graphic and linguistic services when translating any digital content into German and can integrate your project specifics into our workflow. We regularly edit specific file formats used by graphic designers and design studios. The main advantage of these combined services is twofold. First, we save our clients valuable time and costs. Second, we eliminate the risk of incorrect settings and text imports as the whole foreign language editing process is accompanied by a specialized linguist. Turn to us if digital marketing materials need to be translated into German.

Certified German Translations

Courts, USCIS, notaries, the DMV, several other state organs, and universities require you to provide them with a certified translation of your personal documents. We can deliver fast and reliable certified German-English translations (or vice versa) of, amongst other things, the following documents:

  • German translation of birth certificates
  • translation of marriage certificates into/from German
  • diplomas, degrees
  • translation of German driver's licenses
  • court decisions, verdicts from German into English
  • affidavits, apostilles
  • and several other personal documents

We also work fast, professionally, and at affordable rates in certified German translations.

We Are Your Reliable Source for Certified German Translations

Especially if you plan to work or study in the United States, there is a lot of paperwork to be taken care of. Educational documents must be translated from German to English for your work or student visa, with certification. Our translation company offers certified translations from or into German when you need your diploma, transcripts, or certificates to be translated. We can provide you with certifications for the U.S. market (as accepted by the USCIS and by universities) and the German market.

In Germany, special rules apply for a certified translation. We know the procedures for both countries. This makes us an ideal choice to have personal documents translated into/from German with certification. Apart from educational records, we often work with other unique documents such as birth and marriage certificates, bank statements, testaments, last wills, court documents, divorce papers, and other legal documents. Contact us with confidence if you need German document translation services with certification.

Knowing Your Target Market: German Translation Services

When dealing with German-speaking audiences, several factors need to be considered with professional German translation services. First, the German language is widespread in Central Europe, comprising about 95 million native speakers and around 10-15 million people who speak it as a second language. It is the official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and smaller countries like Liechtenstein or Luxemburg. This geographic concentration of the language has the positive side effect that the German language, in its written form, is highly uniform. Whereas slight differences exist between the versions in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, using the standardized, so-called High German (Hochdeutsch) in your business materials will not lead to regional misunderstandings.

However, when discussing legal German translation services, it is essential to know that the three main countries have fundamentally different legal systems. Germany is a federal state, where the state and legal institutions, e.g., courts, might have different jurisdictions or structural organizations. Just as in the United States, the legal hierarchy has federal and central elements. Similar is the case in Switzerland, where the so-called cantons have broad autonomic rights. Austria is, on the other hand, highly centralized. These structures and differences require in-depth knowledge of these countries legal systems for the translator to provide correct and accurate German legal translation services. This is precisely what the translators at Teck Language Solutions can offer your U.S.-based company. Contact us if you need the services of specialist German legal translators.

While the written form of the German language is highly standardized, there are still many cultural and linguistic fractures within the regions where German is an official language. So when creating marketing translations for the German-speaking market, we always consider these differences. Main linguistic and cultural fractures can be identified between the liberal north and the conservative south, between west and east, and between each country, federal state, and canton.

If you cooperate with Teck Language Solutions, we will always make sure that your German translations will not only have the linguistic correctness that must be a standard feature in the case of professional German translation services but that the choice of words will always be culturally and stylistically compatible with the purpose and intention of your texts. We will ensure that your German marketing content will have the required impact. The German legal translation is done by specialist translators who are well-versed in all relevant legal systems. All other content will be, in every respect, accurate and correct. Teck Language Solutions is your reliable source for German translation services.

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