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Important Ways New York Translation Services Help with International Business Dealings

International business requires far more than simply ordering things from overseas or selling them in foreign locations. It also involves things as detailed as specifications, as personal as negotiations, and as mundane as communicating customs and shipping information. The one thing all of these aspects have in common is that they require information to be understood by both sides of every transaction. When one party doesn’t speak English, this means that communication will have to go through translation services to ensure that there are no mistakes.

Placing Orders

For those who have only done business domestically, the level of detail needed when dealing internationally is often underestimated. Manufacturers in other countries, however, often produce products according to custom specifications. Therefore, buying something from them isn’t as simple as ordering, for example, 1,000 of the item of interest. You’ll need to detail exactly how the item is to be produced: What size, what color, what materials to use, when you have to have it, how to ship it, whether or not you want a sample, whether or not you need it to have labels, and a number of other things. This is on top of the usual ordering information such as how many items you want and how you intend to pay for them.

Trying to get all of this information across by using English and hoping that the manufacturer can understand you will result in stories that are entertaining to others but woeful to you. You should want a “boring” process that comes off without any hitches. How do you get this? Hire a translator for every single piece of communication you send or receive from your foreign manufacturing partner. This way, there’ll be no ambiguity and your items will be made and shipped exactly as you have actually specified.


At the wholesale level, it is typical for each customer to negotiate its own pricing and delivery specifics. This is true whether you’re buying or selling. However, there can be unexpected pitfalls when engaging in this activity with foreign businesses. Words are easy to misinterpret, and worse, a turn of phrase that is mundane in English could be misread as something insulting in the other language. Using good translation services will eliminate these risks. Qualified translators don’t just produce literal word-for-word translations, but instead, know to translate the ideas behind them. Such people can easily save you money – or even preserve a deal – by preventing language-related gaffes.

Shipping Issues

Shipping to or from a distant country can be so complicated that there are actually shipping brokers dedicated to making it happen. This is because of customs regulations as well as local and international transportation rules. If your company provides shipping help, or would like to handle its own shipping without an outside company’s aid, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you understand all of the regulations. When these regulations are written in foreign languages, you’ll need translation services to make sure you get everything right. You’ll also need a translator to ensure that the forms and other documents you fill out can be understood by the other nation.

There’s no need to go through a long search process to find a good translation agency in New York. All you need to do is contact us. We offer translations to and from several major Asian languages as well as major and minor European ones. When we handle your translation needs, you can rest assured that you get service from real humans instead of robots. This means you never have to worry about the quality of the end result.

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