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Legal Translations

When an Expert Translation is Needed for Legal Documents

Understanding legal documents can be difficult. This can particularly become a problem when the documents are not in the individual’s native language. With many industry-specific terms, expert translation of legal documents is not always an easy task, but translation is not impossible if you use a company with the right qualities.

Native Speakers

Even someone who has taken many courses in a language and who feels familiar speaking the language can make mistakes in translation, especially if the person does not have a proper grasp on the difference between two similar terms. Even worse than that is translation by a computer program where the very essence of the document can be completely destroyed. To provide people with the best translation of potentially confusing documents, the translation needs to be performed by individuals whose native language is the target language and who have extensive experience translating.

Someone Who Knows and Understands Legal Terms

Even native speakers of a language cannot always provide a correct translation of a document with industry-specific terms. Words which are a natural part of a lawyer’s vocabulary may not be familiar to someone who has little or no experience with the legal industry. When looking to translate a legal document, an attorney with translation experience or someone else who has extensive experience in both the legal and the translation industries should be consulted.


Confidentiality is essential when it comes to legal documents. Whether the documents cover personal information about a client, confidential information about contracts, or other information which you do not want accessed by the general public, it is important to know the people doing the translation are not going to share information from your legal documents with others. To ensure your documents are in trustworthy hands, it is a good idea to ask the company handling them about their non-disclosure policies.

If these are these are the characteristics you are looking for in a legal translator, contact us. At Teck Language Solutions, we understand translation of your important documents is about accuracy and confidentially. Because of this, any legal documents you need translated are handled by a native speaker who has experience in the legal industry. The documents are then proofread by others to ensure accuracy in the translation. Throughout the whole process, confidentiality is extremely importance to us.

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