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New York Translator

Translation Agency/Services for New York Realtors

The April 22, 2015 episode of Bravo’s hit show Million Dollar Listing New York featured #1 agent and marketing phenom Fredrik Eklund parading around an open house in a silk kimono and spouting phrases in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. While his antics made for compulsive viewing for reality television, it perhaps was not the most effective way to market a 35 million dollar property to Asian buyers. Realtors that cater to ultra wealthy foreign investors need a professional translation agency or service in New York to insure their message reaches the right audience.

While most New York based realtors are fluent in English, their Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong based clientele may not be. Getting marketing materials translated into the native language of the potential buyers, therefore, is crucial. It’s true a picture is worth a thousand words, but buyers at the multi-million dollar level want to know all the specifics of their investment. A picturesque view of Central Park only goes so far.

Professional translation can insure that the full weight of your marketing efforts are understood, and that each property is presented in the best light for its intended audience. The human touch of a native speaker can read a phrase and choose exactly the right way to translate the author’s intent. This is the only way to preserve “The Sell” which is embedded into the glossy brochures and online virtual tours realtors rely on.

Google Translate, while effective, does not cater to the emotions. Buyers must fall in love with a property and that’s what a translation service can facilitate. Realtors like Eklund can learn hello, big bathroom and a dozen more phrases in a handful of languages, but nothing beats a pro who understands the culture as well as the linguistics of a language like a native.

If you are a New York broker who caters to an international buyer contact us to learn how your business can be more effective. Marketing materials, contracts and co-op applications can all be translated quickly and accurately. You might just out sell Eklund and find yourself starring in a hit show and writing a bestseller.

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