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Here Is How We Can Help You When You Need Hungarian Translations

Hungary is a member state of the European Union and is, as such, a popular investment target of foreign enterprises. Especially in the past few years, Hungary has been experiencing growing interest and attention from globally active enterprises that intend to trade within the European Union. As a result of these developments, several U.S. and Asian companies characterize the Hungarian economic landscape. Apart from them, you will find many well-known European brands as well, especially from Austria, Germany, France, Italy, and England, being the largest trading partners of this relatively small country at the Eastern border of the European Union. If your business plans are to get active in the Hungarian market, your victorious campaign should begin here at our translation company. We will provide you with impeccable Hungarian translation services, eliminating any language barriers that might arise in Hungarian-English communication.

But Why Hungary?

There are multiple reasons why Hungary has been gaining increased focus and interest from global players. First of all, the UK, the traditional springboard to the EU markets, is leaving the Union. This raises several legal and bureaucratic hurdles for those multinational companies that target Europe with their products and services. This is especially true if they need licenses or special permits for their activities.

Secondly, Hungary has been attracting huge international investments since the fall of Communism. For many European giants, the Eastern markets provided a great opportunity for outsourcing production and certain services here instead of Asian countries. Affordable labor costs, a highly skilled and well-educated population (In fact, Hungary has excellent universities in medicine, law, and economics), a stable economy, and a democratic political system are all characteristics that made international investors choose this country for important strategic operations.

Last but not least, Hungary has a very business-friendly environment. Digitalization is at a very high level. In fact, correspondence with authorities happens mainly on digital channels. Corporate law is highly identical with Western systems, providing the possibility to establish, amongst others, limited liability companies. While the sales tax, called a value-added tax, is relatively high (currently 27%), corporations pay only 9% tax on their income (as of 2020).

These and several other features make Hungary an attractive investment target. The only difficulty for successful business operations seems to remain the language barrier. This is where our translation company comes into the picture.

Professional Hungarian Translation Services From Your Neighborhood

Now, it might be a challenge, especially for U.S. corporations, to find a reliable partner for Hungarian translation services, as the language is a relatively exotic one and definitely not a world language. Many translation companies group Hungarian under Tier-2 or even Tier-3 languages, meaning they charge more for this language combination. Not at Teck Language Solutions! Our rates for Hungarian translation services are standard, even with a multitude of discount possibilities wherever applicable.

A further advantage of the cooperation with our translation company is our relative vicinity to your U.S. company. On a global scale, we are literally in your neighborhood. If your business is on the east coast, we are even in the same time zone, which opens a wide range of fast and efficient communication possibilities, especially if you need express translation services.

We use strict quality control processes to ensure that our clients get flawless Hungarian translations in terms of linguistic and stylistic quality and technical realization. These processes include human tasks and software support. Carefully picked, expert, and experienced Hungarian translators ensure that your texts sound natural, engaging, and are correct in linguistic aspects. In the form of so-called CAT tools, the software support ensures that no inconsistencies will occur concerning the terminology. This step is important when we are dealing with extensive text amounts. The software intervenes there, where the human attention span ends. This and several other quality control assets contribute to the arsenal of Teck Language Solutions whenever we are dealing with Hungarian translations.

If you conduct business in Hungary, choose the experts for strategically important communication tasks. We are your reliable provider for Hungarian translation services.

Why Providing Hungarian Translations Is a Challenging Task

Obviously, doing translations into any language is a challenging task. Besides linguistic aspects, the translator faces several technical, cultural, and organizational issues. The specialty with the Hungarian translations is that Hungarian does not belong to the Indo-European language family to which English, German, French, Russian, even Hindi, or Persian belong. This means Hungarian does not sound like any other language you know. As a result, the structure of the language is also different. This aspect plays a significant role when providing Hungarian translation services.

While translating the majority of everyday business documents into Hungarian is pretty straightforward work, you will encounter the first difficulties when you are translating website content or trying to localize software for the Hungarian market (e.g., a bookkeeping system or even a game). Why are these tasks so different?

Whenever you are dealing with digital content, oftentimes, the texts you need to translate are modular. You translate text components that compose dynamic content with an ever-changing context. Now, the Hungarian language does not use prefixes or prepositions. Instead, words are conjugated and declined, and suffixes are added.

Am I losing you? Here is an example: Let us say that your software or webshop contains the following phrase: “you purchased this item on < date >.” This “on < date >” part of the sentence cannot be translated into Hungarian because the whole structure will change with different dates. Instead of “on” at the beginning of the word, the ending of the last unit in the date will change its form. If this ends to a day, then the endings will be either “-án” or “-én.” The choice depends on the word’s vocality (high or low). Sounds difficult? This is a genuine programming task to implement these Hungarian text elements into any software. This is just one more reason to contact a Hungarian translation provider with experience in several industry-specific fields.

By the way, Hungarian is not the only language that uses these kinds of structures. Close relatives of the Hungarian language are Estonian and Finnish. If you are searching the family tree of the Uralic languages, you will find further small and very exotic languages in the same group. Have you ever heard of Mansi, Mari, Sámi, Nenets, Khanty, or even Komi? These languages are all closely related to Hungarian and are spoken in today’s Russia. Some of these have only a few hundred speakers, so it is unlikely that you will need professional translation services into any of these exotic languages. However, Hungarian is thriving and gaining importance in the global marketplace.

So, Teck Language Solutions is here to provide you with professional Hungarian services.

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