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The Skills and Knowledge Required For Website Translation

Written content for translation can range from company ads to legal contracts. Each type of project requires the linguist working on it to be specialized in that particular area. The same applies for website translation. In addition to simply knowing how to accurately translate the website’s content, linguists must know how to navigate the layout of the website as well as manage many other technical aspects. This special skill set is known as localization engineering, which allows for linguists to work with almost any program or format used on the internet.

One important component of website translation is knowing the layout of the website they will be working with as well as how to navigate it. Translation companies usually assign a normal translator to translate the main written content of the website and a localization engineer to manage the technical aspects. Localization engineers will be able to make sure that the new translated website appears and functions just the same as the original one. Consistency is key for businesses because they have designed their website and product specifically to their needs.

In addition to making sure the website works after it has been translated and localized, translators need to be able to properly translate symbols and other unique online content. Symbols like @ and website URLs often can be mistranslated. Pictures and other symbols can also be misinterpreted by other cultures. Western and Eastern cultures tend to vary significantly in their interpretation of animals and plants. Fonts also need to be carefully chosen when translating a language into another that does not use the same alphabet or characters.

Website translation also has a visual, creative element to it. Like any other advertisement, websites need to have the same message displayed in both cultures. This applies to images, website design and even colors. For example, red can range from excitement, anger, prosperity and even mourning in some cultures. By working with a translator who is knowledgeable in both cultures, a website can effectively convey its intended message without any misinterpretations.

Translating websites require just as much skill and talent as any other translation project. If you are interested in learning more about website translation, feel free to contact our translation agency today. We would love to answer any questions you may have about our services.

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