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Understanding the Differences Between Technical and Marketing Translations

It's tempting to consider all translations as similar or even the same. But in reality, different objectives require very different skills and approach. That contrast is especially evident when considering the differences between technical and marketing translations. Consider the Goals: Aspirational vs. Functional Any type of translation can best be…

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The Special Creativity in Marketing Translations

The influence of language is especially keen in marketing and advertising. The choice of words to influence people is very important. The wrong phrase can tangle your audience in misunderstanding and distrust. In writing your marketing and advertising you have to know and take advantage of the emotional impact of your message…

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5 Ugly English Words to Avoid During Marketing Translation


When you’re providing marketing translations, it’s important to use the right words. You can make or break a company’s marketing campaign depending on the words you use. Although some English words are beautiful, like “mellifluous,” “serendipity” and “iridescent,” some of them can really hurt the ears, such as “regurgitate,” “pugilist”…

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Translating Your Company Magazine into German

It's no secret that Germany and the United States are close economic partners. As a result, a multitude of American companies operates in Germany, whether it be through partnerships, affiliates, or international offices. Having a company outpost in Germany is crucial to reaching the local market in your industry. But…

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Get Accurate Translation of Business Documents into Czech

Czech Translation

Doing business with companies in the Czech Republic has a unique set of challenges. Importing goods into this central European country can take 17 days with up to seven documents needed. Similarly, enforcing contracts is also time-consuming as 27 different procedures must be navigated. Such situations require the services of…

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Lost in Translation: Why Professionals Are Necessary

Lost In Translation

In today's global, technological and digital universe, the need for professional translation services is becoming omnipresent, a necessary part of doing business globally and more commonplace than ever before. As more cultures are merging, language obstacles broken, doing business and communicating with your neighbor is just as simplistic as reaching…

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