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We translate legal documents
into, or from, German

If you need assistance with translating contracts into or from German, we are here for you. We offer professional German legal translation services. If accurate and fast translations at competitive rates are what you are looking for, then our services are just the right choice for you.

Whether you are a small or medium-sized business seeking to build business relations in German-speaking countries, or a private individual who needs legal documents to be translated into or from German, we are here to assist you with professional legal German translation services.

Contact us with confidence and ask for a free quote.

Need legal documents to be translated between English and German?

Contact us for a free quote

We translate your legal documents into or from German

In the legal field, we can provide you with numerous topic areas for your German translation project. Here are some of our available services:

Housing and real estate

If you are planning to buy a house or other real estate in German-speaking countries, and you are looking for a service provider who can translate the relevant documentation professionally and reliably into English, we are the number one address to turn to. Experienced translators will take care of your project, ensuring that you have complete overview and control over what you are signing. This is a very important criterion in this fascinating, yet very risky business field.

Employment contracts

Between the US and Germany, both countries belonging to the biggest economies of the world, there is a lot of exchange with regard to workforces. Expats come from the States to work in Germany and German expats support their US branch offices. In order for all parties to have a clear overview of their employment terms, and their rights and obligations, German-English legal translations are essential. If you need your employment contract to be translated into or from German, contact us with confidence.

Court documents

Because the US and European legal systems are so different, translating court documents between German and English can be a real challenge. Only truly professional legal German translators can master this task. Whether you need divorce decrees, divorce certificates, verdicts, court decisions, rulings or any legal documents to be translated into or from German, we serve you with fast and professional German legal translation services.

Sales contracts

Business transactions between parties who speak different languages can be very complicated. If your business partner or client speaks German as a native language, it will make his/her decision easier if you present him/her with a German contract. Your heart will be less heavy, too, if you can read through a contract in your own native language.

Whether it is products or services, we translate your sales contract into or from German. Our service is fast, non-bureaucratic and you can expect competitive prices.

Affidavits and notary documents

Affidavits are an integral part of several everyday procedures. There are affidavits of death, affidavits of heirship, of residence, of domicile, of service, financial affidavits, gift affidavits and many more. Other notary documents include Power of Attorneys, Last Wills, Testaments and several other notarial deeds. If you need any of these documents to be translated from or into German, use our fast and reliable services at competitive prices. We look forward to your inquiries.

Personal documents with certification

Whether for immigration, marriage, contracts or education at universities, there are several situations in everyday life when the translation of personal documents will be necessary. If you need your German personal documents, like birth or marriage certificates or driver's licenses, to be translated into English or vice versa, our translation company will do the job fast and without hassle. Certifications are also possible. Did you know that our translation company can provide you even with certifications that are officially accepted in Germany and/or Austria? Ask for further details. We would be happy to assist you with translating your German documents.

What you need to know about your legal German translation

When we talk about legal German translations, the first thing that comes to mind is that German-speaking countries have a legal system that is significantly different from that of Common Law countries. The continental European law systems have not only different institutions but also different basic legal terminology that cannot be substituted or interchanged with existing legal terms in Anglo-Saxon countries. For this reason, it is oftentimes necessary to add comments to translations. The legal differences between the German-speaking countries do not make the situation easier. Legal terms, i.e. institution names or legal document designations, can be very different in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Luxemburg or Liechtenstein.

As a consequence of all this, professional legal German translations can only be carried out by translators who have knowledge and experience in the field of both legal systems.

By working together with us, you can be sure that only legal, expert translators will carry out legal German translation work for you.

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